Changes in GPSBabel

This table is often updated since the most recent release or even beta and may contain features not present all versions. Be sure to check dates and release numbers if there is any doubt.

Does any human actually read this? This file takes an absurd amount of time to manage during releases. I just dumped 2017-11-22 - 2019-04-14 into here. If this is useful, please let me know -- robertl

User-visible changes in GPSBabel

Date Feature
2019-04-13 Work on releasing GPSBabel 1.6.0.
2019-04-13 Fix date in Windows rc copyright.
2019-04-13 Fix order of arguments to new upgrade check.
2019-04-13 Check in the regenerated setup.iss
2019-04-13 Turn off debugging mode in upgrade check.
2019-04-13 Fix GUI upgrade check to handle upgrade from x-betaFOO to x.
2019-04-13 Bump version number for (hopefully short-lived) beta.
2019-04-07 Update dependencies in for release.
2019-04-05 split csv lines as QStrings and return a list of all fields. (#332) * introdcue csv_linesplit Which is like csv_lineparse, except it gives you a list of all the values, and it processing the line as a QString. * introduce gpsbabel::TextStream, use it in unicsv reader, ozi. * convert unicsv writer to textstream. * if a codec is not found list available. * switch unicsv to CET_CHARSET_UTF8 to avoid undesired fs conversions. All conversions are handled by the codec used by qtextstream. * output boms with non utf8 unicode codecs. * use rfc4180 dequote method with unicsv. * add test for csv quoting w RFC4180.
2019-04-03 add documentation for some options. (#334) * add documentation for some options. garmin_gpi: languagecode gpx: elevprec * doc wording tweak. * delete obsolete unused lowranceusr option, and document new lowranceusr options. * tweak doc.
2019-03-25 update continous release version for macos. (#331)
2019-03-16 update Qt 5.12 builds to 5.12.2. (#329) * update Qt 5.12 builds to 5.12.2. * update coverage reporter, kill java8 in docker, add bear.
2019-03-16 retire queues. (#328)
2019-03-16 Introduce a WaypointList class to define the interface to our lists of waypoints. (#326) * Introduce a WaypointList class to define the interface to our lists of waypoints. WaypointList is backed QList, eliminating the use of legacy queues for waypoint lists. * try to appease xcode wrt std::abs. * clean up inheritence in WaypointList, RouteList. also quiet clazy with igc and gpsbabel_optional::optional. also improve includes in defs.h. * get rid of unnecessary reinterpret_cast. and correct pointer constness lost by auto.
2019-03-16 replace queues in mkshort. (#327) Also, hide the contents of mkshort_handle_imp.
2019-03-13 fiddle with nmea waypoint status tracking. (#325) Traditionally nmea looks at the Waypoint data member Q to decide if the Waypoint has been added on to a global list, and if it has not it deletes the Waypoint so we don't leak memory. This is problematic when we change the waypoint lists so queues aren't used. To overcome this difficulty nmea now uses a derived class of Waypoint that tracks if the Waypoint has been added or not.
2019-03-13 fix stackfilter issues. (#324) 1. correct defect in the new RouteList::swap method. 2. correct an old bug in stackfilter that cleaned up waypts on exit, but not routes or tracks. 3. enhance stackfilter test to test routes and tracks as well as waypts.
2019-03-11 replace random queues with QLists. (#323)
2019-03-10 Merge pull request #296 from tsteven4/routelist Introduce a RouteList class.
2019-03-10 convert ozi io to QTextStream (#315) * convert ozi io to QTextStream. and add an option to set the codec. default the codec to windows-1252, which matches historic usage but not recent behavior. fix a memory leak, csv_lineparse needs to die. fix a mistranslation with QString::arg. * enhance ozi test for routes and tracks. * eliminate csv_lineparse in ozi. * eliminate obsolete commented code in ozi. * update encoding comments for ozi. * add doc for ozi codec option.
2019-03-10 regenerate translation files including command line strings. (#319) * spelling fixes in * regenerate compiled translation files. add a process to capture the translated command line strings, & update the corresponding translation source and compiled files. remove gui context from gpsbabel_it.ts. correct errors in mainwindow setting up command line translations. deploy compiled command line translations. * correct permissions on new pro file. * delete obsolete and empty translation files.
2019-03-09 add CMakeLists.txt file for GUI. (#322)
2019-03-09 Merge pull request #298 from gpsbabel/skytraq Essentially revert the skytraq part of PR#286.
2019-03-09 Merge pull request #321 from gpsbabel/gpsbabel-patch-3 Drop unused get_crc32_s
2019-03-09 Merge pull request #320 from gpsbabel/gpsbabel-patch-2 Remove dead code: get_crc32_s
2019-03-09 Merge branch 'master' into skytraq
2019-03-09 Drop unused get_crc32_s
2019-03-09 Remove dead code: get_crc32_s
2019-03-09 clean up gui main and fix a png. (#313) * clean up gui main and fix a png. - fix libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile issue with runit.png with pngcrush. - fix includes for gui/, including removal of CoreFoundation.h - use QApplication static methods instead of going directly to the underlying QCoreApplication static methods. - no path setting in GUI, instead pass the full path to gpsbabel when using QProcess::start. in xlt() use qt methods to get a char* instead of resorting to stdlib. At this point Qt assumes all translate strings are utf8. However, the formatload xlt intent doesn't work because 1) MainWindow::LoadLanguage hasn't been called when MainWindow::loadFormats is called. 2) the translations don't exist for the format bits from gpsbabel that fromatload tries to translate. I think this was the intent of the gpsbabel_*.ts files which are very out of date and no longer distributed.
2019-03-09 spelling fixes in (#318)
2019-03-07 normalize connections in GUI (#316) as suggested by clazy.
2019-03-03 Merge pull request #312 from tsteven4/tidygui3 clang-tidy fixes for the gui
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-else-after-return on gui. and reformat fixes with astyle.
2019-03-03 manual fix suggested by clang-tidy modernize-use-using.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-named-parameter on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy hicpp-use-override on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-simplify-boolean-expr on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-braces-around-statements on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-static-accessed-through-instance on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-implicit-bool-conversion on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy modernize-use-nullptr on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-delete-null-pointer on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-container-size-empty on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy readability-redundant-member-init on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy performance-unnecessary-value-param on gui.
2019-03-03 clang-tidy hicpp-use-equals-default on gui.
2019-03-03 reformat gui with astyle. (#311)
2019-03-01 incorporate review changes.
2019-02-28 Refactor application packaging for linux/macos. (#310) * Refactor application packaging for linux/macos. Packaging of the GUI for linux/macos can now be done either by building the make target "package" created by "qmake", or by executing a bash script "package_app". Packaging with the legacy configure flow will build the package target. Travis CI scripts will build the package target. The obsolete script mac-localize is deleted. This functionality is included in package_app. The obsolete script is deleted. We have not distributed a linux package in some time. Furthermore this scirpt hadn't worked in some time. package_app does not create a standalone linux app, however it packages all the bits from GPSBabel in GPSBabelFE. This makes creating a Docker app, which includes the Qt installation, for GPSBabel easy. Merge relevant Qt .qm files into one qt_xx.qm file for each language as recommended by Qt. Deploy these meged .qm files with linux/macos builds. Since Qt5 we only deployed the meta catalog, but not it's dependencies. This should have led to the dependencies not being available without Qt being installed. gpsbabel.qm and gpsbabelfe.qm are no longer included in the packaged apps for windows/linux/macos, as it should be.
2019-02-27 Merge pull request #294 from madam7/master skytraq updates: prepare gps week rollover, and an older bugfix
2019-02-27 Merge branch 'master' into routelist including manual resolution of conflict in
2019-02-27 Object cleanup (#307) * elminiate some early program exits. exits without cleanup make it harder to find memory leaks. fix a few leaks. enhance random format to support reading real time position data. correct some sign related warnings. * use invariant generator for random format. * make compilers happy with random. clang doesn't like: note: read of non-constexpr variable 'generator' is not allowed in a constant expression constexpr double scalefactor = 1.0 / (*generator).max(); msvc doesn't like: warning C4100: 'fname': unreferenced formal parameter * catch up with master manually.
2019-02-25 Change diff and terrain back to doubles in geo Not part of official geo format that's widely used; apparently only used by rickrich's geo tools.
2019-02-21 Qt 5.12.1 and valgrind on Linux (#306) set an environmental variable when running valgrind to disable QRegularExpressions use of JIT which causes problems for valgrind. The release build of Qt 5.12.1 uses JIT by default. The debug build does not. warn when running older version of valgrind that don't handle RDRAND instructions used by newer versions of Qt such as 5.12.1. support multiple docker images in travis. create a travis docker image with Qt 5.12.1.
2019-02-18 do parallel builds for travis macos. (#305)
2019-02-16 Set Qt version floor at 5.9 (#304) * move Qt floor to 5.9. * update coverage build for Qt archive naming. * update all travis builds to xenial. trusty is EOL 4/2019. * avoid 5.12.1 on linux CI. * Revert "avoid 5.12.1 on linux CI." This reverts commit b86212123cda9d7c57f212f3baf0f05bc3121ee5. * avoid 5.12.1 on linux CI.
2019-02-16 Parallel test (#303) * run vtesto jobs in parallel. with the configure flow and "make check-vtesto". This will be utilized on travis. * add missing gitignore for new valgrind logs.
2019-02-16 fix pcx test to check output it generates! (#302)
2019-02-15 update appveyor for Qt 5.12.1 (#301) * update appveyor builds. archive msvc2017,nmake, Qt 5.12,x86. switch all msvc2017 builds to Qt 5.12. * work around qmake 5.12.1 bug. reorder builds so release candidate is done first.
2019-02-14 archive macos with Qt 5.12.1 (#300) instead of 5.9.7.
2019-02-14 Merge branch 'master' into skytraq
2019-02-14 Essentially revert the skytraq part of PR#286.
2019-02-14 Merge pull request #293 from tsteven4/trackf modernization of track filter
2019-02-14 Merge pull request #271 from gromit1811/fit-trkseg Start new track segments on Garmin Fit timer events (start/stop/...)
2019-02-14 Relocate xcsv format functions. (#297) Many funtions for the xcsv format were in instead of This commit moves the xcsv format specific functions to, and leaves the possibly shared utility functions in xcsv.h is added to communicate shared xcsv style handling with
2019-02-12 Added support for USR version 5 and 6 and corrected USR version 4 support. (#268) * Minor changes to address GCC 7.3.0 warnings generated by flag -Wunused-but-set-variable. Moved declaraions/initialization of rp_backup and era inside #ifdef _NL_CURRENT conditionals. * Added { ... } to for at the end of zip64local_SearchCentralDir() so that if-break statements inside for loop. * Removed declaration and commented out references to startlat, startlon, and starttime in fit_parse_data() due to GCC 7.3.0 warning from flag -Wunused-but-set-variable. * Added initial support for Lowrance USR 5 and 6 formats. * Significant changes to handle multiple USR4 versions and add USR5 and USR6 support. * Remove extraneous debug NL when no debug specified. * Updated USR4 reference file because of increased accuracy in converting lat/log values. * Documentation on some ICON mappings. * Added USR5 and USR6 to validation checks. * Added reference files for USR5 and USR6 formats. * Cleaned up some debug output. * Continued work to consolidate all Lowrance USR processing into a single file. * Eliminated and restuctured testing to include USR4, USR5, and USR6 formats. * Changes associated with adding support for USR 5 and USR 6. * Eliminated from build. * Changed default Output USR Version from 4 to 2 for backward compatibilty. * Removed USR 4 section from documentation. * Initial update of XMLDOC for updated data formats. * iMinor updates to parse_routes. Added correct v4 and v5 GPX reference files. * Documentation updates to reflect new capabilities. * Added Route element information to document and minor code changes to match. * Doc refinement with rewrite. * Corrections to USR 4 output. * Update to correct v4 gpx file. * Checkin correct v5 gpx file. * Removed errant NL when no debug specified. * Resolved conflicts * Missed this update. * Revert "Minor changes to address GCC 7.3.0 warnings generated by flag -Wunused-but-set-variable." at the request of tsteven4 as they have nothing to do with the expanded support. This reverts commit fb93a19b740edae4dde3b6dcd0546f344122f70d. * Revert "Added { ... } to for at the end of zip64local_SearchCentralDir() so that if-break statements inside for loop." at the request of tsteven4 as they have nothing to do with the expanded support. This reverts commit 189bbe6ea664829412c70079e9ddb9555062a12f. * Revert "Removed declaration and commented out references to startlat, startlon, and starttime in fit_parse_data() due to GCC 7.3.0 warning from" at the request of tsteven4 as they have nothing to do with the expanded support. This reverts commit cc618336888c5cdb8adef87f72026a8c24eff7e8. * Updated to remove per suggestion from tsteven4 to support cmake/XCLion. * Per suggestions from tsteven4 - deleted define SECSTORADIANS as it was not used - ran astylerc * Replaced use of NULL with nullptr per tsteven4 suggestion. * Added URLs for reference information. * Adopted tsteven4 recommendation on eliminating compiler warning. * Corrections to Waypoint and Trail documentation for USR 4, 5, and 6 formats. * Address Codacy flagged issues. * Address Codacy flagged issues. * Address additional Codact flaged issues. * Changed DEGREESTORADIANS define from hardcoded value to use (M_PI/180.0) * Removed Copyright protected material and replaced with authored comments. * Corrected altitude/depth retension coverting USR4/5/6 to USR2/3 * Added mapping of USR4/5/6 ICON numbers to text to support output to USR 2/3 format. * Corrected generation of USR4 data file. * Check for NULL format specific when converting USR 2/3 (colorless) to USR4 (color coded) ICONs. * Added cases where USR 2/3 embeds color in shortname. * Corrections to ICON translation from USR v2/3 to USR 4. * Cleanup USR 2/3 parsing debug. * Adopted modificatins to USR 4/5/6 time interpretation per suggestion from tsteven4. * Adopted modificatins to USR 4/5/6 time interpretation per suggestion from tsteven4. * Changed file header parsing back to int16 for USR format as found sample file with a stream version other than 0. Assume this is true for ALL USR formats until determine otherwise. * Updated reference files after corrections to altitude and time conversion. * Check for both "nan" and "-nan" to address compiler differences. * Use -options instead of --options to avoid osx OS issues. * Set altitude to "unknown_alt" when creating Waypoints from Event ICONs. Updated reference files to encorporate "unknown_alt" change. Corrected mis-spelling of "green" * Change cut options from --compliment to legacy explict field list for OSX OS support. * Applied codex patch from tsteven4 - thank you. * Corrected interpretation of elevation in USR2/3. * Corrected reference files and test script with changes to elevation interpretation. * More conversions to QString conventions. Minor correction to trail attribute parsing. * Editorial cleanup. * USRv6 uses trail data stream version 5 which employs int32 rather than char for attributes. * Use invalid ICON value as method to detect HOOK2 generated USR 2/3 files. * Cleanup time conversions.
2019-02-09 Use QList instead of QueueList to back RouteList. This eliminates the usage of the legacy queue code for route lists.
2019-02-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into routelist
2019-02-09 bug fixes for xcsv reader. (#295) For some lines data must be accumulated from several fields in arbitrary field order. Previously this was done with global variables. Now a variable to hold the accumulated data for a line is constructed/destructed for each line. This eliminates the possiblity of unintended communication between lines. This also eliminated some unintended communication between the reader and the writer through global variables that they previously shared (csv_track, csv_route). An ordering sensitivty to TRACK_NEW and TRACK_NAME is removed. For the reader, conditional allocation of route_heads is removed from xcsv_parse_val, and centralized in xcsv_data_read. This eliminates some undetected memory leaks which hid as "still reachable" due to the pointer being saved in a global variable (csv_track, csv_route). Undesirable reading of the route_head->Q variable is eliminated improving encapsulation. I beleive the intent was never to decide if the csv_track->Q was empty, i.e. it hadn't been added to the global track_head yet. I beleive what was desired was to decide if csv_track had any waypoints. In any event the centralization of route_head allocation and head addition makes new track handling much more straight forward and robust. The xcsv test case is enhanced to increase coverage.
2019-02-09 Introduce a RouteList class. This is backed by a QueueList class, which adds iterators for queues. It is anticipated that this will be replaced by usage of a more standard container.
2019-02-04 skytraq: some minor cleanup I had lying around...
2019-02-04 skytraq: rename option gps_utc_offset to gps-utc-offset, to be consistent with other options
2019-02-04 skytraq: add doc for new option gps-week-rollover
2019-02-04 skytraq: prepare for upcoming gps week-rollover
2019-02-04 skytraq: Fixed rd_word() to actually return errors
2019-02-02 Mac5120 (#283) * add generic qt installer for osx. add travis builds with osx and qt 5.9.7, 5.12.0 update qtci extract-qt-installer from upstream. add some error detection and debug to travis_install_osx, travis_intall_linux_local. * catch qtci/install-qt up with upstream. * try harder with early extract-qt-installer bugs on osx. * don't source travis qt install scripts. * fix caching for travis. * qt installer improvements validate installs add debug for failed installs * update travis osx qt 5.12 build to 5.12.1.
2019-01-22 Start new track segments on timer start events Insert track segment separators when encountering a timer start event in a FIT file (usually caused by manually pushing the start button). This way, pauses in a FIT file don't appear as continuous tracks. Also adapt reference tracks by adding suitable tags to please "make check"/testo.
2019-01-14 Merge pull request #286 from gpsbabel/cl-cleanups Clion & related cleanups
2019-01-11 fix leaks when deleting wpts in filters. (#292)
2019-01-09 fix trackfilter merge bug with segments. enhance trackfilter test cases for better coverage.
2019-01-08 refactor trackfilter. use std::sort, stable_sort instead of qsort. use QList instead of malloc'd arrays. minimize the use of duplicated information (track_ct, track_pts, timeless_pts first_time, last_time), and maintain the remaining duplicated information (track_list, a possible sorted version of my_track_head). use auto some more. eliminate some redundant casting. eliminate atoi.
2019-01-08 in trackfilter remove redundant casts and use auto.
2019-01-07 trackfilter bools and case insensitive opts.
2019-01-06 refactor track filter. user visible changes: Previously it was possible to cause a segmentation fault (due to a double delete) if all the tracks were filtered out by the stop and start options. This has been corrected. Previously UTC time was used with the title option for split operations, but local time was used with the title option for the pack operations. Now UTC time is always used with the title option. Previously the split and sdistance options allowed an option value consisting of only the units. This was undocumented. Now both a number and the units are required. Previously the split option documentation stated that units of seconds would be used if none were specified, however the units were actually required. The documenation is updated to reflect historical and current usage. Previously the split and sdistance options allowed the units to precede or follow the quantity. The documentation stated the units must follow the quantity. Now the units must follow the quantity. Previously synthesized speeds ignored the fractional part of the track point times, now the fractional part of the track point times are used in the speed calculation. refactoring changes: time_t is replaced where possible by gpsbabel::DateTime or QDateTime. option value parsing is done with QRegularExpression. some integer types were converted to bool types. test cases are expanded for better coverage.
2018-12-31 Corrected handling elevation and speed (#291) * Corrected handling elevation and speed * Added reference files for testing converting fit-file from Garmin Oregon 700 to gpx-file * Added test of converting fit-file from Garmin Oregon 700 to gpx-file
2018-12-28 add include guard for src/core/optional.h (#290)
2018-12-28 clazy cleanup for gui (#289)
2018-12-27 Merge pull request #288 from tsteven4/lat_dir_input enhance xcsv reader to not ignore LAT_DIR,LON_DIR.
2018-12-27 Merge pull request #287 from tsteven4/lat_dir fix up style file OFIELD option processing.
2018-12-27 enhance xcsv reader to not ignore LAT_DIR,LON_DIR. this came up on [Gpsbabel-misc] Globalsat DG-500.
2018-12-27 fix up style file OFIELD option processing.
2018-12-25 Merge pull request #285 from gpsbabel/atoi Atoi: rely less on atoi, scanf, other cleanups. Safer parsing in stmsdf in particular.
2018-12-22 A moderately uncomfortable series of inadequately tested changes around signedness of types, mostly to shut hyperactive tool chains. Time will tell if we fixed or caused more weird cases around trucations and extensions.
2018-12-22 Merge branch 'master' into atoi
2018-12-22 Merge pull request #284 from gpsbabel/cl-cleanups CodeLion-inspired and manual cleanups
2018-12-20 add support for multiple urls for route headers. (#276) * add support for multiple urls for route headers. add support in gpx for gpx/rte/link, gpx/rte/url, gpx/rte/urlname. add support in gpx for gpx/trk/link, gpx/trk/url, gpx/trk/urlname. Note that the gpx writer can violate the schema when fprint_xml_chain is used to echo unrecognized elements from input to output. This is because the gpx 1.0/1.1 schema requires an xsd:sequence of elements, i.e. the order of the elements is specified, and any elements output by fprint_xml_chain won't necessarily be in the correct order with other elements that are specifically handled in the gpx writer. By processing additional gpx elements as listed above on read we prevent them from causing schema violations on write. However, other unrecognized elements can still cause schema violations. * make common link code common in gpx reader.
2018-12-19 Don't #include debug
2018-12-19 A near rewrite of the reader of the stmsdf reader to more effectively parse fields as QDate,Times,Floats, etc. Still not very readable, but should be more bulletproof for bad input.
2018-12-19 Don't name params in decls in itracku
2018-12-19 Sign extension fix in EasyGPS
2018-12-19 Remove xstrrstr and BASE_STRUCT from defs.h
2018-12-19 Remove write-only variable in compegps.
2018-12-19 Drop some unused method protos from CET.
2018-12-19 XmlStreamWriter: make single arg methods explicit. Drop unused methods.
2018-12-19 Clean up missed spot for ghosting htmlencoding files
2018-12-18 Removing scraggling bits of xhtmlent from build files.
2018-12-18 Remove (now) unused xhtmlent table.
2018-12-18 Make types in ggv_bin more safe for 32/64 systems.
2018-12-18 Default construct to eliminate warning in geojson
2018-12-18 Build fix for Cmake/CLion on Mac. Correct handling of frameworks. They're like libs, but not...
2018-12-14 add cppcheck target to (#280) * add cppcheck target to fix a few cppcheck errors. * fix a few cppcheck items. strptime fix is from upstream.
2018-12-04 Wrap (use) of variables in #defines.
2018-12-03 Warning fix in raymarine
2018-12-03 Warning fix in locus
2018-12-03 Fix warning in maggeo
2018-12-03 Warning fixes in jeeps: move use closer to initialization so that the test of device is effective, don't set locals before return.
2018-12-03 Tame string formatting warning in libusb.
2018-12-03 Remove unneeded const qualifier on pass-by-value types.
2018-12-03 Replace size() == 0 with empty() when more readable.
2018-12-02 Const-ipate jeeps function signature. (Yeah, coz THAT makes that API beautiful...)
2018-12-02 Automated cleanups for passing by reference and fixing pointer ownership on calls.
2018-12-02 Modernize loop iterators to walk arrays and containes instead of independently maintained constants.
2018-12-02 Modernize C style explicit (void) in decls to (), eliminate return at end of bunction bodies.
2018-12-02 Modernize bool use of true/false.
2018-12-02 Make prototype arg names match function arg names.
2018-12-02 Pick up a few old NULL->nullptr conversions that are stuck inside __APPLE that tsteven4 dodged around since he couldn't confirm.
2018-12-02 For single argument ctors, mark type explicit.
2018-12-02 If there's only one argument in a ctor, mark it explicit to make it less easy to fall into implicit conversions.
2018-12-02 Diff and Terrain in geocaches are integers internally.
2018-12-02 generate html coverage reports. (#281) * generate html coverage reports. * tweak coverage recipe.
2018-12-01 remove obsolete msvc workarounds. (#278) msvc 2012 and earlier are not supported. They didn't support c++14 anyway which we currently require.
2018-11-28 use QThread::usleep instead of our own function. (#277) Our test suite doesn't test sleep, but the nmea pause option can be used on write to verify functionality interactively.
2018-11-27 obsolete DEBUG_MEM (#279)
2018-11-27 simplify conversion from utm. (#275) * simplify conversion from utm. add test cases for Norway and Svalbard exceptions. * Correct bug in computing latitude band X. enhance test to cover exceptional width of band X.
2018-11-24 update shapelib to 1.4.1 (#274)
2018-11-19 enhance sort filter for rtes & trks. (#273)
2018-11-17 use bool, true, false. (#272)
2018-11-14 add msvc2017 builds to appveyor. (#270)
2018-11-14 update docker build script to use latest bionic. (#269)
2018-11-14 Merge pull request #266 from tsteven4/clazy1 Incorporate improvements found by Qt oriented code checker clazy
2018-11-13 Merge pull request #267 from gpsbabel/gpsbabel-patch-2 Remove leftover code from 'adding class' change
2018-11-13 Remove leftover code from 'adding class' change As tsteven4 points out, No reasing to move is_internal to local and back
2018-11-13 fix clazy detected 'use isEmpty() instead' this is from -Wclazy-isempty-vs-count
2018-11-13 fix clazy detected 'Use *Ref() instead' These are from -Wclazy-qstring-ref, and were automatically fixed.
2018-11-13 fix clazy detected 'unused *' these are from -Wclazy-unused-non-trivial-variable
2018-11-13 fix clazy detected 'allocating an unneeded temporary container' these are from -Wclazy-container-anti-pattern Also, consistently use range based for loops in
2018-11-12 fix clazy detected 'c++11 range-loop might detach Qt container' these are from -Wclazy-range-loop
2018-11-12 fix clazy detected 'Use multi-arg instead' these are from -Wclazy-qstring-arg
2018-11-04 update travis for xenial (#265) * update travis to use xenial. add new travis target to build on xenial. switch travis coverage generation to xenial. update codacy upload tool for compatibility with newer java on xenial. * fix gcov issues with "cannot open notes file"
2018-11-02 support kml 2.3 track element. (#264) * support kml 2.3 track element. relax ordering requirement for gx:Track when and coord children. * fix kml includes and indentation.
2018-10-19 Merge pull request #261 from gpsbabel/gpsbabel-patch-2 Update dependencies, notably for
2018-10-19 Replace queues with Qlist in session handling. (#263) session tracks a possible series of input formats and input filenames.
2018-10-16 Merge pull request #262 from tsteven4/tcache extend travis mac cache timeout.
2018-10-16 extend travis mac cache timeout.
2018-10-16 Merge pull request #260 from tsteven4/cpp14_msvc move to c++14 standard.
2018-10-16 Merge pull request #259 from tsteven4/queue_bye_bye eliminate queues in csv style handling.
2018-10-16 Update dependencies, notably for
2018-10-15 Merge pull request #256 from tsteven4/rpath have configure conditionally set rpath.
2018-10-15 move to c++14 standard.
2018-10-15 eliminate queues in csv style handling. also: fix bug with style option encoding. pass some parameters by const reference. eliminate some unused time fiddling.
2018-10-11 Merge pull request #258 from tsteven4/sortbug correct sort filter time option to use msecs.
2018-10-11 correct sort filter time option to use msecs.
2018-10-09 use consistent whitespace in configure comments.
2018-10-09 have configure conditionally set rpath. this may be necessary when using a Qt installation that was not provided by the system.
2018-10-09 Merge pull request #255 from gpsbabel/parallel Parallelize CLI and GUI make.
2018-10-09 Parallelize CLI and GUI make. testo and vtesto are harder.
2018-10-08 Merge pull request #254 from gpsbabel/tweaks Move more xcsv processing into QStrings. Fewer conversions
2018-10-09 Allow string to be modified during parse. Ugh.
2018-10-08 Let xcsv parser keep QStrings up for one more level.
2018-10-08 Push QStrings -> char * conversions down one more level.
2018-10-08 Merge pull request #253 from gpsbabel/tweaks Find gsed when doing a tools/docfix on a Mac populated by Homebrew: G…
2018-10-08 Find gsed when doing a tools/docfix on a Mac populated by Homebrew: GNU sed is /usr/local/bin/
2018-10-08 Merge pull request #252 from gpsbabel/tweaks Find gsed when doing a tools/docfix on a Mac populated by Homebrew: GNU sed is /usr/local/bin/
2018-10-05 Merge pull request #249 from codacy-badger/codacy-badge Add a Codacy badge to
2018-09-14 Add codacy badges to Github
2018-09-14 Add Codacy badge
2018-09-01 Merge pull request #246 from tsteven4/trackdata introduce optional class
2018-08-30 introduce optional class for things that may or may not have a value. demonstrate usage with computed_trkdata.
2018-08-25 Merge pull request #245 from tsteven4/exif2 a few exif cleanups.
2018-08-25 a few exif cleanups.
2018-08-22 Merge pull request #230 from tsteven4/bng allow unicsv bng input to use all numeric grid references.
2018-08-22 tweak unicsv bng documentation thanks Hornbydd.
2018-08-22 Merge pull request #238 from tsteven4/exif update exif format replacing queues, legacy time_t, tm, localtime, gmtime with Qt classes. enhance exif rational number approximation using continued fractions. support uncompressed thumbnails on write. make debug support dynamic based on debug level instead of a conditional compile. enhance exif test for write.
2018-08-22 add exif support for uncompressed thumbnails.
2018-08-21 fix exif dynamic debug omissions.
2018-08-21 fix exif warnings.
2018-08-21 replace legacy time handling in exif. also add support of exif OffsetTime* tags.
2018-08-19 minor fixes for exif.
2018-08-19 use QVariant to store exif tag data. enhance exif debug capability.
2018-08-18 use continued fractions to create TIFF RATIONAL types. some references were regenerated as the new algorithm can generate different values for the RATIONAL numerator and denominator, in this case 0.0 -> 0/INT32_MAX.
2018-08-16 improvements to exif format. fix bugs with rational types including greatest common divisor. turn off assertions for release builds in clean up exif.
2018-08-08 tweak endian routines for consistency. (#242) align util routeines with prototypes using readability-inconsistent-declaration-parameter-name.
2018-08-01 eliminate queues in inifile. (#239) * eliminate queues in inifile replacing them with QHashs * replace use of gbfile in inifile with QTextStream
2018-07-31 Final presubmit cleanups Ship it when it’s green. (and it’s tomorrow, errr, today.)
2018-07-31 Fix leak in last cleanup. Mixing C pointers and sane pointers is killing me…
2018-07-31 Rewrite xcsv_parse_style_buff() in a readable way …might be more clever with a QStringRef, but this is hardly a performance path.
2018-07-30 Degrubbify for submit Remove “global” char*’s in body of csv format parser. Make argument type String to allow fixing callers later. Reformat. Fix bugs of char* and QString[] being out of sync by eliminating one source of truth.
2018-07-30 Fix crash in -^ generating doc list vecs_t is no longer a struct of POD. It’s now a class and has to be allocated by new. I hope to not have to rathole in vets for this change because it’s full of scary memory management like this.
2018-07-30 Resync with work copy
2018-07-30 Merge branch 'master' into cleanups
2018-07-30 xcdv to data structures continues Passes testo. Exposes lots of weird stuff (all marked with FIXMEs) that are still held up with C pointer magic, but we eliminate a few hundred cases, so I’m just looking for a test run before digging deeper.
2018-07-29 More data structure work in xcsv Push QStringification up two levels. Keep table and callers of substations in Qt-land to keep QHash happy and reduce copy/leak in most cases.
2018-07-23 fix codacy/cppcheck whining.
2018-07-23 incorporate review suggestions and fix bugs. correct user comment encoding based on image endianness. fix possible tag corruption when data fits in 4 bytes depending on image endianness and processor endianness.
2018-07-22 Allow field options in ifield, ofield Options can make fields.size() of 4, so loosen error test for those. Misc warning fixes.
2018-07-22 Pick up dropped file from last commit Ooops. Add back to this CL.
2018-07-22 Move csv & style handlers to real C++ containers Goal: eliminate lots of manual string bashing. Currently waffles between the two approaches, but I wanted to get this into GitHub for valgrind results.
2018-07-20 fix new exif memory leaks.
2018-07-19 fix exif test to run in any time zone.
2018-07-19 replace exif format usage of queues.
2018-07-16 update gpx handling of global/metadata. (#236) * update gpx handling of global/metadata. use qt containers instead of queue. add support for gpx/metadata/link. * incorporate suggestions from review. * update notes on justification for concatenating metadata.
2018-07-14 Merge pull request #234 from tsteven4/reinterp use reinterpret_cast with queue processing
2018-07-14 use reinterpret_cast with queues.
2018-07-14 use reinterpret_cast with queue processing instead of a static cast to a void pointer followed by a static cast to a Waypoint*.
2018-07-13 Merge pull request #231 from tsteven4/jeeps obsolete jeeps/gpsproj.h.
2018-07-12 clean up some Variable * is reassigned a value before the old one has been used. (#232) one of these was actually a very old bug.
2018-07-12 obsolete jeeps/gpsproj.h. Note that jeeps/ is not used. Historically some routines have been copied from to When/If this is done the corresponding headers from gpsproj.h should be copied to gpsmath.h.
2018-07-12 allow unicsv bng input to use all numeric grid references.
2018-07-12 const qualify some function parameters. (#229) This is the clang-tidy check readability-non-const-parameter.
2018-07-11 refactor "Declarator and assignment can be joined." (#227) * refactor "Delarator and assignment can be joined." Instances involving switch statements or goto statemens were skipped. jeeps was skipped as well. * fix pointer formatting case. * more whitespace corrections.
2018-07-10 Merge pull request #228 from tsteven4/gdb fix irrelevant booboo in 23cb08f17.
2018-07-10 fix irrelevant booboo in 23cb08f17. This only mattered if NEW_STRINGS wasn't defined, and it always is, except if running cppcheck.
2018-07-09 Merge pull request #226 from tsteven4/resetb4read refactor cases of "Declarator is reassigned in all paths before being read" when the declarator and the subsequent assignment can be joined.
2018-07-09 recover some lost comments.
2018-07-09 refactor cases of "Declarator is reassigned in all paths before being read" when the declarator and the subsequent assignment can be joined.
2018-07-09 Merge pull request #224 from tsteven4/unusedinit limit scope of loop vars, prefer prefix operators.
2018-07-08 use prefix increment on enums in brauniger_iq, garmin_txt, igc.
2018-07-08 limit scope of index variables in for loops.
2018-07-08 Merge pull request #223 from tsteven4/nullptr clang-tidy readability-delete-null-pointer
2018-07-08 clang-tidy readability-delete-null-pointer formatted by hand.
2018-07-07 Merge pull request #222 from tsteven4/cmake2 catch CMakeLists up.
2018-07-07 catch CMakeLists up.
2018-07-07 Merge pull request #221 from gpsbabel/cleanups Cleanups: remove jeeps gpsinput.*
2018-07-07 Remove gpsinput.[cc,h] Remove unused Jeeps file handling old Jeeps Almanac files and other esoterica uninteresting to us.
2018-07-07 Merge pull request #137 from viettaml/master Fix redundant file rename on Windows
2018-07-07 Merge pull request #218 from gpsbabel/cleanups Cleanups
2018-07-06 Remove more C casts Remove some senseless casts to ints, explicitly avoid const-ified queue iterators.
2018-07-06 More queue casting This doesn’t _really_ help improve the code; this is to get a passing presubmit from codify.
2018-07-05 Merge pull request #220 from tsteven4/cmake Add CMakeLists.txt.
2018-07-05 Add CMakeLists.txt. This is experimental at this stage.
2018-07-05 downcast queue_elem to void then up to Waypoint (yes, this is distasteful)
2018-07-04 Fix delete/xfree mismatch in xmltag copy Other misc minor changes tweaks identified by codacy during last commit.
2018-07-04 Rollback erroneously committed files git rm -r build-app-Desktop_Qt_5_9_5_clang_64bit-Debug/ (Thanx, tsteven4!)
2018-07-04 Merge pull request #219 from tsteven4/clean888 miscellaneous cleanups & bug fixes.
2018-07-04 miscellaneous cleanups & bug fixes. bugfix - clang-tidy check misc-sizeof-expression warning cleanup - gcc warning: warning: ‘%d’ directive output may be truncated writing between 1 and 11 bytes into a region of size 3 [-Wformat-truncation=] warning cleanup - gcc warning: ‘__builtin___snprintf_chk’ output may be truncated before the last format character [-Wformat-truncation=] bugfix - the jtr writter could incorrecly print the msec portion of the creationtime by dropping the most significant digit when it was zero. warning cleanup - binary operator acts on identical operands bugfix - fractional seconds were always zero. warning cleanup - gcc warning: argument 2 null where non-null expected [-Wnonnull] warning cleanup - Declarator is never used
2018-07-04 Typo fix waypoint -> Waypoint in last commit wasn’t saved from editor buffer
2018-07-04 Revert stupid commits Grrr. Github desktop works exactly like git command line doesn’t for uncommitted files. :-/
2018-07-04 Reduce scope of a ton of variables, misc cleanups Codacy-inspired cleanups. Makes code look more C++-looking in many places.
2018-07-03 eliminate some redundant redclarations. (#217)
2018-07-03 eliminate some uneccessary passing by value in favor of pass by const reference. (#216)
2018-07-03 cleanup filter class issues. (#215)
2018-07-01 Merge pull request #213 from tsteven4/constcast use const_cast to cast away const, and don't cast away const when unnecessary
2018-07-01 a few more const_cast eliminations.
2018-07-01 preserve const in garmin_txt.
2018-07-01 remove more unnecessary const_casting.
2018-07-01 get rid of more unneeded const_cast.
2018-07-01 get MSVC happy with util const_cast changes.
2018-07-01 remove unnecesary const_cast in
2018-06-30 eliminate uneccesary const_cast in osm format.
2018-06-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into constcast
2018-06-30 use member brace initializes and default constructors. (#214)
2018-06-30 remove more unnecessary casting away of const.
2018-06-30 remove unnecessary casting away of const.
2018-06-28 clang tidy uses const_cast. This was from the google-readability-casting check, but only Message: C-style casts are discouraged; use const_cast were accepted.
2018-06-28 eliminate superfluous casting "redundant cast to the same type" (#212) * eliminate superfluous casting "redundant cast to the same type" this was based on clang-tidy google-readability-casting check, but only for the Message redundant cast to the same type. Some hand manipulation of literals was done before clang-tidy. Some fixes were rejected for portability. * eliminate a couple casts of integer literals to double. * a few more casts of integer literals.
2018-06-27 Create a filter base class and make all our filters derived classes of this base class. (#190)
2018-06-26 clang-tidy fix modernize-deprecated-headers on windows files. (#211)
2018-06-26 fix clang-tidy found readability-static-accessed-through-instance. (#210)
2018-06-26 clang tidy optimizes to use parameter passing by const reference. (#209) RUN_CLANG_TIDY_FLAGS="-header-filter=.*\\\.h -checks=-*,performance-unnecessary-value-param -fix The suggestion "parameter '*' is passed by value and only copied once; consider moving it to avoid unnecessary copies" was not accepted. The suggestion "the const qualified parameter '*' is copied for each invocation; consider making it a reference" was accepted. The suggestion "the parameter '*' is copied for each invocation but only used as a const reference; consider making it a const reference" was accepted.
2018-06-26 fix missing-field-initializers clang diagnostic. (#207)
2018-06-24 use c++11 noreturn attribute specifier instead of compiler specific attributes. (#206) This should work for all compilers, and certainly helps out MSVC code analysis.
2018-06-23 add version check to, fix header dependencies. (#205)
2018-06-21 correct header file list in, and a warning fix. (#203) C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type, result still unsigned
2018-06-20 MSVC warning cleanup (#202)
2018-06-18 enhance track filter test. (#201)
2018-06-18 cleanup defs.h orgainizing route and waypt elemements. (#200) The following prototypes were deleted, they had no definitions: waypt_free waypt_dupe waypt_new route_add waypt_alloc_gc_data waypt_empty_gc_data The following functions were never used, and they had no prototypes: void routes_to_tracks(); void tracks_to_routes(); The following function had a repeated prototype: route_flush The following function is missing a prototype but is explictly listed by the using file: update_common_traits In addition to resolving the above issues, some sections of defs.h were moved based on if they came from or, when they were required, and grouping of similar elements.
2018-06-18 improve travis docker script. (#199)
2018-06-17 update Dockerfile to reduce image size. (#198)
2018-06-17 cleanup whining about validate filter, and add test. (#197)
2018-06-17 CI debug, codacy excludes, obsolete file deletion. (#196)
2018-06-16 generate codacy coverage report on travis (#195)
2018-06-16 more excludes for codacity. (#194)
2018-06-16 Delete nmea_cc Scratch work file that was accidentally committed.
2018-06-16 Check in codacy config file Ignore deprecated and third party code.
2018-06-14 cleanups for codacy warnings. (#192) take advantage of C++11 delete to block a default operator, and move a bunch of loop index declarations to the loop.
2018-06-11 reduce docker layer size in an attempt to workaround network problems. (#191)
2018-06-06 Limit scope of variables and functions that are not meant to be shared. (#188) restrict unshared variables and functions to file scope.
2018-06-05 restore fiddling with -e in kml test. (#189) this allows subsequent test errors to be counted.
2018-06-04 Merge pull request #187 from tsteven4/style_nullptr catch up with nullptr.
2018-06-04 catch up with nullptr.
2018-06-03 Merge pull request #186 from tsteven4/tidyup Modernize with clang-tidy
2018-06-01 clang-tidy add override specifier. -header-filter=.*\\.h -checks=-*,modernize-use-override -fix
2018-06-01 clang-tidy replaces C standard library headers with their C++ alternatives. -header-filter=.*\\.h -checks=-*,modernize-deprecated-headers -fix
2018-06-01 clang-tidy replaces integer literals that are cast to bool. -header-filter=.*\\.h -checks=-*,modernize-use-bool-literals -fix
2018-06-01 use clang-tidy to convert the usage of null pointer constants to use the new C++11 nullptr keyword. -header-filter=.*\\.h -checks=-*,modernize-use-nullptr -fix
2018-06-01 add make targets to use clang-tidy.
2018-05-29 make use of QStringLiteral with QXmlStreamWriter. (#153)
2018-05-28 correct spelling in document. (#184)
2018-05-27 fix link to build log in continuous windows release.
2018-05-27 update appveyor token instructions. (#183)
2018-05-27 bug fixes and improvements for uploadtool. (#182) * fix body of appveyor uploads. * give detailed instructions on appveyor upload when GITHUB_TOKEN missing. * pick up upstream changes to
2018-05-22 Use date instead of travis/appveyor build number in pre-release names. (#180)
2018-05-21 token massage for appveyor.
2018-05-21 fix permissions on extract-qt-installer.
2018-05-21 Add mac build to travis CI (#179) Add mac build to travis CI. Deploy mac dmg to github releases from travis. Deploy windows installer to github releases from appveyor.
2018-05-18 Revert "add creation of appimage." This reverts commit 46f8c773de64761cbde22adb078a26b55e41db2e.
2018-05-18 Revert "fix packages for travis." This reverts commit 807e853e62d2252a3a66e6b5a9fba647f88e5c3c.
2018-05-18 Revert "fix travis" This reverts commit 50353d5c57d3a0d4ad1dcaf301354a2675893b61.
2018-05-18 Revert "fix travis packages, rpath." This reverts commit 16d14a9d462de3983232d8c8d7cd8744387a9488.
2018-05-18 Revert "fix travis builds" This reverts commit 3e5d604ad38573a755d5c2fdf1d9593dc6a76d1d.
2018-05-18 Revert "have travis avoid ppa environment script." This reverts commit f74c139d26efadfa929bcaca1aea5985fa819711.
2018-05-18 Revert "fix up travis LDFLAGS." This reverts commit 8229a81fa41bcccb5db5e1ffba10c2975ee750ed.
2018-05-18 Merge pull request #176 from tsteven4/appv Drop appveyor Qt 5.7 build, they dropped Qt 5.7 with MSVC 2015.
2018-05-18 drop appveyor Qt 5.7 build.
2018-05-15 fix up travis LDFLAGS.
2018-05-15 have travis avoid ppa environment script.
2018-05-15 fix travis builds
2018-05-15 fix travis packages, rpath.
2018-05-15 fix travis
2018-05-15 fix packages for travis.
2018-05-16 add creation of appimage.
2018-05-12 Merge pull request #175 from tsteven4/qtpro add config tests in
2018-05-12 add config tests in specifically, we look for stdarg.h and unistd.h for zlib.
2018-05-06 Merge pull request #174 from gpsbabel/main fix segfault in main and provide more debug info.
2018-05-06 fix segfault in main and provide more debug info. previously "gpsbabel -D" would segfault. now when using -D Qt version and locale info is printed.
2018-05-02 update gperf usage for C++. (#172) this resolves clang 6.0.0 warnings: warning: 'register' storage class specifier is deprecated and incompatible with C++17 [-Wdeprecated-register] in_word_set(register const char* str, register unsigned int len);
2018-05-02 remove vestiges of obsolete options -N, -c, -l. (#171)
2018-04-30 Merge pull request #168 from gpsbabel/robertlipe-fix-unistd-warning Fix warning in .Pro build by forcing HAVE_UNISTD
2018-04-30 Fix warning in .Pro build by forcing HAVE_UNISTD I'm not sure if it's new in Qt 5.9, but it's trivial (I think) to fix and harmless. When building files like gzread and gzwrite, MacOS would complain that we were missing declarations to extremely well known system functions (write, close, read, seek, ...) Those live in , so we nudge the Makefile generator to trigger its inclusion for MacOS and Linux.
2018-04-29 Merge pull request #167 from tsteven4/ci_with_new_qt Move Qt floor to 5.7
2018-04-29 fix version check comment in c++ files.
2018-04-29 syncrhonize config and run time version checks.
2018-04-28 add Dockerfile used to build travis test image.
2018-04-28 enforce minimum Qt version in configure.
2018-04-28 another swipe at fixing the xol test.
2018-04-28 fix xol test to be compatible with msvc runtime.
2018-04-28 fix up rename of msvc mkspec.
2018-04-28 move appveyor builds to newer versions of Qt with msvc only.
2018-04-28 fix up test_encoding_utf8 environment for docker.
2018-04-28 update reference files for compatibility with Qt >= 5.7.
2018-04-28 test ci with new qt.
2018-04-27 update configure compatibility with system zlib, (#156) and minizip. restore support for building with configure outside the srcdir.
2018-04-26 Shapefile doc and reader fixes. (#165) Don't cram different parts of polylines into one route, they may not be connected. Add documentation on transformation of coordinate systems that may be required for GPSBabel usage of shapefiles.
2018-04-15 Update Try to make less of a mess of English. :-)
2018-04-15 Update make less of a mess of the markdown.
2018-04-15 Merge pull request #144 from gpsbabel/fix_bad_merge Loosen coupling of upgrade queries to OS version by using newer (2014) Qt services.
2018-04-15 update typo fixes before bedtime...
2018-04-15 Improvements in w/ new links
2018-04-15 Update toplevel include badges for build status, remove reference
2018-04-15 Merge pull request #135 from gpsbabel/gopal Code cleanups in gopal.
2018-04-15 Merge branch 'master' into gopal
2018-04-15 Merge pull request #163 from tormet/master Torsten Metzner ads support for FIT version 2.0.
2018-03-20 Added support for FIT version 2.0 With FIT version 2.0 developer fields where added to the definition messages. These fields extends the definiton messages and due to this the number of records which must be parsed afterwards. FIT files containing developer fields could not be parsed before this changes. Simple support was added by just parsing the data but without using them. It is not expected that any of the currently used data like the position or the elevation is coded inside the developer fields because for this we have the already existing records from FIT version 1.0 Added a test with a fit test file coming from the Wahoo Element Bolt which uses developer fields from FIT version 2.0
2018-03-18 Merge pull request #162 from cweiske/patch-2 Document that Qt5 is required in Build chapter.
2018-03-18 Qt5 is required Qt4 cannot be used anymore - see
2018-03-16 Fix typo in geojson docs (#161)
2018-02-14 fix bugs specific to big endian machines (#155) * round up some loose endians in mapbar. * round up another endian, this time in mapsend. * chase the endians out of naviguide. also, a potential bug with Qstring length vs. encoded string length.
2017-12-30 fixes for the position and track filters. (#157) the position filter could corrupt the route_waypt_ct for routes/tracks. the track filter underestimated speed when there were multiple waypoints with the same time.
2017-12-27 garmin gpi reader and writer enhancements (#154) * enhance garmin gpi reader and writer. 1. fix a few memory leaks. 2. properly encode category passed from user to writer. 3. add support for reading gpi files with dual language strings. 4. add support for code page 65001, i.e. utf8. 5. make sure writer embeds encoded string lengths instead of the lengths of source QStrings. 6. enhance test to cover all of the above. * correct reference mode. * fix garmin_gpi test for windows. * rename garmin_gpi country code to language code.
2017-12-18 Prefer QLatin1String for conversion from char strings (#152) * Prefer QLatin1String for conversion from char strings as opposed to QStringLiteral or QString when used with QString::compare or QStringRef::compare.
2017-12-17 generalize make_windows_release for MinGW or MSVC. (#151) make_windows_release.ps1 now can be used with MinGW or MSVC. It is likely we will have to switch compilers with Qt >= 5.6 because MinGW is not supported with webengine, and Qt >= 5.6 release packages from distributes webengine and not webkit (although some other parties build webkit from source with these versions of Qt). appveyor.yml is modified to run a release on one MinGW case (Qt 5.5, webkit) and one MSVC case (Qt 5.6, webengine, 32 bit). In the case of MSVC the VC redistributible installer is run by setup. Note that inno setup compiler is always run in 32 bit mode, so if you use this with 64 bit executables they will install in the wrong place, i.e. "Program Files (x86)"
2017-12-17 allow passing of multiple possible extensions to GUI (#149) The extensions are used by GUI for filtering files to display for both input and output. The first extension is used by the gui in the output file dialog if a user doesn't supply and extension.
2017-12-13 add support for shape files with non us-ascii filenames. (#148)
2017-12-10 Merge pull request #145 from tsteven4/webengine Webengine
2017-12-09 Merge branch 'master' into webengine
2017-12-09 modify igc writer for consistent rounding. (#146)
2017-12-08 gui map js beautification and corrections.
2017-12-07 delete obsolete & unused html files.
2017-12-07 update gmapbase.html for modern stds compliance.
2017-12-07 improve js debug & cleanup unused map stuff.
2017-12-07 add debug clicker logging back, restore page name.
2017-12-07 Merge branch 'webengine' of into webengine
2017-12-07 update to google maps api v3.
2017-12-07 Typo fix in Mac-not case.
2017-12-07 Put back in pre Qt 5.4 code path in upgradecheck for Travis.
2017-12-07 Minor code cleanups.
2017-12-06 Turn off debug.
2017-12-06 Loosen coupling of upgrade queries to OS version by using newer (2014) Qt services.
2017-12-06 Merge pull request #143 from gpsbabel/fix_bad_merge Fix a bad merge base in PR 126. Only seems to be affected.
2017-12-06 Fix includes after repairing 126.
2017-12-06 Fix bad git merge in from PR 126
2017-12-05 Merge pull request #126 from gpsbabel/cleanup Header sorting, moving to C++11. Iterator simplifications.
2017-12-05 make windows release script work for any clone name. (#140)
2017-12-05 Extend KML, so that can be used to describe the time span (#115)
2017-12-05 Simplify time in gopal.
2017-12-04 Merge branch 'master' into cleanup
2017-12-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into webengine
2017-12-04 add utf8 file name test to windows appveyor builds. (#138)
2017-12-04 Fix redundant file rename on Windows; just use cross-platform QFile calls.
2017-12-04 Merge pull request #6 from gpsbabel/master Merge gpsbabel/gpsbabel to viettaml/gpsbabel
2017-12-04 Better handling of UTF-8 paths (#87) * Better handling of UTF-8 paths Remove gpsbabel calls to qPrintable which destroys non-ANSI path names on Windows. Replace with QString::toUtf8() and modify low-level file handling code to use _wfopen() and other wide-char functions on Windows to support non-ASCII paths. (I did an experiment to convince myself that fopen() doesn't do UTF-8, and that _wfopen() correctly creates a file with a non-ASCII filename starting from a UTF-8 name.) Add ufopen() function as a UTF-8 wrapper for fopen(). Change inifile_init() filename argument type to QString. Leave serial port paths alone ("if your serial port path has non-ANSI characters, you're going to have a bad time"). * Fix valgrind mismatched free/malloc error. * Correctly encode output paths in native locale on non-Windows On Mac/Linux, convert output file path from internal UTF-8 to local encoding (which may be UTF-8 or something else) when creating the file. Fixes test_encoding failure. * Support Unicode paths for .gz files on Windows Use zlib's Windows-specific gzopen_w() to support Unicode paths. * Convert UTF-8 to local encoding when opening gzip file on non-Windows This should fix the test_encoding failure on Travis-CI. Also, change Windows side to manually allocating wchar_t array; although a bit less elegant, it's very localized and avoids introducing a whole new dependency on std::wstring. * Use explicit char* to QString conversion in qPrintable The implicit conversion works, but I prefer the an explicit one (if only as a reminder that we should convert all internal strings to QString). * Add comment to QString-to-wchar_t[] conversion ... since it may not be immediately obvious what that line of code does. * Fix merge conflict resolution error * Fix merge conflict (again) * Revert * Update * Update to use QString tempfile paths. * Change ufopen() to take QString filename argument. Where converting from char*, use an explicit QString::fromUtf8() conversion rather than the implicit QString(const char*) constructor. * Use QFile::exists() and QFile::open() rather than ufopen() to verify a file exists and can be opened. * Remove redundant call to QFile::exists(). Trivial include cleanup in * Remove superfluous QVector include. * add newline at EOF.
2017-12-04 Fix case in qDebug #include
2017-12-04 QStringLiteral->QLatin1String... in files I didn't even mean to check in. (I think I've recycled an old branch name with dangling changes.)
2017-12-04 Nuke dead vars.
2017-12-04 Eliminate strftime in
2017-12-04 Merge pull request #124 from tsteven4/appveyor Appveyor for misc internal builds (debug /opt, 32/64, mscvc/gcc, etc) and start adding features to allow a full release withing Amveor, hopefully in lliest tientethan it takes my VM down download and register the mandatory 4GB of updates! Hooray kl
2017-12-04 Merge pull request #132 from viettaml/getenv-unicode Support Unicode environment variables.
2017-12-02 get gui map preview working with webengine.
2017-11-30 Merge pull request #131 from gpsbabel/551 add missing Qt libs for gui on linux.
2017-11-30 Support Unicode environment variables. Create ugetenv() OS-abstraction to return a QString environment variable value. Use it in place of getenv() in most places. Update routines to use QString to support Unicode paths for the gpsbabel.ini file, also greatly streamlining the code.
2017-11-30 add missing Qt libs for gui on linux. The required plugin platforms/ needs libQt5DBus and libQt5XcbQpa.
2017-11-30 Merge pull request #5 from gpsbabel/master Merge gpsbabel/gpsbabel to viettaml/gpsbabel
2017-11-28 Merge pull request #130 from tsteven4/encoding_test add a test of utf8 filename handling.
2017-11-28 add the changes for the latin1 test.
2017-11-28 enhance latin1 encoding test.
2017-11-28 add a test of utf8 filename handlig.
2017-11-28 Merge pull request #129 from viettaml/master Fix KML writer crash bug in realtime trackign.
2017-11-28 script windows release process.
2017-11-28 address reviewer concerns wrt inno setup.
2017-11-27 Fix KML writer crash bug When Google Earth uses gpsbabel to import KML in "live" USB mode, kml_wr_position_init() is called before kml_wr_init() resulting in deferencing an uninitialized "writer" pointer. The solution is just to remove the setAutoFormatting(false) call; there's no real need for it as it doesn't measurably impact performance. Also remove other calls to remove nice formatting on timestamps (addressing a FIXME comment), and update the golden test data to match.
2017-11-27 Add Q_UNUSED to GDB (moer to come) to hush this class of warnings.
2017-11-26 Move is_html (and a fwe in-methods that I could find) from int to bool.
2017-11-26 Try to repair damage to Sheesh...this is why I should stick to mechanical changes and merging in older trees of work already done right now...
2017-11-26 Bring in more header ordering and modernization. Collapse in work to simplify (C++-11-isze) some of the pretentious loop iterators in GeoJSON and some of the silly ones elsewhere. Probably lots more to do.
2017-11-26 Merge branch 'cleanup' of into cleanup
2017-11-26 Merge pull request #125 from gpsbabel/cleanup More strongly order header includes, some const-ification tweaks.
2017-11-26 Header sorting, modernization.
2017-11-26 Header sorting, modernization.
2017-11-26 Header mods.
2017-11-26 More header sorting.
2017-11-26 Merge branch 'master' into cleanup
2017-11-26 Merge pull request #123 from tsteven4/shape cleanup support for shape files.
2017-11-26 Try hoisting windows.h earlier for windows build.
2017-11-26 Remove more strays.
2017-11-26 Eliminate stray .note files.
2017-11-26 Try to make #includes consistently ordered.
2017-11-26 update appveyor build. run basic tests. build windows installer. archive installer.
2017-11-26 delete obsolete translation file from gui.
2017-11-26 mtk test workaround for windows.
2017-11-24 Merge pull request #122 from gpsbabel/header_fixes Remove remaining scraps of electric fence. Favor Valgrind to Efence.
2017-11-24 Mechanically update c style foo(void)
2017-11-22 Remove remaining scraps of electric fence. Valgrind > efence.
2017-11-10 First take at automated building on appveyor. Inspired by VLC. This should run qmake.
2017-11-10 Another deprecated file from MSVC proj. Qt Includes are still whacked. Probably best to just recomment qmake as the Official Way.
2017-11-10 First pass at removing obsolete files from MSVC proj.
2017-11-02 Merge pull request #97 from gpsbabel/master Minor Header fixes
2017-11-02 Merge pull request #88 from viettaml/viettaml-patch-6 Add Unicode argument support to Windows
2017-11-01 Merge pull request #95 from fbonzon/patch-001 Sync ICAO country code table with Wikipedia
2017-10-24 Merge pull request #89 from goeranu/master Use Latin1 when converting from Garmin device.
2017-10-15 Merge pull request #93 from gpsbabel/robertlipe-patch-1 Correctly read diff and terr from geo format.
2017-10-14 Correctly read diff and terr from geo format. Thank you, Rick Richardson.
2017-10-01 Use Latin1 when converting from Garmin device. Clean up duplicate call to simplified on the waypoint description string.
2017-09-26 Add Unicode argument support to Windows Use QCoreApplication::arguments() to properly ingest Unicode arguments and convert them to UTF-8. Remove use of QString::fromLocal8Bit(), as file path arguments are no longer "local 8-bit" on Windows (they're UTF-8) and "local 8-bit" on Mac and Linux means UTF-8.
2017-09-04 Prefer QStringLiteral over implicit conversion from Latin1 for Q5 5.9. Based on work by Bernd Zeimetz.
2017-07-01 Finish (?) cleanups in commonize waypoint datetime reader, even though nobody noticed that we went to all the effort to parse it but never put it IN the waypoint in the last 16 years. Other minor parse improvements.
2017-07-01 Reformat via clang-format -style=google to make it at least self-consistent.
2017-07-01 Rework 'T' and 'W' readers in PCX for robustness.
2017-07-01 Merge pull request #79 from languitar/fix-pcx Parsing safety for pcx files
2017-07-01 Parsing safety for pcx files Fix a few segmentation faults possible by unchecked sscanf calls.
2017-06-30 Minor code modernization in itracku and tpo. Changed only the encoder to QDateTime in itracku as the other direction lacked test coverage. More consistent use of QString in tpo, making it harder to overrun fixed buffer lengths.
2017-06-30 Make IGC reader more robust on nonsense input.
2017-06-28 Merge pull request #76 from dark/fitv2-test garmin_fit: add a test to cover the fitv2 features added recently
2017-06-28 Update skytraq UTC/GPS time handling. Update tables with latest two constant changes. Add command line option for overriding this.
2017-06-27 garmin_fit: add a test to cover the fitv2 features added recently The reference file was created using a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 action camera.
2017-06-27 Merge pull request #75 from dark/fitv2 Support v2 of the Garmin FIT format
2017-06-26 garmin_fit: use constants instead of magic numbers This is for better code readability.
2017-06-26 garmin_fit: add handling of global UTC offset Some devices may record timestamps in system time (i.e. boot time), rather than system time. As mentioned in Github issue #54 and in the upstream documentation, we can recognize such a scenario when timestamp is < 0x10000000.
Field 4 under the global ID for device settings records the difference between system time and UTC time (this is called global UTC offset in the upstream documentation).
Add code to store the global UTC offset in a new global variable, and correctly handle all timestamps with the new information.
2017-06-26 garmin_fit: implement enhanced speed and enhanced altitude Add handling for fields 73 (enhanced_speed) and 78 (enhanced_altitude) under global ID 20. Their value is handled exactly the same way as speed (field 6) and altitude (field 2), except that they have larger width.
2017-06-26 garmin_fit: fix tests Fix the reference files for the Garmin FIT tests, that now changed because of the previous bugfix related to the incorrectly nested switch blocks.
2017-06-24 garmin_fit: bugfix in switch logic The logic for global ID 19 was incorrectly nested under the logic for global ID 20. Fix the issue by making the two case labels correct siblings in the same switch statement.
2017-06-23 Merge pull request #74 from turboencabulator/configure More autoconf modernizations
2017-06-23 Remove remnants of --with-cet and --enable-pdb
2017-06-21 Update autoconf-required files; move them to build-aux
2017-06-20 Merge pull request #73 from turboencabulator/configure Various cleanups to configure
2017-06-02 Keep the Windows-style icons in dialog OK and cancel only in Windows.
2017-05-17 Fix parse of $GPGSA,A,*03
2017-05-16 Make GPGSA more robust for short sentences, more C++-like. Add warning for badk checksums.
2017-04-30 Fix ew recognition in unicsv reader. See mail thread "[Gpsbabel-code] WG: - bug?" from Levin at Capecross
2017-04-08 Use https in KML writer, esp. for geocaching and tracks. Geocaching 'Other' tab:
  • Reduce number of redirects to Google Maps.
  • Drop StreetView. It can be reached from Maps.
  • RIP Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Research Maps (nee Terraserver) reference*: regenerate reference files.
2017-03-08 Merge pull request #68 from cj4567/master Fixed altitude in interpolate filter
2017-03-08 Revert "fixed interpolate for dates < 1970 and > 2106" This reverts commit e99066f332da5913daebd03c61e531cb9262bfa4.
2017-03-08 fixed interpolate for dates < 1970 and > 2106
2017-03-07 Elevation fix in interpolate
2017-02-16 Merge pull request #67 from ra1fh/ggv-ovl-v2-bugfix Fix GeoGrid OVL V2.0 Unknown subtype (17)
2017-02-15 Fix GeoGrid OVL V2.0 Unknown subtype (17) Fixes issue #66. OVL V2.0 files contain the additional text field for all subtype values != 1, not just for subtype 0x10. The V3.0 and V4.0 readers do handle this correctly already. Add a test case that exposes the bug. Change bincompare to compare for the gpx output files in the ggv_bin test cases while there.
2017-01-25 Style cleanup for new geojson code. Add test for reader.
2017-01-25 Merge branch 'webengine'
2017-01-25 Release fix.
2017-01-25 Check in some scraggler files from branch.
2017-01-25 Merge pull request #63 from IsraelHikingMap/master Added geojson read capablity,
2017-01-25 Updated documentation, added geojson.geojson test file, updated vecs array according to code review.
2017-01-25 Merge pull request #64 from OliverHe/bushnell_nullptr_fix Use nullptr instead of comparing to 0
2017-01-24 Added geojson read capablity, moved magic strings to constants, fixed windows compilation issues.
2017-01-02 tweak gui file in an attempt to work around various qt distributions that use webkit instead of the newer webenginewidgets.
2017-01-01 Work on releasing GPSBabel 1.5.4.
2017-01-01 Bump version. Roll back non-working https changes. Deal with annoying Windows issues for release build.
2016-12-31 Make QtWebKit (Linux) and QtWebEngine (everywhere else) coexist.
2016-12-31 Stefan Ehlen confirms success with Canmore GT-730FL-S with Mediatek Logger
2016-12-31 Jukka adds waypoint support for Garmin FIT.
2016-12-31 Improve doc for speed units in unicsv.
2016-12-29 Make unknown units in parse_speed into warnings and not fatal.
2016-12-29 Add the minimum_points option to trackfilter for OSM users.
2016-12-29 Merge pull request #50 from yehorov/master Speed up the download from MTK Logger by requesting multiple chunks at once
2016-12-29 Merge pull request #42 from otrichet/master Use libudev to find serial devices dynamically on Linux
2016-12-29 Merge pull request #41 from miz884/skytraq_issue Fix default values for targetlocation and configlog flags.
2016-12-29 Add preliminary write support for GeoJSON.
2016-12-18 Fix bug with kml geometryElements pointed out by Valerio Messina. Don't repeat extrude element, and respect the required sequence for geometryElements.
2016-12-18 Fix bug in height filter pointed out by Valerio Messina. height corrections should not be applied if the altitude is unknown.
2016-10-07 mtk_logger: Replace the block_size option with block_size_kb.
2016-08-28 garmin_fit: Added allpoints option to convert all points even if they do not have latitude or longitude (primarily intended for devices without gps, e.g., Garmin Vivosmart HR)
2016-08-22 Martin Egge says that Compegps prefers replacing spaces in names with underscores instead of deleting them. Done.
2016-08-04 Increase download speed from MTK Logger by requesting multiple chunks at once
2016-07-19 Issue error if interpolate filter has no routes or tracks to operate on.
2016-05-06 Enforce Qt 5.2.0 as our new minimum floor during build. Remove runtime checks for < that.
2016-05-06 Tweak configure to turn on c++11. Minor warning fixes. Regenerate configure
2016-05-06 switch to trusty travis beta with qt 5.
2016-04-19 Merge pull request #40 from achmafooma/master Support for iGo Primo POI (.upoi) format
2016-04-09 Merge pull request #44 from tsteven4/xcsvstream revive support for ENCODING in xcsv files.
2016-04-09 revive support for ENCODING in xcsv files.
2016-04-02 fix date for iGo Primo GPX reference file
2016-04-02 adding reference files for iGo Primo format
2016-03-31 Fix default values for targetlocation and configlog flags. The previous default value "" wereconsidered as TRUE in the IF condition, Those flags took effect even if users didn't specify it. There were no workarounds. Itprevented users to reach to the main procedure skytraq_read_tracks. Those should be NULL by default so that the IF condition should be FALSE if a user wouldn't specify it.
2016-03-28 Setting encoding to UTF-8. It will read files fine this way...but it writes them in the wrong encoding. The device expects UTF-16 LE (UCS-2 LE BOM), which isn't apparently supported by GPSBabel. The file is otherwise correct.
2016-03-27 Support for iGo Primo POI (.upoi) format. Conversion FROM upoi to other formats is working reliably; conversion TO upoi format results in a file that can't be read by the unit. Investigation continues.
2016-03-27 Merge pull request #39 from tsteven4/upstream various fixes for altitude in tpo readers:
2016-03-27 various fixes for altitude in tpo readers: for TOPO versions older than 3, and TOPO versions 3 and newer, don't use an altitude of zero for unknown as this represents a valid altitude. for TOPO versions 3 and newer don't truncate the fractional part of altitude. for TOPO versions 3 and newer correctly convert negative altitudes. for TOPO versions 3 and newer change the value used to check for unknown altitudes.
2016-02-28 Drop delbin, old google format. an1 test used to use google format, but an1 is on the list to be chopped in the next round.
2016-02-28 Drop delbin (needed only for PN-20 which has been off the market for years and was never really very popular; PN-40 and PN-60 moved to GPX years ago) and 'google' format, which decoded a standard that Google Maps hadn't written for years.
2016-02-19 fix option processing for delbin gcsym option.
2016-02-07 pass files from main to formats as QStrings respecting the local encoding.
2016-02-07 Add serial info for navilink devices.
2016-01-18 Starting with Qt 5.5, the default rpath handling changed. Add -Wl,-rpath bits to our ld invocation as suggested at
2016-01-17 Add support for GlobalSat Sport GH625XT GPS training watch
2016-01-16 Add Geogrid-Viewer binary file reader Supports file format version 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
2016-01-14 mtk_logger mtk_parse_info: Fix track start for Holux logger reader Previously, a new track was created when the event "GPS Logger turned on" was read. This is correct for the MTK_LOGGER only, but not for the Holux devices M241 & GR245.
2016-01-13 Merge pull request #26 from ra1fh/openbsd-fix Fix compilation on OpenBSD
2016-01-06 François B observes that Galaxy S5 BDGSA sentences are empty at two tokens, not four. Fix warning for 'Short GSA sentence" in our NMEA converter.
2016-01-06 Merge pull request #23 from fbonzon/master Add missing trailing new line in warning messages
2016-01-07 Add missing trailing new line in warning messages
2016-01-06 Merge pull request #22 from tsteven4/master enhance EXIF_DBG and correct read size for next ifd offset.
2016-01-06 enhance EXIF_DBG and correct read size for next ifd offset.
2016-01-06 Merge branch 'master' of
2016-01-06 Revert "Hack up GPX writer to prepare for GGZ."
2016-01-04 Merge pull request #21 from tsteven4/master fix conditional EXIF_DBG code.
2016-01-04 fix conditional EXIF_DBG code.
2016-01-03 GPSBabel 1.5.3 released. Announcement
2016-01-02 Record remaining syntax for git tag for next release.
2016-01-02 Tweaks to Makefile for release.
2016-01-02 Various changes to prepare for 1.5.3 release.
2016-01-02 Add win-configure, just to have it for posterity.
2016-01-02 Remove abort from exif. Steve says we still mishandle time zones, but we've probably always mishandled time zones and this is clearly a seldom used code path.. :-/
2015-12-27 Speculative changes for future OS versions in reporting.
2015-12-27 Update mkchanges to deal with Git/Github.
2015-12-27 Merge pull request #14 from goeranu/master Declare the xstrdup(const char*) variant of xstrdup.
2015-12-27 Merge branch 'garmin_gpi' which contains lots of things that aren't related to garmin_gpi.
2015-12-27 John Rasmussen adds 'prec' option to KML writer.
2015-12-27 fix bug in xml_parse_time. we failed to carry any result from adding the time offset to the date.
2015-12-19 Have the gpx reader forward namespace declarations for like all other namespaces. This avoids the problem of the gpx writer potentially using the prefix when it has not been declared.
2015-12-06 fix bug in gpx reader when processing unrecognized elements. Any existing prefix on attribute names was erroneously dropped.
2015-11-22 Clean up some remaining traces to googlecode vs. github.
2015-11-22 Improve doc for csv to point more people to unicsv.
2015-11-18 Add a check in unicsv to error if both -t and -r are set or if either are used with -w, the default.
2015-11-16 Add Edge 205 to Horrible Garmin Hack per Ian Dent.
2015-11-12 Add fields option to unicsv reader. Doc + test.
2015-09-21 Hack up GPX writer to prepare for GGZ. optionally split output in gpx writer. Keep a list of files we’ve created so that GGZ writer can turn around and read them.
2015-09-15 Fix error about not ignoring checksums on NMEA GPWPL read.
2015-09-15 Convert GPWPT to use new parsing scheme.
2015-09-15 Improve test coverage of NMEA WPT handling.
2015-09-15 Typo fix in new NMEA work. Thanx, Dmytro Ovdiienko.
2015-09-15 Merge branch 'master' of
2015-09-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
2015-09-14 Checkpoint nmea work.
2015-08-28 try -fPIC instead of -fPIE as required by gcc 5 with qt reduce relocations.
2015-08-16 garmin_gpi: fix proximity alerts for large numbers of isolated waypoints Large waypoint lists are organized into blocks of at most WAYPOINTS_PER_BLOCK (128) POIs in generated GPI files for performance reasons.
2015-08-16 fix error reading lowranceusr4 strings found by test-all gcc undefined behavior sanitizer.
2015-08-08 minor type fix to styles doc.
2015-08-08 fix bug with xcsv format and utm zone character input. enhance xcsv format reader to use unknown altitude if the an altitude input conversion has an error.
2015-07-18 fix memeory leaks in mtk reader.
2015-07-18 Fix decoding of mtk SID-ELE-AZI-SNR data when not all fields are present.
2015-07-08 Kludge ioapi.c for Cygwin.
2015-07-07 include stdio.h in
2015-06-30 Clear buff in csv_writer to that successive lines modifiying buff don't pick up a stale value. From rickrich: gpsbabel -i gpx -f geocache.gpx -o tabsep -F -
2015-06-20 Giovanni Zilli adds slope handling to subrip format.
2015-06-08 Greg Troxel makes testo less dependent on being bash.
2015-06-08 Add a (somewhat lazy) class to handle writing zip files using minizip. More underpinnings for garmin ggz support.
2015-06-03 quiet debug messages in garmin_fit fix.
2015-06-03 ignore array data when reading garmin fit fields.
2015-06-01 Restructure gpx internals to move things from write to init to prepare for ggz.
2015-05-09 fix some undefined behaviors found by -fsanitize=undefined.
2015-04-26 Fix test of set_location and configure_logging in skYtraq.
2015-04-08 fix character set conversion issues with tomtom reader and writer.
2015-04-01 fix custom garmin icons.
2015-03-29 Resist malformed Lowrance USR files.
2015-03-29 Fix theoretical memory leak in tpo. Fix missing va_end in gpsserial (which matters on no modern arch) Fix actual copy/paste bug in ggv_ovl.
2015-03-23 Allow any POSIX shell in testo.
2015-03-22 Adapt to Edge 510's mutation of Garmin Fit to deal with sample provided by James Morris.
2015-03-22 Gleb Smirinoff contributes vertical speed calculation for use with subrip. (There are probably edge cases about tracks with and without valid alt....)
2015-03-20 Don't document -c and -l as they've been dead for a long time.
2015-03-16 Include stdlib.h in
2015-02-16 Move xol to QXMLStreamWriter, event though I'm not at all sure anyone ever actually uses this format...
2015-02-13 Document DPL900 on skytraq page.
2015-02-13 Try to improve handling of 230400kbit/sec in Windows serial system.
2015-02-01 Improve doc for Garmin-specific options in GPX writer.
2015-01-27 Minor doc improvements on our hodgepodge of C89 and Qt. Whitespace changes, mostly trailing whitespace.
2015-01-27 Move rot13() to QString.
2015-01-27 Move global_opts.charset to QString. Tested: clang -fsanitize=address / testo on Mac.
2015-01-25 Don't include strptime when we aren't using it.
2015-01-20 Eliminate use of strptime in cst.
2015-01-18 Move pdbfile to deprecated. Drop uuid.h.
2015-01-13 reset LC_NUMERIC after Qt steps on it. this had resulted in unicsv output using commas as the decimal separator in some locales.
2015-01-05 Don't force user to specificy -t in sbp.
2015-01-02GPSBabel 1.5.2 released. Announcement
2015-01-02 Handle Yosemite version reporting on a Qt that doesn't support Yosemite and speculatively handle whatever's next.
2014-12-30 Ralf Horstmann makes KML reader more robust in light of seriously malformed input.
2014-12-26 Harden nmea reader to unexpectedly long data fields.
2014-12-22 Don't let Google format reader crash on malformed route input.
2014-12-22 OpenBSD's head doesn't support -c. Avoid in testo.
2014-12-22 Ralf Horstmann fixes out of bound read in Google polyline reader.
2014-12-21 fix handling of extra columns in unicsv reader.
2014-12-16 Don't hang on malformed UTF-16 input.
2014-12-14 Ralf Horstmann makes mynav more robust to afl fuzzer.
2014-12-14 Be more precise with buffer size in gbfread of a QString. Misc hyperactive warning cleanups.
2014-12-13 Fix brain-o from last gpx change.
2014-12-01 Ralf Horstmann contributes support for Mynav Map Manager and VDO GP7.
2014-11-24 Fix some whitespace in KML writer where we mocked the old one for fidelity. Fixed reference files where it mattered.
2014-11-18 fix error in kml reader parsing linestrings that don't have altitudes.
2014-10-17 support altitude in mainnav format.
2014-10-11 Finish the sub-second support for unicsv...
2014-09-30 White B. Coot contributes f90g support.
2014-09-29 Matt Hague adds support for OSM way center tags.
2014-09-28 Apply a (somewhat dubious) fix to Humminbird reader from Jim Burchfield for tracks containing exactly 21836 points.
2014-09-28 Doc fix for motoactv.
2014-09-28 Damien Pobel improves metadata handling in GPX 1.1 reader.
2014-09-21 Fix route simplifier to not remove one too many points in edge cases. Fix from Steve.
2014-09-21 piggyback Qt codec on to cet_convert_init. fix encoding in garmin gpi reader and writer using piggybacked global codec. utilized piggybacked global codec in naviguide reader and writer.
2014-09-21 Allow reads of waypoints in GUI from MTK logger.
2014-09-21 Several minor doc fixes for UTM in style definitions.
2014-09-17 Add error checking for flagrantly malformed xcsv files. Tested: ./testo on Mac.
2014-07-20 Make mtk_logger use the system tmp directory (/tmp or the one pointed by TMPDIR or $USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/Temp or whatever) for the file it creates that holds the device's memory.
2014-07-08 also handle default namespace declarations for unknown elements in the gpx reader.
2014-07-07 preserve namespace declarations for unknown elements in the gpx reader. whitespace cleanup of
2014-06-29 Change device discovery to work with 276C in serial mode.
2014-06-10 Zingo Anderson adds support for the Energympro sport watches.
2014-06-10 add support for gx:Track in kml reader.
2014-06-09 Bump OSM version number to 0.6. Since this is apparently a little used format, this is probably the end of the line for our OSM support.
2014-05-17GPSBabel 1.5.1 released. Announcement
2014-05-12 Remove the -c handling from the GUI. This should help the problem that Peter Shepheard stumbled into.
2014-05-11 Kolesár András adds faster Garmin serial download speed option.
2014-05-11 Doc fix. CVS left the station long ago.
2014-05-11 Add options to discard filter to toss points based on regular expressions from name, cmt, desc, or icon. This is something I've wanted to add for years. Kolesár András sketched in an implementation, but I went a different route.
2014-05-11 Add missing doc to P.Garcia's arc filter improvements.
2014-05-11 Fix garmin training center input reference file for schema violations likely caused by bugs in Fit2Tcx.
2014-05-11 fix schema violations in garmin training center writer.
2014-05-10 handle Speed and Watts in garmin training center reader when the TPX element declares a default namespace.
2014-04-28 work around bug with gbfseek that results in premature eof indications on uncompressed input on the windows platform.
2014-04-24 Improvements for DG-200 from Jean-Claude Repetto.
2014-04-12GPSBabel 1.5.0 released. Announcement
2014-04-11 Add support in gpx reader & writer for Garmin DisplayColor element along lines suggested by Lutz
2014-04-10 Improve error for overlapping tracks when packing in track filter.
2014-04-06 Add Mapfactor Navigator with some help from Peder Bredahl Hansen.
2014-04-04 add geoidheight to Waypoint class. support geoidheight in NMEA and GPX reader and writers.
2014-04-02 fix indexing bug in National Geographic TPOreader routes.
2014-03-31 tomtom_itn fix for earlier csv_util change
2014-03-31 Replace excessive macro/pointer cleverness in csv_util with more grown-up programming. This should solve a whole class of data-specific bugs in xcsv. (This was done on a plane and not tested in valgrind, etc. If I anger Jenkins, I'll deal with it.)
2014-03-29 allow units for garmin_gpi with gui on proximity and speed. fix translation errors in garmin_gpi related to speed.
2014-03-25 add support for UrlLink types.
2014-03-24 clean up gpx reader for common wptType processing. this adds support for rtept/link, rtept/type, trkpt/link, trkpt/type.
2014-03-23 correct tag in gpx reader for trkpt vdop.
2014-03-23 delete temporary file for gui preview when done.
2014-03-17 fix check for duplicate qualified names in gpx namespace declarations.
2014-03-15 don't use options from a previous filter when the new filter has no options.
2014-03-15 have the trackfilter merge operation put all waypts in one track segment instead of each waypt in it's own segment.
2014-03-04 Don't add an extension in the file picker if we don't have one.
2014-03-04 Disambiguate two types of Garmin Training Center.
2014-03-03 update coverity model to tune false positives.
2014-03-03 Add a whole raft of libraries to makesetup to make it match the list of frameworks that appear in the Mac image.
2014-03-03 Update coverity model per
2014-03-03 Clean up last night's (post-beta) cleanup of wfff.
2014-03-02 Move wfff and google more into new strings. This is probably about as far as they go until we have Qt 5 and thus Copyright tweaks so I can quit paying netaddress...
2014-03-02 remove binary property from setup.iss. Tweak mac-localize for release.
2014-03-02 Further tweaks for Windows deployment. This was used for the 302 beta.
2014-03-02 Bump version. Attempts to fix deployment issues on Windows.
2014-02-24 Fix executable_path for GPSBabel executable after it's stuffed into the app bundle when distributing Mac dmg.
2014-02-24 Typo fix: Crystal Icons was written by Elverado Coelho, not Alverado.
2014-02-24 Doc tweak for dmtlog suggested by Stephen Ridge.
2014-02-24 Fix leak on fatal error in dbfopen. Coverity is hyper.
2014-02-19 Remove Mac-specific hack that was required for building gui in Qt 4.8.[45] but fixed in 5.2.1.
2014-02-18 Don't write "Generator" meta tags in html output when running test suite.
2014-02-17 More accurately use action roles so buttons are in the right order. Remove graphics from all but Windows. Add help on main page.
2014-02-16 Remove static buffer (that would never be overflowed) in KML geocache writer.
2014-02-16 Refactor jeeps includes so that gpsmath doesn't pull in all the hardware/protocol stuff.
2014-02-15 Promote code page warning to error in Garmin GPI. Add section on this to doc.
2014-02-14 deprecate overlay format. the vectors were taken out in r2070 2006-05-17. the file had 14 commits since then maintaining this dead code!
2014-02-12 Add some automation for Coverity.
2014-02-12 Fixes for a number of minor warnings.
2014-02-12 fix bug with case insensitive compares in gpx and garmin.
2014-02-12 fix potential buffer overrun in
2014-02-12 Make the jeeps code somewhat less weird w.r.t. packet allocation and deallocation, letting the life cycle of the objects take care of zeroing buffers and releasing them. This same stick should be shaken at other code in jeeps... Tested: Reads and writes of waypoints on 60CSX on Mac USB with address sanitizer.
2014-02-11 Minor code hygeine in stmsdf and overlay.
2014-02-10 Fix theoretical overrun in tiger reader.
2014-02-07 fix bug in writing gga sentences with gps quality indicator field.
2014-01-27 A variety of (non-code) changes that teach docbook generation more about Smarty and less about DreamWeaver. Adobe is dead to me.
2014-01-21 use the waypoint ctors/dtors/methods from r4721 directly. this change was mostly done by a script with ed.
2014-01-21 refactor waypoint to move functonality from old functions to ctor/dtor/class methods.
2014-01-13 use copy constructors in waypt_dupe.
2013-12-31 BAM, NEW_STRINGS is now the default. (Now off to deal with the inevitable leaks I just introduced...)
2013-12-30 This is a groady submit. This is where I take all of the things that were tacky or sleazy related to character encoding and basically apply pain killer to them. Most of the tests were clearly made up and were just institutionalizing what we did instead of thinking about what was right. Remove the '-c' flag.
2013-12-30 A further beatdown on binary option handling in the GUI. I think it finally works sensibly now.
2013-12-30 Ignore talker identification in nmea reader.
2013-12-30 Rework the way boolean options are handled in the GUI. They're now emitted only if they're not the default. Rename member variables to use foo_ convention.
2013-12-01 Remove extra -I when building on Mac. No reason to search that directory a zillion times when only one file needs mac/libusb/
2013-12-01 Steve teaches configure/make about Mac Qt 5.2.0s use of frameworks.
2013-11-23 Deprecate Kartex, a program out of business for years and whose only appearance on our mailing list was from the contributor.
2013-11-10 Plow through the remainder of our REALLY_MINIMAL targets with NEW_STRING.
2013-10-22 Commit the (hopefully) non-contentuous NEW_STRING changes. This is the batch that's largely mechanical and for formats, at least mostly passing testo. It's all still disabled by default and much of it is pretty dicey, but this patch has been growing in my tree and I wanted to get it committed. Later, when we take out the NEW_STRING stuff, I'll refactor the stuff around these changes which were often done to preserve fidelity to the original C versions even when there is a better way now.
2013-09-30 A completely mechanical search and replace to swap the first argument for an xml_generic callback with a typdef that can be swapped at compile time. Yes, this is a hint of things to come to reduce future bulky merges.
2013-09-19 Guilhem Bonnefile tweaks (old) Magellan Explorist PMGNCMD,END issues.
2013-09-15 A bulky, but rather brainless pass at treating the important strings in struct waypoint as a class instead of C string. Of course, that struct has one member - a C string - but this starts to hightlight the places that are going to be problem areas for us. With NEW_STRINGS turned on, we basically run, but suffer from a double encoding of non-ascii strings. Every format seems to be affected, so it's probably in CET somewhere. This isn't a QString thing in any obvious way, as the underlying data types are still actually C Strings. From here, additional passes can be made, either turning the individual string pointer conversions off and whacking on a few files at a time or going full money and making String a QString. It does highlight the need for better vararg-style functions like warning, fatal, and our debugging printfs to to know about stream operators.
2013-09-11 Get the gui ready for Qt5 while maintaining support for Qt4.
2013-09-11 Pull out a little more char* from our core infrastructure. Add shims to turn down case_ignore_strmp and case_ignore_strncmp(). Tweak reference files to deal with more correct(?) ordering in edge cases. Start sketching a shim layer for shortname, description, and text, but increasingly I'm of the opinion that our only options are either do it all in one submit (eeek!) or to add additional members of struct waypt that are allocated/copied at waypt_add time so we can then at least separate readers and writers. Instinct tells me the latter will result in harsh punishment as we'll have members that are out of sync and it will be difficult to flush them out. So substantial parts of this CL may get tossed.
2013-09-10 Steve replaces use of deprecated QHttp with QNetworkAccessManager.
2013-09-10 Peter Popovec tweaks gtrnctr to fix sometimes missing lap info on write.
2013-09-08 Dirk Stitchling adds support for Navin/ZNEX miniHomer 2.8 with 10Hz time.
2013-09-06 Move remaining char*'s in xmltag to QStrings. Tweak various callers and copy ctors. vtesto on CentOS 6.4 seems no worse for the wear.
2013-09-06 A very conservative move of xml_tag into a class of its own with headers of its own. Tweak xmalloc/xfree to new/delete. Regenerate deps.
2013-09-03 fix waypoint counting errors in tpo and igc readers. add a filter to check the counts against the lists.
2013-09-02 fix memory leaks in cup, easygps, mapsend, osm, pcx and skyforce exposed by test-all, valgrind and patience.
2013-09-01 fix issue with naviguide reader double counting route waypts.
2013-09-01 fix bug in garmin_txt reader that could result in uninitialised value(s) being used when the input does not contain "Date Modified" data.
2013-09-01 fix iblue styles, writing was causing usage of uninitialised byte(s). fix iblue style prologue to match written fields, text taken from 2010-09-13 email. modify to produce code compatible with our astylerc options.
2013-08-30 Add valgrind leak suppressiosn for Fedora 18 to improve signal:noise. Inspired by I'm not terribly confident these are as tight as can be (and I fear they may be too loose in come cases) but it really helps "interesting" issues pop out over system library loss.
2013-08-30 Fix obscure leak in GPX reader that I introduced. Combo.gpx from humminbird now doesn't lose 80K. Tested: Manual inspection of valgrind --show-leaks on that specific file. Full valgrind on Fedora.
2013-08-25 Gerhard brings MSVC up to speed. Resync Kill mkwintesto Various MSVC weirdness. A change in main to set character encoding that really doesn't make sense to me since he changed only the < Qt5 case and he's on Qt5.
2013-08-25 Another cleanup pass on GPX reader. Eliminate vmem and several redundant QString->C string roundtrips, making them explicit where needed.
2013-08-24 Rename GUI *.cpp to *.cc to match convention in core.
2013-08-19 The reaper comes for little-used and/or pain in the neck formats. See depreecated/README for details.
2013-08-15 compatibility fix for Qt 4.6.
2013-08-13 restore native line endings to kml and gpx writers, as with previous releases.
2013-08-12 subclass QFile to provide error handling and stdio.
2013-08-11 standardize gpx and kml writers using dynamically allocated files and writers.
2013-08-11 Sketch in work in progress of replacing waypoint list with a QList. Totally useless right now.
2013-08-09 fix memory leaks in coto, geoniche, humminbird, xol.
2013-08-07 From Conrad Meyer: - Nuke leftover HAVE_EXPAT garbage in - Use file prefix to attempt to discover HTML encoding - Slurp entire HTML input file as discovered encoding, then pass to QXmlStreamReader as a QString xmlgeneric: - Adds a new function, void xml_readunicode(const QString& str) (does what you'd expect -- feeds QString input into the xml parser and runs it)
2013-08-07 Remove unnecessary initializations in lowranceusr that were making -Wall fuss.
2013-08-07 Completely replace URL handling with a sane, unified (if somewhat boring) class.
2013-08-04 Bring happiness to Humminbird on Linux.
2013-08-04 Conrad Meyer replaces our expat-based XML reader with QtXmlStreamReader. This is known to crash right now, and that will anger Jenkins, but this will only hurt for a little while. (I hope.) The changes are too good to leave unmerged - let's tackle them together.
2013-08-04 Add new humminbird v3 format.
2013-08-02 fix segmentation fault if tpo reads multiple input files.
2013-07-31 Add a -l option to vtesto to run memory leak mode so I don't have to remember the valgrind syntax each time.
2013-07-30 Ignore unknown field in Garmin fit from ForeRunner 110; don't dcheck that it's zero.
2013-07-28 Spiff up xmlgeneric enough to work with wfff, but needs rething on attributes. Teaching callers about qxmlstreamattributes may be "better" than shimming this to QStrings.
2013-07-28 Sketch in extremely crude xmlgeneric reader. Turned off for now.
2013-07-28 gbtypes.h was a good idea in the pre-C99 world (and clearly heavily inspired by it), but it's not needed in C++ times. Search and replace it away.
2013-07-23 Fix track filter to not "randomly" reorder points within a track when sub-second times are in play. Addresses problem reported March 26 2010 (sigh) by Klaus Rheinwald.
2013-07-21 Remove the final (?) vestigest of microseconds as a separate member. Gopal was a stupid bug within gopal itself. creation_time was being written three independent times per line (sigh) and once MS quit being a separate field, it was no longer retained across writes.
2013-07-21 Rethink time interpolation in arcdist in light of better time functions.
2013-07-18 increase precision in cetus speed calculation to minimize test mismatches.
2013-07-18 Don't set time in Ozi if it's not valid.
2013-07-17 Avoid implicit time_t conversion in waypt_add that would result in creation_time being zeroed.
2013-07-17 Let nmea, itracku round time on read. Regnerate reference/track/nmea.gpx.
2013-07-17 Cap excess (fantasy) precision in gtrnctr. Regenerate reference files.
2013-07-17 Don't artificially restrict time precision of ozi reader based on time precision of ozi writer. Fix ozi test reference to cope.
2013-07-16 Use doubles, not floats, internally for html, text, garmin_fit.
2013-07-16 Make maggeo consistent about TZ when reading and writing dates. (This is still grubby code, but it's hardly strategic...)
2013-07-16 Round fractional time when reading XML beyond milliseoconds.
2013-07-16 Cap gtrnctr writer for lat/lon at 7 digits, like Garmin does. Regenerate test files.
2013-07-14 More from Gerhard: * - use struct instead of parallel arrays * MSVC update * shapelib HAVE_CONFIG_H
2013-07-12 From Gerhard:
  • MSVC compiler limit Converted "else if" structure to array with the following perl snippet, so not hand coded
  • QString toAscii() removed in Qt5.1
  • Replaced use of toAscii() with toLatin1() so Qt5.1 can be used with GPSBabel (commandline, GUI not tested) Note that file contains "datum" patch too.
2013-07-12 Remove special handling of MSVC from types.h now that we can rely on a grown-up inttypes.
2013-07-12 Speed GPX writer by 19% by removing implicit time_t conversion in a test that I'm not convinced matters anyway. ('exported' seems really weird.)
2013-07-11 From Gerhard Olsson: Three parts. The second/third part is normally inactive in the code. gtrnctr.c Average Cadence in laps was handled as floats with one decimal but the xml format specifies char. Some programs therefore failed to parse the generated xml CadenceValue_t in jeeps Cadence is invalid if it is 255 in Garmin USB. This is handled for track points but not for lap data. garmin.c (inactive) function read_lap_as_track() was not updated to the new string handling
2013-07-09 Make GPX reader 9% faster just with a better hash.
2013-07-09 Performance improvements in geo reader
2013-07-09 Fix problem in self-closing tags in GPX extensions, such as would be found in geocaches with no travel bugs
2013-07-08 Don't potentitally double-quote icons in KML writer.
2013-07-06 Victory! (?) With this in place, GPX times before 1970 and after 2038 work just fine. Yes, this is a gross hack for OSM that I need to come back to..
2013-07-06 Fix crash on 'gpsbabel -x'
2013-07-06 Round, don't truncate lowrance coords on write
2013-06-17 Move more of times into accessors, more modern times. Many of the remaining explicit accesses to wpt->microseconds aren't actually using it as microseconds at all, but rather as a generic integer. :-(
2013-06-16 A ridiculously large commit as a checkpoint in refactoring the time_t + an int for microseconds into a QDateTime to give us sensible interface to time beyond 1970 and 2032 and, more topically, more unified handling of sub-second time now that 10Hz GPSes aren't uncommon. This gets almost all of the accesses to wpt->creation_time into accessors (with overloads for int/time_t and QDateTime) and eliminates many of the problematic direct accesses to wpt->microseconds.
2013-06-12 Fix crash on empty navilink route name. Route names can be up to 13 chars.
2013-06-10 Remove unicsv test from gtrnctr since it (stupidly) uses local time in a reference file.
2013-06-09 Add, test code for reading speed from Garmin Training Center files as this reportedly contains additional filtering/smoothing over pure great-circle/timestamps as collected by GPS. (Perhaps distance is measured by wheel sensors, for example...)
2013-06-09 Fix Ozi route reader to not treat header as routepoints.
2013-06-09 garmin_gpi: Seek to image offset in case there's additional headers in the bmp, such as those inserted by gimp, etc. Fix warning when compiling with debug.
2013-06-02 Swap fields 3 and 4 in ozi route writer.
2013-06-02 Add configlog option to Skytraq.
2013-04-30 Fix scaler in National Geographic reader. Regenerate reference files.
2013-04-07 fix gcc warnings about non-local variables using anonymous types.
2013-04-02 exif fixes. supply default speed_ref for the reader. report undefined alt_refs in the reader. correctly output the gps tag version tag in the writer. use the correct value for the altitude reference tag in the writer so that negative altitudes are correctly written.
2013-03-24 QXmlStreamWriter was fun. Let's try QXmlStreamReader. Actually, for a simple format like geo, it plays out quite nicely.
2013-03-23 Cleanup most of the no-brainer warnings hocked up by clang.
2013-03-23 Remove hack from GPX writer that over-aggressively quoted apostrophes. Doing that inside a CDATA, for example, is Very Bad. Manually edited the GPS reference files that were affected - all of which were our own data, anyway...
2013-03-22 Replace the old kml writer with one based on QXmlStreamWriter.
2013-03-10 remove some forced formatting in the new gpx writer. this required reference file changes which were manually validated.
2013-03-09 Add a test case for the gpx writer trk/extensions with chains.
2013-03-09 Pencil-whipped the remaining OLDGPX cases and convinced myself we'd delivered parity. Removed fprintf style output totally in favor in Qt XML serializer.
2013-02-21 Turn back on new GPX writer. With this change, it passes for me on Centos 6.3 running in a VM. The new GPX writer isn't actually *done* yet, but it'll get done only by suffering...Pain builds character.
2013-02-17 Start scratching in new GPX writer, turned off right now. Problems remain in output encoding and some of the darker corners (GPX 1.1, preserving unknown trails, weird header munging, etc.) aren't implemented yet.
2013-02-11 Tested: Move icon_descr to a reference-counted QString, freeing us from the horror of the 'is_dynamic? xfree()' mess and the issues in waypt_dupe. The code is better in some ways, but suffers now while there are still a lot of const char*/QString edges, but there's only so much you can do in one commit and still keep the tree running. Builds Mac and Mingw-cross. valgrind runs on Ubuntu. (and caught a few errors as I introduced them.)
2013-02-10 Beging the long, hard road of moving core structures from char * to QString. Mostly, this just compartmentalizes the pain of character set conversions in while letting them accpet QStrings.
2013-02-09 Provide overloaded helpers to gbfile to make it more forgiving of QString arguments. Minor warning cleanups.
2013-02-05 Add workaround for MacPorts' mutant build/install of Qt frameworks.
2013-01-27 Guilhem Bonnefille contributes support for the Google Direction API.
2013-01-27 Add the datetime class, a shim between our time_t stuff and QDateTime.
2013-01-27 Turn on the first real use of Qt, replacing the creation_time in our waypoints with a QDateTime which will (eventually) give us coherent times before 1970 and with decent sub-secont support. This patch itself doesn't really give us that, but it lays important steps. Right now, it's conditionally compiled under NEWTIME, but I don't expect that to last very long. We'll move to *requiring* Qt very quickly; this is a prop for ease of development right now.
2013-01-27 Remove dead macgpsbabel tree.
2013-01-26 Mechanical changes in date handling that made it harm to shim a class "merely" overloading operators from time_t into a real class into place.
2013-01-26 More changes to support a time object. I've not gone whole hog on this; it's still pretty cowardly. The time class is still fundamentally a time_t (sigh) and shimmed to a subclass of QDateTime under conditional compilation. I'll be pulling out those props soon.
2013-01-26 More groundwork for class-typed time primitives in waypoint. Better types for vecs lookup functions.
2013-01-26 Make waypt_dupe act more like a copy constructor.
2013-01-21 Begin (very conservatively) moving some of our key data structures to classes. For now, there is overlap between ctors and our various users of these objects (which, in many cases, promptly get our carefully initialized objects and overwrite them...) , but let's start here.
2013-01-15 Fix mainnav test dependence on local time zone.
2013-01-13 Improve accuracy of height filter. Provide a script to regenerate geoid grid points for use by Height Filter
2013-01-13 Start the C->C++ migration. Rename all interesting .c files to .cc. Tweak build system to cope with this. Some minor warning cleanups (mostly string constant chatter) but mtk_locus was the only source file that got any non-trivial edit in this process. (How? Because I've been chipping at the "C as C++" block for a long time and regularly compiling as both.) All tests that passed before still pass.
2013-01-13 Let V900 silently process 'G' tags as 'T' records when losing a DGPS fix.
2013-01-13 Remove old Windows GUIs.
2013-01-03 fix google format for multi-segmented routes. add a test multi-segmented test case.
2012-12-28 Restore/Add support for building some make targets when builddir != srcdir. Supported targets include the default, check, torture, clean and more-clean.
2012-12-20 add support for mainnav mg-950d.
2012-12-12 Naviguide: Fix handling of negative ICS eastings and northings.
2012-12-11 Lowrance: fix memory corruption on read of empty route description.
2012-12-10 Quovadis: don't crash on bad input.
2012-12-10 Geoniche: Don't crash on empty input file.
2012-12-10 Engima improvements.
2012-12-09 Fix possible crash when writing Engima files.
2012-12-09 Steve fixes TRACK_NEW in xcsv.
2012-12-09 When writing GPX and forcing unique names, handle waypoints, tracks, and routes as different namespaces. This is the result of the problem reported by R Tange. Thanx, Steve.
2012-12-09 Steve makes torture, Test-all improvements. Let coastal explorer be more forgiving about empty routes.
2012-12-09 Make teletype format capabilities match reality.
2012-12-08 Track Filter: don't rename track if we don't have a source track name. Style improvements on generating that new segment.
2012-12-08 Make pocketfms reader more robust on a waypoint name with a space in it and make the writer not include a space.
2012-12-08 Lowrance usr4: don't try to compute date on invalid input.
2012-12-06 Regenerate umsonstdraussen.gpx to reflect our enhanced Garmin GPI reader.
2012-12-05 Steven adds color rotate option to KML writer.
2012-11-26 Jeremy Mortis adds support for MTK Locus class of receivers.
2012-11-18 Mathias Adam improves handling of GPS leap seconds in Skytraq.
2012-11-18 Enhance Garmin_gpi reader to handle files from Fix Const-ipation warnings.
2012-11-18 Regenerate tokens. Update README.contrib to more modern times.
2012-11-17 Don't use shell redirection to capture gperf output.
2012-09-03 GPSBabel 1.4.4 released. Announcement
2012-08-26 Mac GUI build tweaks,Lion/Mountain Lion support for upgrade check.
2012-08-26 Warning cleanups for 64-bit systems. Drop older Macs that we can't support anyway. Lion and 64-bit is now our floor.
2012-08-24 Add doc for new Motoactv format. Tweak gtrnctr doc to reflect new changes.
2012-08-23 Dan Brown adds MotoActv support, several XCSV formats.
2012-08-21 Tweak EXIF reader to allow reads below sea level.
2012-08-21 Sleazy fixes to Skytraq to fix test suite failures.
2012-08-14 Fix hyperactive clang warning in trackfilter.
2012-07-18 Fix MSVC warnings for unreached code, C99/C++ inline decls.
2012-07-15 Allow reading known invalid (sigh) data in NMEA.
2012-06-27 Fix hardcoded GPS time->UTC offset in Skytraq.
2012-05-21 Add Sony back to NMEA doc.
2012-05-15 Sedate noisy tracfilter-discard test.
2012-05-14 Nils enhances garmin_fit support to read latest Edge 800 firmware files.
2012-05-14 Add test cases for latest Garmin 800 fit devices.
2012-05-14 tsteven fixes a horrible hack of mine in kml.c. Replace invalid low-order characters in XML with whitespace in all XML files, including KML. Revert hack in kml.c Fix LineStyles test files which come from TPO3.
2012-05-14 Actually read Mathias' advice and retain sign in time extension.
2012-05-14 Add Mathhias' test cases for skytraq.
2012-05-14 Fix problem in skytraq on 64-bit systems when in any hemisphere with negative coordinates.
2012-05-14 Preserve track segement boundaries when reversing a track.
2012-05-14 Add Tom Paton's change to discard points without timestamps in the track filter. There's the minor detail that it breaks testo. We'll work on that.
2012-05-02 Fixes for new version of Garmin Fit files.
2012-04-27 Fix subrip input sample gpx so it's valid.
2012-04-05 Steve adds line styling to TPO3 reader. Hacked KML writer to discard control characters in a description.
2012-03-30 Add forgotten lowranceuser4 test.
2012-03-29 Finish TPO3 style reader integration. Thanx, Steve!
2012-03-29 Steve from Climber adds line style handling in TPO3.
2012-03-29 Minor cleanups in tpo.
2012-03-28 Kris Beevers contributes Lowrance USR v4 support.
2012-03-25 Improved German translation fromn Erik.
2012-03-04 Add tool to fix SVN properties on non-executable files.
2012-03-04 More svn mode fixes.
2012-03-04 Quit trying to outsmart the shell in the Makefile and let mkdir -p do its thing.
2012-03-04 Steven fixes a bunch of typos in the doc.
2012-03-04 Improve German translations. Thank you, Erik Krause.
2012-03-04 Fix translation of system dialogs.
2012-03-04 Improve reading of broken NMEA.
2012-02-24 Improve wording of Garmin USB exclusive use warning.
2012-01-29 Fix exec perms in source.
2012-01-29 Remove executable bit from *.[ch], reference/*.txt
2012-01-28 Debugging tweak to skytraq.
2012-01-28 Prep for final 1.4.3
2012-01-22 Minor doc tweaks for 1.4.3. Add dg-200.
2012-01-22 Improve DI/Start Time calculations in Garmin Training Center format.
2012-01-21 Nicolas Boullis adds support for GlobalSat DG-200 .
2012-01-21 Add read support for coursepoints to Garmin Training Center format.
2012-01-16 Actually add HAVE_SDK so that it'll get used when it's built for delbin.
2012-01-14 Regenerate .ts for beta.
2012-01-14 Bump version numbers for beta.
2012-01-14 Commit rest of GDB change after failing test suite would choke.
2012-01-14 GPSBabel 1.4.3-beta20120114 released. Announcement.
2012-01-14 Fix GDB write. Failure was caused by change from CVS to SVN which changed $Date. Yikes!
2012-01-03 Fix leak in new arcdist code.
2011-12-15 Skytraq: treat READ_END as an array, not a string.
2011-12-11 More groundwork for future PQ changes.
2011-12-11 Get Skytraq working again after I hosed it.
2011-12-11 Improve doc for bitmap option to garmin_gpi.
2011-12-11 Let geocache encoding type in GPX be case insensitive.
2011-12-11 Touch xcsv_tokens.gperf, too, on release.
2011-11-29 Don't force match on space in KML coordinate read. Windows takes the match on the space too literally and fails to update "consumed" if we're at the end of line so it sails past the end of the buffer. Sadness ensues.
2011-11-29 Fix HAVE_LIBEXPAT test in autoconf for cross dev case.
2011-11-20 Add configure-time check for Windows DDK for delbin. Improve expat guessing.
2011-11-20 Use snippet instead of Snippet in KML writer. for OGC 2.2 compliance.
2011-11-19 Fernando Arbeiza contributes new "bend" filter, for adding turn points before and after a route vertex.
2011-11-19 Ensure that configure in generated tarball is always newer than
2011-11-15 Try to better detect GPX 1.0/1.1 for write. Don't write bogus <meta> entries for GPX 1.1.
2011-11-14 Tweak copyrights in skeletons.
2011-11-14 Andrew Brooks adds multi-byte handling to Memory Map MMO format.
2011-11-13 Try to catch up with latest Garmin model numbers.
2010-11-12 GPSBabel 1.4.3-beta20111112 released. Announcement.
2011-11-12 Implement a new geocache writer for Google Earth. I've been sitting on this for over a year. Earth 5.2 is largely forgotten now and 6.1 renders this javascript just fine. Use JQuery tabs to tab display more info in the balloon. Only pop labels on a hover state. Reduce size of icons. Generally make KML better for geocaches.
2011-11-12 Prep tweaks for future Groundspeak pocket query changes.
2011-11-12 Fix minor mem leaks in garmin_gpi, bushnell, bushnell_trl, Delorme PN-20, PN-30, PN-40, PN-60 GPS (delgpl).
2011-10-30 Pat Garcia contributes arc filter options to allow moving points to the closest segment.
2011-10-30 Don't blow out whitespace in GPX writer on unknown tags.
2011-10-30 Tony Vel adds iblue757 GPS support.
2011-10-19 Add gpsbabel.desktop for Linux.
2011-10-02 Update translations.
2011-10-02 Use /translations for Mac and Windows.
2011-10-02 More internationalization changes for Windows.
2011-10-02 Add support for Holux M-1200E GPS.
2011-09-05 Many installer tweaks for Windows.
2011-09-05 Fix the Windows translation bug.
2011-09-04 Completely change the way language handling works in the GUI.
2011-09-03 Don't crash on malformed GPX files; attr isn't optional on href.
2011-08-11 Add a thin shim around QDateTime to make it more compatible with our C-inspired usage for creation_time.
2011-07-26 Paul Brook contributes Garmin FIT support.
2011-07-25 Whew. Work through the last of the changes. The entire project builds AND runs the test suite on Mac when built with either configure/make as C or via Qmake/make as C++. Now we can start fretting about things like using QTime to replace time_t and how we're going to distribute Mae command line builds...
2011-07-25 More of the bulky C++ pedantry worked through without actually taking advantage of C++ yet.
2011-07-24 A bulky, but relatively brute force, attempt to make an interesting part of the code base legal C and C++ at the same time. This means that things are quite non-C++ right now, but you can only fight battles on so many fronts...
2011-07-24 Grand style "fix" courtesy of astyle. Everything (whitespace, tabs, curlies) is now internally consistent.
2011-07-24 Fix navicache test reference from r4071.
2011-07-21 Improve navicache smartnames.
2011-06-29 Suppress warning on GCC 4.2 when building 32 bit mode.
2011-06-25 Fix bug in Google Earth/KML writer for min/max alts.
2011-06-07 Rick adds better URL handling, adds placer to Navicache.
2011-06-01 Actually use lat AND lon (blush) when computing distance in track filter. Use sensible thresholds.
2011-06-01 Actually test our KML writer, not the reference files.
2011-05-31 Move document Lookat from bottom in Google Earth KML. Thiw was blessed by Google long ago, but it's technically incorrect, so we fixed it.
2011-05-31 Add automated test for KML validation. Make validation errors fatal in KML.
2011-04-13 Add missing files to GPSBabel.vcproj
2011-03-06 Don't output geocaching data in .loc if we don't have geocaching data.
2011-03-06 Add pre-generated land_air_sea module.
2011-03-06 Add explorist_ini to build.
2011-03-06 Overhaul new Explorist code to work with the released firmware for Magellan Explorist GC GPS . UNIX only for now. That'll teach me to trust pre-releases. Grrr.
2011-03-06 Add device transparency for Magellan Explorist x10 models.
2011-02-21 Improve handling of bogus NMEA.
2011-02-20 Fix description for nuke routes in delbin.
2011-02-14 Tyler Ritchie contributes Land Air Sea format for GPS Tracking Key Pro. (Doc just roughed in for now.)
2011-01-08 Rick Richardson adds read/write support for enhanced loc format from Groundspeak that adds diff, terrain, and container..
2011-01-06 Add read support to garmin_gpi for tag type 2.
2010-11-10 Josef Reisinger adds the Minihomer variant of Skytraq.
2010-10-31 Modify internal data structures in GUI when input or output filenames are manually edited.
2010-10-31 In the GUI, ensure that all binary options appear on the command. This is especially useful in KML where we have many options that default to true and previously had no way to turn them off.
2010-10-31 Michael Cooper adds FlySight GPS support.
2010-10-29 Add aviation units to KML writer.
2010-10-28 KML: Don't trigger to miles on altitude for large values of feet.
2010-10-22 Make KML output more compliant by rearranging schema element.
2010-10-18 Fix double output points in KML LineString writer.
2010-10-18 Fix min/max alt computations in KML writer.
2010-10-11 Correct order of Icon, Label, Line styles in KML writer.
2010-10-10 GPSBabel 1.4.2 released. Announcement.
2010-10-10 Improvements to iblue747 format.
2010-10-05 Fix swapped lat/lon in KML read.
2010-09-26 GPilotS. Fix capabilities to show we do tracks, minor tweaks from spring.
2010-09-21 Alex York enhances MMO to handle European Edition, Version 5.4.2.
2010-09-19 Document the UTM XCSV handlers.
2010-09-19 Document erase_t for Garmin.
2010-09-01 Make KML writer not write fictional precision and honor 2D form of position.Regenerate data files. Added tools/rebuild to automate that.
2010-09-01 Fix drag-n-drop into main window. Now supports multiple files on drop.
2010-08-29 Fix crash in subrip on start of file.
2010-08-27 Various warning fixes and one code gen problem to successfully build with clang.
2010-08-26 Support nautical miles in KML.
2010-08-23 Use osm as extension for OpenStreetMap.
2010-08-23 Allow extended notes for Delorme PN-60.
2010-08-22 Add erase_t option to garmin to erase existsing courses when writing new ones.
2010-08-16 Tweak vecs for mtk_logger to show it can read waypoints.
2010-08-16 Allow altitude to be optional an KML reads.
2010-07-26 Tweak OSM node to output 7 decimal places.
2010-07-19 Use explicit ascii version of movefile for build envs that default to windowsbloaty strings.
2010-07-19 Better fix for KML entity escaping.
2010-07-16 Parse track name out of header for Ozi Explorer plt files.
2010-07-14 Use explictly ANSI version of GetLogicalDriveStrings and CreateFile on Windows.
2010-06-28 Fix bogus CDATA encoding of description in KML tags.
2010-06-27 GPSBabel 1.4.1 released. Announcement.
2010-06-27 Translation fixes for German, Russian. Fix translations for buttons, system menus on Mac. Fix menus when switching fom non-English to English.
2010-06-27 Link to web site from menu options.
2010-06-27 Layout fix in preferences dialog.
2010-06-27 Fix update version check.
2010-06-24 Tweak regex in mkstyle for Solaris.
2010-06-23 IGO8: Use the number of points in the file instead of EOF to to trigger loop rcompletion.
2010-06-21 Loosen test for broken FR305 packets.
2010-06-19 GPSBabel 1.4.0 released. Announcement.
2010-06-19 Work around corruped Garmin Forerunner 305 packets.
2010-06-19 Negative time points are always out of bound in track filter.
2010-06-19 Add dialog for mismatched GPSBabel versions, nagware dialog, Mac UI fixes.
2010-06-18 Eriks Zelenka contributes Garmin XT format.
2010-06-16 Trim read strings in EXIF reader as Panasonic DMC-TZ10 trails spaces.
2010-06-16 Automate generation of translation files.
2010-06-16 Add subrip format, courtesy of Michael von Glasow.

Changes from Google for Earth 5.2. Changes to build with alternate build systems.cet_util.h: Likewise.defs.h: Changes for alternate build systems. Merge from trunk for trkseg support. Add global_traits. Add Bump version number to -beta20090708b.configure: Regenerated.gbversion.h: Regenerated.exif.c: Changes for alternate build system.gbfile.h: Likewisegbsleep.c: Likewisevecs.c: Move track to minimal filters.garmin.c: Merge from trunk for trkseg support.gbser_win.c: Explictly use CreateFileA.gpx.c: Merge from trunk for trkseg support.gtrnctr.c: Add support for powerkml.c: many new features for Earth 5.2: trkseg in LineString tracks, Power, extended data, gx:Track, geocaching updatestesto: update with new KML test cases.trackfilter.c: Add "segment" option.queue.h: Merge from trunk for trkseg.waypt.c: Add traits handling.

2010-06-07 Updated italian from Michele Locati.
2010-06-07 Refresh Spanish translation from Augustin Diez Castillo.
2010-06-05 Add 'faketime' option to track filter with test cases and doc.
2010-06-03 Add Russian translation from Denis Rykov. Minor tweaks to German and French trnslations.Commit *.qm files.
2010-06-01 Handle 800003 records like 3 recs in garmin_gpi for Anton Reynecke's test files
2010-05-31 Better warnings on shape reader from unknown geometries.
2010-05-31 Add new date handling to compegps reader for 'W' records.
2010-05-19 Updated German translation from Claudius Henrichs
2010-05-16 Delete registry on de-installation on Windows
2010-05-05 Signed/unsigned fixes for s/390, armel.
2010-05-05 Include description in KML.
2010-05-04 Don't call xcsv setup when we're not dealing with an xcsv file. Fixes case of -i csv-something -f non-xcsv-something file1 file2 case.
2010-04-29 Improve send of multiple tracks to Delorme PN20, PN30, PN40.
2010-04-28 Martin Buck adds track->trk segment conversion filter option to track filter.
2010-04-28 From Martin.
2010-04-28 Add track segment support to delbin.
2010-04-26 Write Gopal headers as GMT.
2010-04-24 From Warren Toomey: make more fields in NMEA optional on read.
2010-04-14 Add trkseg support to Garmin track reader.
2010-04-13 Add core support for track segment. Read and write in GPX.
2010-04-11 Special case 'Geocache Found' icon for Delbin.
2010-04-11 Integerize heart rate in gtrnctr.
2010-04-11 Improved error logging on upgrade failure.
2010-04-11 Improve error messages in trackfilter for bad data. Try to provide some context.
2010-04-11 Improve error message in GDB header mismatch.
2010-04-11 Enable drag & drop of files into main window.Smarter handling of formats with unknown extensions.Allow user to edit filenames in the main dialog instead of just using the file picker.
2010-04-11 Commit the UTM handlers for style that I implemented in November.
2010-04-11 Allow notification of betas to be independent of notifications of release upgrades.
2010-04-09 Don't make an empty track a the start of each track download from Garmin. Don't add extraneous segment markers in the header.
2010-04-05 Handle more date types in Pathaway.
2010-04-05 Add hard error for Lowrance USR V3 files.
2010-04-04 Improve support for GR-245 in Holux M241 module.
2010-04-04 Finish converting tracks to courses on Garmin fitness upload.
2010-04-04 Don't abort on malformed v900 records. Fix -D on 64-bit systems, too.
2010-04-04 Add TomTom Places format.
2010-04-02 garmin_gpi: don't fuss about tag 13.
2010-03-30 Paul Cornett adds new symbols from PN-40 2.7 firmware to delbin.
2010-03-29 Add elemin and elemax options to discard filter.
2010-03-25 Martin Buck delivers "track" upload for Garmin fitness devices.
2010-03-23 Add support for Garmin GPS 72H
2010-03-13 Whack extension from Bushenell waypoints if given.
2010-03-13 Only whack "extension" from pathname, not dirname, in Bushnell.
2010-03-06 Martin Buck adds track/course upload for Garmin fitness.
2010-02-28 Let the bool options be set in the GUI if they're set in the "raw" GPSBabel.
2010-02-28 Add waypoint read support for Wintec Tes.
2010-02-27 Fix for alerts in Garmin GPI.
2010-02-27 Add check to GDB for unreasonable internal values from beta Mapsource from '06.
2010-02-21 Fix reading of day in wintec_tes.
2010-02-20 Write description in waypoints in KML writer.
2010-02-20 Compegps fixes.
2010-02-15 Martin Buck adds support for packet IDs and sizes > 255.
2010-02-15 Bump version number for beta.
2010-02-14 Add new preferences dialog to GUI.
2010-02-13 Add USB serial, BT to Linux device options in GUI until we can do it right.
2010-02-12 VPL 900 improvements. Decode HDOP and VDOP.
2010-02-09 Luis Llorente Campo reports that Ozi spells Europe 1950 mean as "Europea 1950 (Spain and Portugal). Add alias.
2010-02-02 Support v1.3 of Sirf Binary Protocol (sbn) files.
2010-01-25 Better comments, internal representation of Bushnell Onix format.
2010-01-24 Allow character set override when sending to Garmins.
2010-01-20 When writing Garmin routes, set class to map type instead of user so that duplicate waypoints aren't created.
2010-01-20 Make use of config.h files optional to allow third party build tools.
2010-01-20 Add wintec_tes format for Wintec WBT-202 GPS mass storage files.
2010-01-18 Let extra characters into waypoint names in Bushnell. Verified on Onix 200CR.
2010-01-17 When writing bushnell_trl files, use output filename.
2010-01-17 Show upgrade testing mode in 'about' dialog.Tweak (some, not all) copyright notices per discussion with Khai Mong.Misc warning cleanups.
2010-01-16 Version bump for beta.
2010-01-11 Add Japanese Venture HC to workaround list.
2010-01-09 In Gtrnctr, write integer heartrates only.
2010-01-09 Document support for GlobalSat BT-338X.
2010-01-05 Turn universal builds back on for Mac.
2009-12-24 Write heartrate and cadence in Garmin GPX extenstions.
2009-12-24 Include additional precision in unicsv outputs.
2009-12-24 Improve detection of newer Holux GR241 firmware.
2009-12-20 Added Bushnell (Onix 400) wayoint reader and writer and track reader.
2009-11-30 Improve Garmin PVT speed reporting when realtime tracking.
2009-11-23 Christian Bühler adds binary Nokia LMX support.
2009-11-23 Add read support for Gopal 4.8, 5.0 extended date fields.
2009-11-20 Lowrance USR: strip bogus 0x1 characters for accented placemark names.
2009-11-20 Add NET_TIME to csv style handling for handling MS .net times.
2009-11-18 Delbin: Report internal error.
2009-11-18 Add serial port detection to Windows GUI. No more guessing which random COM port Windows assigned to your USB or Bluetooth device.
2009-11-02 Server-side help.Improve track split.Implement 'nuke types' in misc filters.
2009-11-02 Include CF for Mac so set can build on Snow Leopard with 4.6
2009-10-25 Better reccognition of unknown alt in lowranceusr.
2009-10-14 Document DG100's erase_only flag.
2009-10-13 Only do 'smart icons' in when -Si is present.
2009-10-12 Add spiffy new color artwork. Thanx, Seth!
2009-10-11 Added read-only support for Jogmap files.
2009-10-11 Add teletype format.
2009-10-10 Use description instead of shortnmae when -Sn.
2009-10-10 More skytraq changes from Mathias.
2009-10-03 Bump versions for another beta.
2009-10-02 Work around Garmin Legend H bugs for Mac and Linux.
2009-09-29 Mathias adds dump-file, first-sector, last-sector,read-at-once options to Skytraq.
2009-09-27 Quote LMX url output. Minor doc and leak fixes.
2009-09-15 GUI: update translations, fix extensions on formats that include parens in the names, ensure extensions are present in output.
2009-09-14 Report CPU type when we have it. (So I can figure out if we're wasting ourtime with Universal binaries on Mac...)
2009-09-14 Add option gcsym to delbin.
2009-09-14 Add 'targetlocation' option to skytraq.
2009-09-14 1. changed to put a version/time on just like the other platforms. 2. to remove references to makeextras.mak which was just an experimental thing. 3. data field enable/disable management for split distance. 4. cover script for linux "gpsbabelfe" rewritten from scratch. Old one from googleearth had problems and useless stuff anyway. It wouldn't work with multiple link and blank spaces within directory, and its PATH search was totall unnecessary for Linux. 5. help.cpp tidied up. 6. track title entry field widened in the UI.
2009-09-08 Help invocation per page, uses desktop browser for help. Fix German translation on Windows. Warn for no valid options.
2009-09-08 Display 2 digit for month and day in delbin logs.
2009-09-08 Add container sizes for unknown, virtual, other to Delorme PN 40, 30, 20.
2009-09-07 Let 'about' version track main GPSBabel version.
2009-09-07 Don't ship -w -t -r unless both input and output can handle them.
2009-09-07 Change Windows GUI version number scheme to match our downloader.
2009-09-07 Add support for Holux GR245 waypoints.
2009-09-06 Setup tweak to include license.
2009-09-06 Bump version number for public beta.
2009-09-06 Add tool to configure tree for building in Windows/Cygwin.
2009-09-05 Make setup.iss a generated script so that it can automatically get the version number.
2009-09-05 Delbin: fix tyop in 'down right' and change tombstone->cemetery.
2009-09-04 Improve German translation. Add (still needs integration).Drop some dead files.
2009-09-03 Delbin: Warn when delorme waypoint count is *known* to exceed capacity.
2009-09-02 Several GUI changes from Khai. Improve translations, build fixes, etc.
2009-09-02 Improved Spanish translations.
2009-09-02 Fetch download URLs from server.
2009-09-02 Add more models to skytraq doc.
2009-08-28 Remove nonsensical combinations of hardware choices from pull-downs.
2009-08-28 Fix upgrade check.
2009-08-28 Bump version for 822 beta.
2009-08-12 Enhancements to Garmin GPI.
2009-08-11 Write description in Coastal Explorer.
2009-08-10 Parse heartrate and cadence from Garmin's GPX extensions, such as from Colorado and Oregon.
2009-08-10 Improve doc for garmin_gpi bitmap option.
2009-08-08 Delorme PN-20, PN-30, PN-40 reliability improvements. Add nukerte, nuketrk, nukewpt, and hint_at_and.
2009-08-08 Several changes to upgrade process on both server and client side. Include "details..." dialog so a user can get a preview of the needed upgrade and pop open a desktop browser so they can actually do the download.
2009-08-08 Bump version for another beta.
2009-08-06 Several improvements to Garmin GPI reader.
2009-08-06 Read and write fix information in delgpl format.
2009-08-06 MTK improvements. Improve Holux GR245 detection, better handling for abrupt device power-down, adds erase_only option.
2009-08-06 Bump version # for beta release.
2009-08-05 Add serial port detection for Mac in GUI.
2009-08-03 Tweak Earth 5's realtime KML to include end of time window.
2009-08-03 More roughing in of auto-update. It's not very functional right now; server and client sides are not very attuned to each other...
2009-07-31 Khai and I iterate on upgrade process, he tweaks track filters, others, I do some general cleanup.
2009-07-29 Better defend TomTom module against bogus input.
2009-07-26 V900: Improve support for voice waypoints, add links to files.
2009-07-26 Add Ozi alias for GDA94
2009-07-23 Delbin: don't rely on navigation messages for timeouts.
2009-07-22 Khai moves main window to QMainWindow from QDialog. Looks *way* better on Mac.
2009-07-22 Add Mega event icon, Whereigo cache type to GPX and KML.
2009-07-21 track_recompute: don't recompute speed if we already have it.
2009-07-19 Add Makefile targets to make it easy to build Mac DMG with GUI.
2009-07-18 VPL: use WAYPT_SET.
2009-07-18 Promote gbser debugging notes to warnings on open errors.
2009-07-18 Chris Tracy adds support for Honda/Acura VP Logs as vpl format.
2009-07-18 Add Ricoh 500SE support. Add TRACK_NEW to XCSV.
2009-07-08 Move Wintec to minimal configuration.
2009-07-07 KML track styling improvment from Google.
2009-07-05 Mathias Adam contributes Skytraq Venus GPS support.
2009-07-05 Khai Mong contributes new cross-platform GUI in Qt4.
2009-07-05 Delgpl: Toss bogus points in reader to improve compatibility w/ SA 2007 and SA2009.
2009-07-02 Add checks for invalid formats given to -i I -o O inputfile outputfile form of command line.
2009-06-28 Try to preserve Ozi icon data in waypoints.
2009-06-28 Tobas Kretschmar contirbutes Enigma support, PocketFMS waypoints.
2009-06-26 Add ascii conversions for unicode em and em dash, single left and right quote.
2009-06-23 Paul Cornett adds delbin protocol to support Delorme PN-20, PN-30, PN-40.
2009-06-22 GDB: Allow read of BaseCamp files, too.
2009-06-22 Add depth support to Garmin proprietary data that's tracked in GPX.
2009-06-22 Add 'erase_only' option to dg-100.
2009-06-16 V900: read points other than trackpoints as waypoints.
2009-06-16 Many MTK and MTK-bin enhancements:
2009-06-16 Amit Gil adds support for Israeli Transverse Mercator/New Israeli Grid for Naviguide.
2009-05-08 Better support newer Garmin Legend Hc.
2009-05-05 Per Borgentun adds support for Holux GPSport 245 (a.k.a. GR-245).
2009-05-05 Let the track filter set the number of sats when the 'fix' option is used.
2009-04-25 Erez Zuler adds support for Naviguide.
2009-04-25 Add support for Sony GPS-CS3KA files to NMEA reader.
2009-04-20 Don't loop endlessly on malformed tpo3 file.
2009-04-18 Tal Benavidor contributes support for Columbus/Visiontac v900.
2009-04-05 Special case Garmin StreetPilot i3
2009-04-05 Explictly call usb_set_configuration() on Mac, as we did < 1.3.6, to improve reliability of USB xfers on select Garmins.
2009-04-05 Add Wintec WBT-1000 support.
2009-03-08 Tobias Kretschmar adds support for PocketFMS breadcrumbs and PocketFMS flightplan file formats.
2009-02-21 Rework Garmin transparency device matching to work with more devices. From Google.
2009-02-11 Garmin: strip bad characters in D201 (route) send. Whitespace fixes in src.
2009-02-11 Fix gtrnctr read of laps.
2009-02-11 Fix for reading track name in XCSV.
2009-02-04 Bring in the KML writer from Google Earth 5.0. Set the extents of the time sliders automatically.
2008-12-08 Read ambient temperature from Garmin extensions in GPX.
2008-11-22 Globalsat: flush receive on startup to make BT-335 more reliable.
2008-11-19 gbfile: Fix memory corruption.
2008-11-18 Rodney Lorrimar adds support for SBN as used by the Locosys GT-31/BGT-31.
2008-11-18 Andreas Grimme contributes support for the XAiOX iTrackU GPS logger and associated binary iTrackU log files.
2008-10-30 GPSBabel 1.3.6 released.
2008-10-30 Add new format skyforce.
2008-10-29 Support deficon on write of track and routepoints in KML.
2008-10-27 Add simple swap data filter.
2008-10-19 Allow Wintec to retry read errors. Fix support for buffer wrap-around inoverflow case.
2008-10-19 Add italian translation for GUI-2. Thanx to Michele Locati.
2008-10-18 Add support for SBP format for Navilink units.
2008-10-18 Add support for Memory-Map Navigator Overlay files (.mmo).
2008-10-14 Rodney Lorrimar improves Navilink. Serializes nuking and transferring. Improves errors. Improves BGT-31 support.
2008-10-07 Fix sign extension error in TPO that'd show up as a negative malloc if we had > 32,767 track points.
2008-09-22 tomtom: Because of many requests change default character set to MS-ANSI.
2008-09-21 Work around Garmin Venture HC, errr, inconsistencies on non-Windows OSes. See code for detailed comments.
2008-09-21 Add support for Jelbert GeoTagger data files (.jtr).
2008-09-20 Add read support to maggeo format.
2008-09-18 Flush NMEA output as we write it in tracking mode.
2008-09-17 Let route reversal reverse tracks, too.
2008-09-16 Toss flagrantly bogus (north pole, fix == none) points from MTK reader.
2008-09-12 Preserve names on track<->route conversions in transform filter.
2008-09-12 Don Traber update Garmin Training Center to add read. Writes V2 format now.
2008-09-11 Add page listing all options.
2008-09-08 Implement usb/filesystem transparency on Garmin. Read or write "usb:" ona Colorado or Zumo and the right thing will happen.
2008-09-05 igo2008_poi: New style to support iGO2008 points of interest (unicode text).
2008-09-05 ggv_ovl: Add support for 'Geogrid viewer ascii overlay files.
2008-09-05 gbfile: Add support for reading UNICODE text files (using gbfgetstr).
2008-09-04 unicsv: Checkin version prepared for Geocaching data. Reader now able to read unicode text files.
2008-09-03 navitel: Add support for Navitel binary tracks (.bin).
2008-09-03 humminbird: Use also 'mkshort' for tracknames.
2008-09-03 destinator: Be more liberal with sat and fix values.
2008-09-02 NMEA: Ignore GGAs that don't have the fix field filled out at all.
2008-09-02 Doc Humminbird_ht, add GPX extensions. Document units default in KML.
2008-09-02 Add depth to KML writer.
2008-08-31 Special case Rhino 530
2008-08-25 gpx: Force to version 1.1 when option 'humminbirdextensions' is enabled.
2008-08-25 gpx: Add extensions for humminbird (depth). Can be activated with new option 'humminbirdextensions'.
2008-08-24 unicsv: Rename function for swiss grid conversion. Remove additional seperator when using swiss grid
2008-08-21 Add support for Google Navigator tracklines (.trl) - "gnav_trl".
2008-08-17 gdb/garmin_tables: Add basic code for new color concept.
2008-08-17 Generate internal links to our options in the doc.
2008-08-16 NMEA: Fix obscure mem leak on AMOD waypoints. As a bonus, created points now have speed, fix data in them when there's sufficient prior context in the file.
2008-08-16 Add concept of track line colors. Currently supported only for an1->kml. More to come later.
2008-08-15 Strengthen Windows Garmin/USB error message.
2008-08-15 Björn Augustsson adds write to Humminbird.
2008-08-15 Add (read-only) support for MapAsia track files (.tr7).
2008-08-15 Add option to write Lowrance version 3 of .usr format.
2008-08-15 Add 'created_by' option to OSM writer.
2008-08-14 Björn Augustsson contributes support Humminbird waypoint files (.hwr).
2008-08-13 Fix D103 Garmins for wpt names < 6 chars. Test for isalnum() after testing for end of string.
2008-08-13 Bring libusb sources inline for Mac to avoid binary compat horrors, ease building source.
2008-08-07 Alexander Stapff contributes the 'height' filter.
2008-08-06 Markus Spoetti adds lap splitting to Garmin Training Center.
2008-07-31 ozi: Calculate all proximity values. Read and write altitude and proximity in other units (with new options).
2008-07-31 Add doc for unicsv options 'Filename' and 'Format'.
2008-07-31 Add doc for new ozi options 'altunit' and 'proxunit'.
2008-07-30 Treat Gopal entries as tracks, portability fixes for long long timestamps. From Juergen.
2008-07-26 Support for AMOD 3080GL waypoints in NMEA reader. Strengthen NMEA tests.
2008-07-26 Igo8: adds tracknum, title, description. Improved unicode support.
2008-07-26 Dr. Jürgen Neumann contributes support for Medion GoPal.
2008-07-23 Learn enough about TomTom record types 8 and 9 to know how to skip them.
2008-07-23 Correct parsing of GISTeq option that was causing all NMEA output to be GISTeq.
2008-07-22 MTK: create new track each time logger is turned on. (Maybe a little wine, a little soft music...)
2008-07-19 GPSBabelGUI-2: Bug fixes and improvements from Jan Peter Stotz.
2008-07-19 Add navigonwpt style.
2008-07-11 Terminate alan track names and comments if they happen to be exactly 12 bytes long.
2008-06-26 Add max time to position filter.
2008-06-24 mkshort: Try to better handle UTF-8 encoded strings.
2008-06-23 vidaone: Add support for new layout (version 2).
2008-06-23 unicsv: Add support for additional Garmin fields 'phone_nr2', 'fax_nr' and 'email'.
2008-06-19 Add LAT_DDMMDIR/LON_DDMMDIR and make cup use it.
2008-06-18 GPSBabelGUI: Fix copy and paste with CTRL-C.
2008-06-18 Dustin Johnson contributes igo8 support.
2008-06-17 Read course and speed from Garmin PVT when realtime tracking.
2008-06-17 Add iblue747 style, courtesy of Hans Klausmann.
2008-06-17 Handle record type 100 in TomTom v7.540.
2008-06-17 Fix unlimited loop reading string on armel.
2008-06-17 Add option to 'discard' filter to toss points with no or unknown fix.

MTK: retry on read errors. Support 4MB memory. Erase only enables log if previously enabled.

2008-06-14 GPX: Avoid a realloc/copy when reading large data segments that come in multiple hunks. 27x faster on pathological case of a PQ containing the first million digits of pi broken into 70 column lines.
2008-06-03 osm: Add support for hdop, vdop, pdop, sat, and fix (patch from Rory).
2008-06-01 Teach KML geocache writer about entities in GC "number".
2008-05-27 Special case Garmin Geko wpt name length.
2008-05-22 Add support for gentoo-freebsd.
2008-05-14 Move m241 to its own type instead of a barnacle on mtk.
2008-05-13 Sato Yusuke and Lorenzo Catucci add Holux M-241 to MTK module.
2008-05-13 Read time from KML 2.0 files.
2008-05-08 Destinator psp: Fix read of unicode strings on Big Endian hosts.
2008-05-04 GPSBabel 1.3.5 released!
2008-05-04 Fix spelling of 'bitscategory' in GDB options.
2008-05-04 Finish spanish translation for upcomming 1.3.5.
2008-05-04 Bump version to 1.3.5 for release. W00t!
2008-05-04 Bring 0305a changes from branch to trunk for 1.3.5 release. (moves KML icons)
2008-05-03 Typo fix in usage message. OUTFILE is not optional.
2008-04-29 Update list of unsupported Magellan products.
2008-04-29 Minor doc tweaks for Destinator, EXIF, Vidaone.
2008-04-28 Move referenced KML icons from our site to
2008-04-27 unicsv: Fix lat/lon output with grid=DMS.
2008-04-27 Finish french hungarian translation for upcoming 1.3.5.
2008-04-26 Tweak VidaOne format name.
2008-04-26 Add new format 'VidaOne'.
2008-04-25 Fix new FC8++ naming behaviour on RPMs.
2008-04-25 exif: Add support for GPSTimeStamp. Generate reference data.
2008-04-24 dg100: Speed is in kilometers per hour. Add patch from Eike and Mirko.
2008-04-22 Add support for embedded Exif-GPS data.
2008-04-19 stmsdf: Fix ..printf parameters for MSVC. Before we got always a altitude of ZERO.
2008-04-19 destinator: rename 'destinator_trk' into 'destinator_trl'.
2008-04-18 Numerous doc enhancements.
2008-04-18 msroute: Try to detect records instead of calculating various (unknown) header lengths. Fixes problems in 2008 versions.
2008-04-18 Add doc for ik3d format.
2008-04-17 xcsv: Add some of GMSD (Garmin special data) fields.
2008-04-17 test-all: Add switch -n to create a synthesized reference file.
2008-04-17 Rebuild 'destinator' reference files.
2008-04-17 destinator: Add missing 't' in destinator.
2008-04-17 Check in new formats 'destinator_poi', 'destinator_itn' and 'destinator_trk'.
2008-04-14 Cetus: Write archived/available info about geocaches.
2008-04-13 unicsv: Add keyword 'height'.
2008-04-13 parse: Add 'kmh' and 'mph' to possible units within distance items.
2008-04-11 Unicsv: add n/s and e/w options to reader.
2008-04-06 Catch up on Garmin products: Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i, Colorado 400t, Nuvi 205W, Nuvi 255W, Nuvi 260W, Nuvi 780, Nuvi 880, .
2008-04-05 Garmin, GDB: Add 'bitscategory' options to allow specifying > 1 category at a time.
2008-04-05 CSV: if date is before 1/1/1970, don't crash on Windows.
2008-04-04 GPSBabelGUI: Enquote gpsbabel.exe commandline.In input options dialog try to filter out some options thought for the output.
2008-04-04 GPSBabelGUI: Enquote gpsbabel.exe commandline.In input options dialog try to filter out some options thought for the output.
2008-04-04 Don't write empty URLs to LMX format.
2008-04-01 Add support for OpenStreetMap data files.
2008-03-30 If time is available from Garmin, add that to waypoint in get_posn suboption.
2008-03-30 Don't hose if we replace a string with a string that's a supserset of the origin (e.g. in vcf if we replace ; with \\;).
2008-03-22 garmin_gpi: Add options 'sleep', 'speed' and 'proximity'.
2008-03-19 Entitize XML output (GPX) in Garmin-specific writer.
2008-03-17 NMEA: Parse time in GPGLL's as doubles, not ints, to preserve sscanf state for 'valid' flag.
2008-03-17 Garmin: don't free received waypoints if no waypoints received.
2008-03-10 garmin_txt: Don't write additional tab when temperature present.
2008-03-09 Add support for MagicMaps ik3d.
2008-03-09 dg-100: Fix signed/unsigned mismatch errors (MSVC).
2008-03-08 pcx: Write waypoint altitude. Fix depending testo sequence.
2008-03-08 dmtlog: Limit strings to 254 characters.
2008-03-01 gpsdatum: Add alias 'NAD27 CONUS' for 'N. America 1927 mean'.
2008-02-28 unicsv: Fix option datum on input-side.
2008-02-28 Tomtom: fix mem overwrite on comments > 255 chars.
2008-02-28 MTK improvements. Supports waypoints now. Adds course and speed.
2008-02-28 Lowrance: Add icons for Expedition C. Other misc. icon improvements.
2008-02-25 MTK: Improve Q1000, iTrek compatibility.
2008-02-25 Geocaching improvements to Cetus writer.
2008-02-17 Add the secret super sauce so that Mac binaries built on Leopard don't crash on Tiger. (A pox upon whomever at Apple thinks that a binary built on OS version N crashing on version N-1 of an OS by default is OK.) GPSBabel 1.3.5-beta20080217 released.
2008-02-14 Fixes for Garmin SP III in D155 send; country code is spaces. wpt type is "4".
2008-02-12 DG-100: Read in bulk mode when we can. Mac/Linux serial: don't reset timeout as often to trigger fewer driver bugs.Lowrance: add read support for v3 files.WBT doc: update.
2008-02-12 Curse you, Leopard! Add a static expat so our generated binaries run on Tiger. Add tools/mac-config for reproducible builds.
2008-02-08 Unicsv: read "lng" as longitude.
2008-02-05 Add option to 'discard' filter to require minimum number of satellites.
2008-02-04 Look for dates in time strings in unicsv reader.
2008-01-31 Add option to KML writer to show direction of motion on track logs.
2008-01-30 Per Borgentun adds MTK support.
2008-01-20 Tom Hughes contributes support for Navilink devices like Locosys GT-11 and Navigps
2008-01-20 Don't loop infinitely on invalid saroute files.
2008-01-20 Add smart geocaching names to TomTom writer.
2008-01-20 Add option to Garmin to set GPS time to computer's time. (For broken Vista GPS...)
2008-01-16 Hardcap the number of Meridian/Explorist waypoints to 500.
2008-01-16 Allow uppercase hex encoded entities in GPX.
2008-01-16 Allow proximity as an argument in Ozi.
2008-01-14 Newer Lowrance models can use waypoint comments, so write them.
2008-01-14 gpi: Add support for speed and proximity alerts.
2008-01-10 google: now understands \xnn
2008-01-09 gdb: Fix handling of option cat.
2008-01-08 Whitelist selected chars known to NOT crash the 60CS but are technically forbidden by the spec.
2008-01-08 Don't free trash pointer if no valid points read from Garmin.
2008-01-08 Alias GeometryCollection to MultiGeometry on read of KML.
2008-01-06 VCF: write coords in ADR instead of ORG to improve iPhone compat. Also escape semicolons in cache info.
2008-01-06 Uppercase all letters and strip spaces on Garmin routepoint names.
2008-01-06 Add ability to read/write cache availability and archived status in CSV.
2008-01-03 Make Garmin smartname code handle name and commment a little more independently, using desc to populate comment if available.
2008-01-03 Add GISTeq to NMEA writer.
2007-12-31 If successive points aren't > 50 meters apart in KML realtime tracking, don't count the point.
2007-12-27 Let the sscanf based timestamps be additive on a read.
2007-12-19 Bump version number.
2007-12-19 Add fallback to stubs when libusb fondling on Mac fails.
2007-12-13 Read timestamps from KML Placemarks when we can. (TimeRanges are ignored.)
2007-12-06 Ralf Dragon adds support for GPX reads
2007-11-21 C89 Fix in kml.c
2007-11-20 Include input filename on GPX parse error message.
2007-11-19 Support Delorma TopoUSA 6.0 routes.
2007-11-19 More KML tweaks: Write average speed in trail header. Improve consistency of time stamps.
2007-11-17 Change Magellan route router to not clobber buffers on long wpt names. (Partial fix)
2007-11-15 Work around broken Sportrak firmware and malformed PMGNRTE sentences..
2007-11-15 unicsv: always open files in binary mode.
2007-11-14 Write description in GDB if we don't have notes.
2007-11-14 Several changes to KML writer. Major formatting improvements for data. (Relies on Earth 4.2) Don't write track/route folders if empty. Don't write explicit schemaloc.
2007-11-14 Restore (optional) "old style" icon mapping for Geocaching on Garmins.
2007-11-14 More war of the cats: Leopard vs. Tiger in an all expat grudge match.
2007-11-14 Let csv formats warn for time formats that we can't parse.
2007-11-14 KML: Read Polygon/outerBoundaryIs/LinearRing as a track.
2007-11-14 KML: Display altitudes to three decimal places, not one.
2007-11-14 Add configure option to shrink the binary by excluding most formats.
2007-11-06 Let 'configure' use the system expat on Leopard. Hooray!
2007-11-02 dmtlog: Add support for waypoints in binary file version "8".
2007-09-11 GPX: links aren't wpt only; implement for trk and rte, too.
2007-09-03 GPX: Read archived/active state from Pocket Queries.KML: Read track name.
2007-09-03 Fix geocache tags on read so we can really read archived/enabled state.
2007-08-30 Mirko Parthey contributes support for GlobalSat DG-100 track logger.
2007-08-26 GPSBabelGUI: Add ability to read more than one file from same type.
2007-08-21 Add special cases for Garmin HC series.
2007-08-20 garmin_txt: Add support for temperature (as MapSource since Beta).Remove parsers now located in parse.c .
2007-08-20 Add support for Swiss Map 50 'xol' format.Add GPS data generator (hidden input format).
2007-08-19 garmin_txt: Fix abort on unknown columns.
2007-08-18 Output fractional seconds in NMEA, too.
2007-08-18 defs.h: allocate single bit extra data.nmea.c: add subsecond reading to gprmc, gpgga parsers
2007-08-17 Add Garmin Legend HCx identifier.
2007-08-15 Output help file URLs for machine-generated interrogation such as by GUIs.
2007-08-13 tomtom_itn: Swap latitude and longitude (Grrrr).
2007-08-07 Add support for Nokia LMX Landmark Exchange format.
2007-08-06 Don't jump through null ovec for RTP.
2007-08-06 GPSBabel 1.3.4 released.
2007-07-26 trackfilter: Allow 'range' together with trackpoints without timestamp.
2007-07-25 route simplifier crashed if simplifying by error on routes that couldn't be simplified (< 2 points)
2007-07-23 Change third field of ozi tracks to indicate new track. SF 1757463.
2007-07-23 Add simple gbfile based Palm/OS PDB support. Drop 'coldsync' and 'pilot-li nk'.
2007-07-22 Andy Armstrong adds Wintec tk1 format, enhances WBT-201 support.
2007-07-19 Add error if inputting from a style file without IFIELDs.
2007-07-18 Fix ISO_TIME_MS output.
2007-07-18 Don't write last field if current field isn't valid in XCSV output.
2007-07-18 Add 'splitoutput' option to text output.
2007-07-14 unicsv, gdb, garmin_txt, garmin_gpi: Improve support for Garmin address fields.
2007-07-11 Bumped version for beta. Version 1.3.4-beta20070711 released.
2007-07-11 Fix Google Maps breakage from a URL that includes &blah; parameters. This is not ageneral-purpose fix, but it'll do until they break it again.
2007-07-11 Bump version to 1.3.4-beta20070711 for release.
2007-07-09 Remove shortname from fixed columns.
2007-07-09 Include pathname of ini file in error messages involving those files.
2007-07-09 gbfile: Fix gbfungetc. Thanx to Gabriel Weisz.
2007-07-09 alan: Add parameter "b" to open mode. This is necessary for NON-POSIX systems.
2007-07-08 gdb: Fix V3 waypoint final bytes (postal code, phone number and country).
2007-07-07 magproto: Increase size of some local buffers.Fix endless loop (with corrupted data) in mag_dequote.
2007-07-07 gdb: Fix V3 waypoint final bytes (postal code / phone number).
2007-07-07 gdb: Add possible output of GDB version 3 format.
2007-07-06 unicsv: Add gps fix to writer. Fix mingw problem with indexed parameters.
2007-07-05 Tweak doc for garmin_gpi.
2007-07-05 Minor doc tweaks in use, preface, build. Try to segment Garmin list intoGPX and GPX-not.
2007-07-05 Gerhard Olsson starts adding lap support to Garmin protocol layer.
2007-07-05 Gerhard Olsson and Robert Lipe add realtime tracking for XCSV and repair KML tracking.
2007-07-04 Re-use unused decode vector with a pointer to a fallback character set.Very useful for ascii-like character sets. There we don't need to maintain a largeextra (hand-made) conversion table.
2007-07-04 Remove format readme's from windows package.
2007-07-04 Fill cp1250..cp1257 extra table ("Best Fit" non-ascii codes).
2007-07-04 Extend extra UCS4 to character conversion table.
2007-07-04 Close <para>tags.
2007-07-04 Add TRACK_NAME and ROUTE_NAME to XCSV.
2007-07-04 Add ISO_TIME_MS to Style formats.
2007-07-03 Include time range in KML tracks when available.
2007-07-03 Don't write empty folders in KML if we have no tracks or routes.
2007-07-02 Upgrade unicsv doc. Extend the list of key words. Add some hints for the writer.
2007-07-02 Allow stdin on posix gbser filename.
2007-07-02 Add quotations to unicsv output sample.
2007-07-02 Add doc for unicsv options 'datum' and 'grid'.
2007-07-02 Add doc for option 'location' of raymarine.
2007-07-01 Let route simplifier know if it's working on tracks or routes so it knows which list to remove from.
2007-07-01 Allow geocache placer to be empty in GPX read.
2007-06-29 xmlgeneric: Fix order of 'str_match' parameters.
2007-06-29 unicsv: Quote coordinates using grid with seconds. Move function 'strenquote' to common utils.
2007-06-28 Let unicsv write something.
2007-06-28 Be more liberal with coordinates outsite of -90..90,-180..180.
2007-06-28 Allow wildcards [*?] in xml tag list.
2007-06-28 Add field separator to "pretty_deg_format".
2007-06-26 6/26/07 Google breakage; they accidentally dropped a </tr>
2007-06-24 Change WBT doc to backup tracks before erasing unit.
2007-06-24 Break up introductory sentence a bit.
2007-06-21 After confirming with Garmin that these should Just Work, I'm adding:Nuvi 600, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 650FM, Nuvi 200, Nuvi 250, Nuvi 270, Rhino 520HCx, Rhino 530, eTrex Vista HCx, eTrex Legend HCx, eTrex Summit HC, eTrex Venture HC, eTrex H, Nuvi 200W, Nuvi 250W.
2007-06-19 Google makes arbitrary changes to Maps output again.
2007-06-18 ozi: Use macros for "flagged" waypoint fields.
2007-06-18 nmea: Tweak some forgotten "flagged" waypoint fields.
2007-06-18 igc: Stop writing when more than 99 points in task route.
2007-06-18 gdb: Tweak some forgotten "flagged" fields.
2007-06-07 stmwpp: Fix ZERO-trimming code in stmwpp_write_double.
2007-06-07 Hungarian translation finished. Thanx to Sprok Bence.
2007-06-06 Welcome "navicache", "html" in the world of gbfile.
2007-06-06 Read GISTeq's mangled NMEA.
2007-06-05 Adjust time struct before mkgmtime/mktime when date/time buffer doesn't have a date.
2007-06-02 unicsv: Add possible fields 'x' (longitude) and 'y' (latitude).
2007-06-02 Nuke clever override for Garmin geocache icons since they're interfering withreal garmin geocache icons.
2007-06-02 garmin_gpi: Split bounds with a new method.
2007-06-02 garmin_gpi: Avoid problems with system time during leaktest.
2007-06-02 Add additional sequence (with binary compare) for garmin_gpi.
2007-06-01 Track geocache placer ID on read from GPX/PQs.
2007-05-25 Remove proximity and temperature from garmin special data.Extend wpt_flags with members for proximity and temperature.Define macros for easy access to 'flagged' waypoint fields (as GMSD).
2007-05-25 Add more supported items to unicsv doc.
2007-05-24 Two google breakages in one day. They must be busy.This is one that wouldn't have been detected by my script, because it only affected the reading of turn names.
2007-05-24 gpsmath: Fix problem with conversion from UTM coordinates in southern hemisphere.
2007-05-24 Google Maps changed to contain invalid XHTML, again.This time, it was tags of the form <foo bar="xxx"baz="yyy"> (note lack ofwhitespace between attributes.)
2007-05-24 garmin_gpi: Swap red and blue values in color table.
2007-05-23 Add support user defined bitmap (BMP file).
2007-05-22 Add support for multiple POI lists to writer code.
2007-05-20 Rename module garmin_poi. New name is now garmin_gpi.
2007-05-20 Add support for Garmin POI's (.gpi files).
2007-05-15 Use description as name source when we don't have notes in maggeo.
2007-05-15 csv_util: convert date to local date only when non-zero.
2007-05-15 Correct test for unknown alt in lowranceusr writer.
2007-05-14 add 'nourl' option to an1 format
2007-05-11 Added xhtmlent.c to define XHTML entities. Currently used by google reader.
2007-05-11 - Added the rest of the XHTML entities to the google reader in a slightly more reasonable form. Letting expat do the heavy lifting for entity substitutions.- Replaced ugly O(n^2) string replacement with one that's closer to O(n). The fact that TheDailyWTF just featured code like the code that was here originally is just a coincidence, really.
2007-05-10 Let IGC reader tolerate blank lines on input.
2007-05-10 I'm not convinced this isn't a problem with Xcode on the Mac, but double cast the internal longitude conversion for Cetus to avoid integer overflow.
2007-05-10 handle nbsp in google maps. We probably need a more generic entity handler, but nbsp is the only one I've seen so far
2007-05-09 Accept and handle special header line from SONY-GPS devices.
2007-05-08 Update spanish, german, french, hungarian translations.
2007-05-04 xcsv: Add support for BNG (British National Grid) coordinates.
2007-05-04 Regenerate reference data after wbt-200 changes.
2007-05-04 gdb: Fix V3 reader code (unexpected location of descriptions since MS 6.12.3).
2007-05-04 g7towin: Fix reading of waypoint lines with empty (short)names.
2007-05-03 Fixed google maps route format for May 2007 update
2007-05-03 Added multi-leg route support to google maps input format
2007-04-30 Patches from Andy to add WBT-201 support.
2007-04-21 tef_xml: Add support for "TourExchangeFormat" version 1.5.Try to repair cutted descriptions. Regenerate gpx reference.
2007-04-21 bcr: Change handling of DESCRIPTION lines. Regenerate reference files.
2007-04-20 raymarine: Limit route names also to 16 characters. Bug-fix - add missing comma (write_route_wpt_cb/items).Change line feeds to fixed CRLF. Add some MapSource icon names to icon mappings.Remove unused column id from icon table. Re-create reference data.
2007-04-20 raymarine: Change line feeds to fixed CRLF. Re-create reference data.
2007-04-17 Typo fix.
2007-04-17 Do not substitute __VERSION__ for non-ambiguous testo results.
2007-04-17 Add style sheets tomtom_itn "TomTom Itenaries" and tomtom_asc "TomTom POI ascii files".
2007-04-17 Add new field macros LAT_10EX and LON_10EX. The real field namein a style sheet can be i.e. LAT_10E5, which represents latitude multiplied by "10 power 5".
2007-04-16 Make 'install' depend on having the executable itself.
2007-04-16 Let KML writer scribble timestamp in the table so it can be seen by user.
2007-04-15 waypt: Be more verbose when stopping because of invalid coordinates.
2007-04-15 Add new format "g7towin". This format can read data files (.g7t) from G7ToWin.
2007-03-27 Fix error message text on invalid longitude.
2007-03-27 Enable synthesized GPS fixes for tracks. Without we get a lot of empty NMEA track files.
2007-03-27 Add new format "ggv_log". This format supports binary tracklogs used by Geogrid-Viewer.
2007-03-27 Add a cross-configure target just so I don't have to remember that awful syntax.
2007-03-26 Add new format "ggv_log". This format supports binary tracklogs used by EADS Geogrid Viewer.
2007-03-26 Add functions waypt_speed() and waypt_time() .waypt_speed calculates the speed between two points (in meters per second).waypt_time returns the creation_time of a waypoint including microseconds in fractional portion.
2007-03-23 Jeremy Ehrhardt contributes vitovtt format.
2007-03-15 Jon McClinton and Robert Lipe add NMEA realtime tracking output, tweak realtime tracking output for KML, and enhance reliability for Garmin/USB tracking on Linux and Mac.
2007-03-14 Typo fix.
2007-03-14 Jon McClintlock and Robert Lipe fix bogus free in Linux/Mac USB garmin teardown.
2007-03-14 Fix possible endless loop.
2007-03-12 Finalize "Multiple URL support" code.
2007-03-12 Finalize "Multiple URL support" code. Move add_url to waypt.c. Now called 'waypt_add_url'.
2007-03-12 Check in nearly new gdb module.
2007-03-12 Add test entry for multiple GPX 1.1 links.Try to fix our handling of schemaLoc in GPX 1.1Make transform-rte and transform-wpt (validated) GPX 1.1 since they came from GPX 1.1.
2007-03-11 Add multiple link support for GPX 1.1 on read and write.
2007-03-10 Sketch in data structures for multiple URLs in waypoints. Use GDB reader as guinea pig.
2007-03-10 Fix icon reads in gpsutil format.
2007-02-25 GPSBabel 1.3.3 released!
2007-02-25 Include Earthcache and Event in cache types for garmin -Sn mode.
2007-02-25 Add downloadable Postscript doc.
2007-02-21 Enhance smartname code to special case 7 digit geocache names in 6 digit receivers.
2007-02-21 Add AVMAP EKP-IV Tracks to nmea. This work seems complete, but the requester went quiet.
2007-02-20 Remove globalopts.objective dependency (tef_xml).
2007-02-20 Fix gdb v3 error.
2007-02-20 Fix discard filter bug. Remove waypt_free() from any_route_del_wpt().
2007-02-20 PCX: Don't create empty tracks (multiple header lines).
2007-02-15 Don't make "smart" (typ. geocaching) names the default. -N now silently eaten. Add -S.
2007-02-14 Convert GPX to handle millisecond timestamps. Regenerate several of our reference files that happened to be in GPX and used sub-second resolution.
2007-02-14 Change max internal resolution from centiseconds to microseconds.
2007-02-13 Start sketching in some incomplete D304 send support.
2007-02-13 Regenerate garmin icons tables to more closely match Mapsource set.
2007-02-13 Nuke trailing whitespace from smart shortnames.
2007-02-13 Include instructions in garmin_tables.c to build icon tables.
2007-02-13 Complete MapSource symbol names. Add wrapper for combined names like "Blue Diamond" and "Diamond, Blue".
2007-02-13 Add reference file with all symbol names used by MapSource.
2007-02-13 Add column "utm c" (utm zone character as part of utm coordinates).
2007-02-07 Loosen char set for new yellow etrex models.
2007-02-06 gdb: Add special code for unknown bytes in waypoints with class GE 8 (calculated points).
2007-02-01 Use the newly-public Earth 2.1 XSD in KML writer.
2007-01-28 Add new formats to support "Kompass (DAV) files" as kompass_tk and kompass_wp.
2007-01-28 Add directive "DATATYPE", which can be WAYPOINT, ROUTE or TRACK, to xcsv format.
2007-01-25 Add new GDB format version 3.
2007-01-23 Add sample for new GDB format version 3.
2007-01-22 Improve Garmin error case for Windows USB exclusive error failure to point finger at Spanner and GPSGate-like substances.
2007-01-18 Handle leading whitespace in whitespace separated xcsv files again.
2007-01-17 Gunar Megger adds support for Alan Map 500 and Holux GM101 as alantrl and alanwpr.
2007-01-16 Accept 'lon' and not just 'long' in unicsv header.
2007-01-15 Add mapsource #'s for the colored letters and numbers and the Mapsource 6.12 beta icon set.
2007-01-11 Add Sony GPS1
2007-01-09 Add Zumo 450, Nuvi 670, Nuvi 680, Nuvi 370, StreetPilot C580, and Astro.
2007-01-08 Only check for valid timestamps in track filter if really needed.Based on patch from Vladimir Kondratiev.
2006-12-31 Add Sirf mode input to NMEA realtime position reader.
2006-12-22 Add 38400 to list of potential bit rates.
2006-12-19 Magellan files that don't have $ in column zero now rejected instead of crashing.
2006-12-13 Add option "grid" and "British National Grid" to supported grids (Feature req. 1557425).
2006-12-02 Force usage of common "GPSBabel file api" (gbfile).
2006-12-02 Add option "DATUM" to xcsv format.
2006-12-01 Andy Elliott and Ron Parker Improve correctness of position filter.
2006-11-27 GPX: Fix a problem made more obvious by GZIP reader involving reads slightly larger than our block size.Util: eliminate use of va_copy.
2006-11-26 'Tart up' more of the doc.
2006-11-26 Paul Tomblin updates CoPilot code..
2006-11-26 Add support for "Raymarine Waypoint File".
2006-11-22 Enhance PCX reader to handle (some) files from GPSUtil.
2006-11-21 GPSDrivetrack is local time, not GMT.
2006-11-21 Add workaround for zlib bug "gzread buffer error on empty files".
2006-11-17 Fix crash in google reader on multiple files.
2006-11-16 Add hint and last found to tabsep format.
2006-11-14 Add a -VV option to main so we can more easily see how we were built.
2006-11-13 Internal comment on dmtlog elevation oddity.
2006-11-10 Do not write "unknown_alt" in dmtfmt.
2006-11-10 add PDF target
2006-11-09 Use the Windows-proprietary MoveFileEx to rename files in KML writer for atomicity.
2006-11-09 Bump tags to gpsbabel_1_3_2-beta20061109
2006-11-08 Gratituous whitespace tweaks in bounds tag in GPX.
2006-11-07 Update gui after error fixes (radius filter). Store more settings in registry.
2006-11-07 Leak and correctness fixes on NMEA reader. Passed NMEA serial (with valgrind), testo and leaktest.
2006-11-07 Fix validation of latitude and longitude (radius filter).
2006-11-06 Reduce number of leaks in realtime tracking mode on Garmins to zero.
2006-11-05 Minor tweaks to build (regen deps, bump number, etc.). GPSBabel 1.3.2 released.
2006-11-05 Memory leaks and stability fixes in KML realtime writer.Allow position reader (Garmin, NMEA) to propogate error up to caller.
2006-11-02 Formatting improvements in Geocaching/KML writer. Include placer.
2006-11-02 Allow elapsed time to go negative so that NMEA line reader can detect timeouts correctly.
2006-11-02 Add container size to KML for geocaches.
2006-10-31 Track average and extreme heart rate and cadence for KML writer. Whitespace fixes.
2006-10-30 Check in new transformation filter "transform".
2006-10-30 Add new feature (new option) batch mode (-b).
2006-10-26 Improvements in text and html output from Scott Brynen.
2006-10-26 Document new text and html options.
2006-10-25 Vladimir Nadvornik contributes a the sdistance option to split tracks by distance.
2006-10-25 Make Linux usb_set_config error point to web doc.
2006-10-25 Add test cases for sdistance option to track splitter.
2006-10-23 Add spanish GUI translation.
2006-10-22 Use the filename (when available) to disambiguate between routes and waypoints in Magellan file mode.
2006-10-20 KML changess: Don't use palettes for icons. That's sooo 2004.Add icons for realtime positioning. Color the auto depending on last position time relative to current time.Tweak reference files for test suite.
2006-10-20 Add explict unlink of position for realtime KML.
2006-10-19 Move KML track description up one level so it appears in the 'obvious' spot when you click on it.
2006-10-19 Fix interpolation when endpoints are same. From Vladimir Nadvornik.
2006-10-18 Quote in a CDATA, don't entitize, HTML inside KML.
2006-10-18 Let serial (and only serial) NMEA reader accept a 'bad' position, but mark it so that the consumer can know that it's bad.
2006-10-18 Change icon type for KML position writer when we don't -really- have a fix.
2006-10-18 A whole slew of (mostly busiwork) changes to make the KML more correct.
2006-10-17 Fixed problem with 'all' option in position filter
2006-10-17 Don't crash if we attempt -T input on a format that doesn't support it.
2006-10-17 Change the KML folderization scheme when in realtime tracking mode - don't write empty routes folder, don't put position in folder.
2006-10-16 Parse alternate datums in compegps.
2006-10-15 Propogate USB error in libusb (Linux, Mac) up the stack so realtime positioning code can error out gracefully.Fix minor mem leak in Garmin USB position read case.
2006-10-12 Add wide expat for cross builds.
2006-10-07 Teach KML writer more about Geocaching. Write diff/terr, short description, customize icons by cache type.
2006-10-07 Paul Fox adapts mergesort for use on our internal linked lists.
2006-10-07 Fix altitude in Cambridge format.
2006-10-07 Add wheel cadence to XCSV style scheme.
2006-10-07 Add prototype for max_position_points option to KML writer.
2006-10-07 Add Project Ape and Mega Events to Geocaching reader in GPX.
2006-10-07 Add cadence to XCSV.
2006-10-06 Special case 'whitespace' in badchars. (Allows "w" in gpsdrive.)
2006-10-05 Fix typo in KML writer that resulted in entities not being correctly escaped.
2006-10-04 Output cadence in Training Center.
2006-10-04 Make xasprintf work sensibly in light of both (sigh) C99 and SUSv1 definitions of snprintf. Probably needs more abstraction work, but this is more correctin more cases.
2006-10-03 Curt makes fixes for NG Topo 4.
2006-09-26 Add product ID for Explorist 200.
2006-09-22 stop using read64 for doubles; fix .gpl heading/speed
2006-09-22 Move endian determination to be compile-time constant determined by configureand conveniently defaulting to LE for our favorite configure-less environment.
2006-09-22 gpl speed is in mph, not m/s
2006-09-21 Remove extraneous clear of 'is_html' flag in GPX.
2006-09-10 Fix longitude in Garmin Training Center writes.
2006-09-09 Replace 'times' with 'timesynt' for compat with Solaris.
2006-09-08 From Curt: tpo read fixes.
2006-09-06 split radius and position filters into separate source files, preparatory to rewriting position filter
2006-09-03 Use correct title. It is 'TrackLogs digital mapping'.
2006-09-03 Fix cetus time conversion. Use mkgmtime() instead of mktime().
2006-09-02 GPSBabel 1.3.1 released!
2006-09-02 Raise timeout in WBT for compat with new firmware.
2006-09-02 Fix crash on Magellan serial write.
2006-08-30 Force usage of common gbfile api.
2006-08-29 Tweaks to timeStamp and timeSpan handling in KML writer.
2006-08-29 Don't crash on null filename.Don't rewrite 'comX' (without colon) or else Win 98 breaks. (Sigh.)
2006-08-29 Add support for "Digital Mapping TrackLogs" (.trl) files.
2006-08-25 gbser_posix Remove extranous cast for OS X 10.3.
2006-08-25 Don't use backslashes in filename.
2006-08-24 Tweak time handling in KML writer.
2006-08-24 Let arc format read 'human readable' coords.
2006-08-24 Add (crude) support for Garmin Training Center as gtrnctr.
2006-08-23 Fix Garmin routes with unknown altitudes. Avoids crash on Foretrex 101.
2006-08-22 Paul Fox improves stability of sort filter.
2006-08-22 AN1 Reader: Trust URL encoded in new format over old encoding.
2006-08-13 Various tweaks to restore happiness to the MSVC builds.gbfile: use fatal instead of abort.
2006-08-13 Fix crash of certain D108 Garmins when writing routes.
2006-08-13 Contribute largely rewritten KML writer.
2006-08-13 Add options for KML and NMEA formats.
2006-08-12 Magproto: Improve performance on reads by turning off handshaking. Stability fix on successive transfers.
2006-08-12 Add --with-zlib as a tristate for our zlib, system zlib, or no zlib.
2006-08-10 Add realtime-tracking infrastructure and readers for Garmin PVT and NMEA.
2006-08-08 Andy Armstrong adds support for version 4 of the WBT-200 (adds alt to tracks).Don't compute redundant course data in wbt-bin reader.
2006-08-03 Zero struct tm on timestamp read so if time tag is malformed, we don't have hour number 17347896 or whatever else happened to be there.
2006-07-31 Fix doc for Garmin 'get_posn' suboption.
2006-07-30 Check in new file format 'stmsdf', Suunto Trek Manager .sdf files.
2006-07-26 Allow 200, not 199 in maggeo.
2006-07-23 Garmin: Correctly implement zero byte write after packet that's a multiple of frame size.
2006-07-22 Add new stylesheet 'sportsim' (support for textual trackfiles from zipped Sportsim .ssz archives).
2006-07-18 Replace gcdist for improved accuracy overy short distances.
2006-07-18 Add unit id to treat Quest II like Quest per JamieZ.
2006-07-17 Change TomTom to handle type 3 record like type 2 record until we figure out what those other two bytes/strings/whatevers are
2006-07-17 Allow quoted commas in waypoint description when reading Magproto files.
2006-07-17 Allow 200 points instead of 199 in maggeo.
2006-07-14 From Andy: fix southern hemi for wbt, set baud rate in Brauniger, route excess precision from computed speed.
2006-07-14 Convert Brauniger to new serial scheme.
2006-07-13 Olaf eliminates a zillion hardcoded staticly sized buffers and commonizes our ASCII text reader into the new 'textfile' scheme.
2006-07-13 Loosen check that insisted that time travels only forward when reading NMEA files. From Andy Armstrong.
2006-07-13 Andy Armstrong provides new serial layer and refactors magellan to work with it.
2006-07-08 Tighten yesterday's fix to work with old and new google data files.
2006-07-08 Improvements in xcsv doc.
2006-07-08 Hacky fix for Explorist adding filenames inside tracks.
2006-07-08 Google reader: Null pointers that have been freed in case we are executed more than once.
2006-07-07 Google Earth: Tweak panel reader to look at only the frame containing the turn-by-turns toavoid entity encoding problem of ™ symbol that was recently introduced.
2006-07-07 Fix crash reading tracks on Windows (but, alas, not Wine) when pathnames don't have UNIX path separators in them.
2006-07-07 Another fix for curfname. Also don't trip over trackname (!) finally present in explorist.
2006-07-02 GPSBabel 1.3.0 has left the building!
For changes before 1.3.0, see older changes in GPSBabel.