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GPSBabel lets you move data between popular GPS systems such as those from Garmin, Magellan or a large number of map programs.

GPSBabel is Free Software. You are free to use it within terms of the GNU Public License. The punchline of this license is that it lets you modify the program and redistribute it, but you also have to share your modifications with others.

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If you find GPSBabel useful, please help support it. It's quick and easy to support GPSBabel financially. Your financial support is used to fund equipment and software for development and testing. Someone paid for the features you're using now.

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GPSBabel is free software that's immediately downloadable from this site. Thank you!

Latest Release
windows_logoGPSBabel for Windows 10 and 11 is distributed as a exe file that contains an installer. The installer will install both the graphical and command line versions. Windows XP, 7, and 8 are no longer supported.

Created:September 30, 2023
Size:105.50 MB
Downloads: 32552

OS/X LogoThe MacOS download is a .dmg that contains the GUI and a binary for GPSBabel. The GUI runs only on 64-bit capable macs which include all Core 2 and later systems. The very early 2006 Intel systems and PPC Macs are no longer supported.

Created:September 30, 2023
Size:183.98 MB
Downloads: 5317

Linux LogoGPSBabel for Linux and other operating systems is a source distribution. You can choose between the release tar image here or the GPSBabel git repo and proceed to build.

Created:October 7, 2023
Size:13.96 MB
Downloads: 1754