The People Behind GPSBabel

GPSBabel was built by many hands. Those hands are connected to people. I wish I could reproduce a list of all that contributed so we could thank everyone, but honestly I just plain didn't keep a list. If you think you (or someone else!) belong on this list, please let me know.

Also included are of biographies, backgrounds, and perhaps even lunatic rantings from our contributors.

Major Contributors

  • Robert Lipe Chief Babel-Head.
  • Ron Parker Long term contributor. Implemented route simplification, arc filter, polygon filter, TomTom, most of the Delorme formats, Palmdoc, GPSPilot, Magellan Navigator Companion, Google Maps, and the stack filter. Numerous contributions to infrastructure and many fixes.
  • Alex Mottram implemented the CSV subsystem, radius filter, and co-designed the original route and track infrastructure, Topo support ##other stuff.
  • Olaf Klein contributed support for "Motorrad Routenplaner", MapSource GDB format, Pathaway, IGN Rando, Suunto Trek Manager, Navigon Mobile Navigator, TrackFilter and character encoding transformation.

Other Contributors

  • Adam Schneider did the GPSVisualizer web interface and helped spec needed interfaces.
  • Andy Armstrong contributed the Wintec (WBT) and generic serial layer.
  • Andrew Kirmse did the Google Earth KML writer.
  • Bruce Thompson contributed Quovadis and GPilotS support.
  • Chris Jones contribued IGC and Brauniger IQbarograph support.
  • Etienne TASSE contributed Vito Navigator and track splitting.
  • Jason Rust contributed Lowrance SD support.
  • Jeremy Atherton wrote the MacGPSBabel GUI and maintained the OSX builds.
  • Jochen Becker added Holux GM-100 support.
  • Josh McKee did the original Windows GUI.
  • Kjeld Jensen provided help with the Cetus support.
  • Mark Bradley did most of the Mapsource .mps support and contributed psitrex spport
  • Paul Tomblin contributed CoPilot support.
  • Richard Messeder worked on the Windows GUI.
  • Rick Richardson added GeoNiche and improved several other formats.
  • Scott Brynen added the HTML and Text formats.
  • Steve Chamberlin donated National Geographic .tpo support.
  • Sven Dowideit did HSA Endeavour support.
  • Tim Zickus contributed Navitrak DNA.
  • Tobias Minich donated the filter to select points based on DOP and contributed the 'coto' format.