GPSBabel 1.3.3 released

GPSBabel 1.3.3 is a feature update and bugfix of GPSBabel 1.3.2. Key changes include:

New or Improved Formats:

  • Earthcaches and Events now included in Garmin -Sn handlers.
  • GDB Version 3 (as in latest Mapsource beta) now supported.
  • New Garmin icons added. More closely tracks official names.
  • Adds support for reading Streets & Trips 2007 .est files.
  • GPX now handles millisecond time resolution.
  • Google Earth KML writer now uses Earth 2.1 XSD; all output validates.
  • Kompass DAV files now supported.
  • DATUM now available in XCSV formats.
  • CoPilot updated.
  • Raymarine added.
  • PCX reader now handles more files from GPSUtil.
  • Tabsep format how processes 'hint' and 'last found' on geocaches.

GPS Support

  • AVMAP EKP-IV support added in NMEA module.
  • Sony GPS1 now supported in NMEA module.
  • Alan Map 500 and Holux GM101 are now supported.
  • Zumo 450, Nuvi 670, Nuvi 680, Nuvi 370, StreetPilot C580, and Astro supported.
  • Sirf GPSes (such as Microsoft's rebranded unti) now supported by NMEA realtime tracking mode.

Infrastructure, General Fixes, and Improvements.

  • '-N' flag is deprecated. Now to get names that "know" about application specific fields like geocaching, use -Sn and -Si to adapt names and icons.
  • Postscript documentation now available.
  • Seven digit geocache names now drop the 'G' to fit into six digit GPSes.
  • Max internal time resolution increased from centiseconds to microseconds.
  • Much new documentation is available
Downloads, a fuller list of changes, and other information are on the main GPSBabel site: