Note: This page describes an obsolete version of GPSBabel that may substantially differ from the current or development version.

PalmDoc Output (palmdoc)

This format can...

  • write waypoints

This format has the following options: nosep, dbname, encrypt, logs, bookmarks_short .

PalmDoc output is similar to Text output, except that it generates a Palm Database (PDB) file suitable for use with programs like CSpotRun, TealDoc, AportisDoc, Palm Reader, and others. The resulting file also contains bookmarks to make it easy to jump to a particular waypoint.

The following command line reads a GPX file with Groundspeak extensions and writes a Palm document with encrypted hints and logs:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f 12345.gpx -o "palmdoc,dbname=Unfound Geocaches,encrypt,logs" -F 12345.pdb

nosep option

No separator lines between waypoints.

To suppress the dashed lines between waypoints, use this option.

dbname option

Database name.

This option specifies the internal name for the document. This is the name that appears in your document reader, not the name of the file that is created on your computer.

encrypt option

Encrypt hints with ROT13.

Use this option to encrypt hints from Groundspeak GPX files.

logs option

Include groundspeak logs if present.

Use this option to include Groundspeak cache logs in the created document.

bookmarks_short option

Include short name in bookmarks.

If you would like the generated bookmarks to start with the short name for the waypoint, specify this option.

This is particularly useful when used in combination with the 'sort' filter.