Olaf Klein - GPSBabel Developer

How did i come to GPSBabel

I've started with climbing at the tower of GPSBabel in May of 2005. The most reason for contributing converter modules to GPSBabel has to be located in my motobike group.

We have several GPS hard- and software in our group and i had to look for a solution to convert routes made by anyone into formats useable for the others. GPSBabel seems to be the best way to close the gaps between our systems. Now i can say it was the best way.

Contributed file formats

  • CarteSurTable data files
  • CompeGPS waypoint, route and track files
  • Garmin GPS Database (.gdb)
  • GEOnet Names Server (GNS) country files
  • IGN Rando track files (.rdn)
  • Microsoft AutoRoute internal files (.axe)
  • Motorrad Routenplaner (.bcr) files
  • Motorrad Routenplaner xml export ("TourExchangeFormat")
  • Navigon Mobile Navigator text files
  • Palm/OS exports from Map&Guide based products
  • Pathaway Palm/OS database
  • Suunto Trek Manager WaypointPlus
  • Character encoding transformation support
  • Track filter module
  • ... and a new gui for Windows


If you have problems or wishes please feel free to contact me at o.b.klein@gpsbabel.org