GPSBabel 1.3.7 Beta released!

Hello, Babel-Heads.

Version 1.3.6 has been a lovely version, with a quazillion people downloading it. While we developers have been somewhat quiet since its release, we've collected a pile of new shininess and are ready to widen the number of eyes on it. We hope you'll grab it, find that it's 98% awesome, and help us improve the remaining 2% with feedback to the mailing lists.

The change that most of you will notice first is that we've completely replaced the graphical user interface. So far in the project, we've had a different GUI for each operating system, each written in a completely different language. Khai Mong contributed a new GUI written in Qt that lets us all rally our efforts behind one code base for all the operating systems. It takes the best features from our previous OS/X and Windows versions and makes them available everywhere. Notably it offers a reasonable set of filters, can map data, knows device names (very well on Mac, less so on Windows so far) remembers previous settings, has automatic update checking, and more. It also lays infrastructure for language translations. We have German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, and Italian in progress and are trying to make it easy for non-programmers if you want to help translate GPSBabel.

This does mean that things like screen shots and doc are a little out of sync at this point. If you notice such things, please report them to the mailing lists.

Of course, we have a tradition of making a mind-numbing list of fixes available (and an even more comprehensive list of changes in the source tree since we ARE an open source project...), so here's a list of highlights.

New Formats

New Features

  • KML writer now sets the extents of the time sliders automatically for Earth 5.0.
  • Improved handling of from Garmin extensions in GPX including ambient temperature, depth, heartrate, and cadence.
  • Reworked Garmin transparency device matching to work with more devices such as Nuvi 500 and Dakota
  • Add 'erase_only' option to dg-100.
  • GDB module now handles Garmin Basecamp files, too.
  • Try to preserve Ozi icon data in waypoints.

Major Fixes

  • Fix memory corruption in gbfile when line sizes were a multiple of internal buffer sizes.
  • Globalsat: flush receive on startup to make BT-335 more reliable.
  • Add Mega event icon, Whereigo cache type to GPX and KML.
  • Tweak Earth 5's realtime KML to include end of time window.
  • Several improvements to Garmin GPI reader.
  • Read and write fix information in delgpl format.

Supporting the Project

We have an endless demand of time and equipment. If you find GPSBabel useful, please support it.


Get it

It is available for download now.

Thank you!