Note: This page describes the development version of GPSBabel. It may substantially differ from the latest released GPSBabel.

Remove Points Within Distance (position)

This filter removes points based on their proximity to each other. For waypoints a point is removed if it is within the specified distance of a preceeding point. For routes and tracks consecutive points are removed until the distance between the bracketing points is greater than the specified distance.

Example 4.20. Using the position filter to suppress close points

The following command removes multiple points that are within one foot of each other, leaving just one.

gpsbabel -i geo -f 1.loc -f 2.loc -x position,distance=1f -o mapsend -F 3.wpt

distance option

Maximum positional distance.

This option specifies the minimum allowable distance between two points. If two points are closer than this distance, only one of them is kept.

Distances may be expressed in feet (30f) or meters (10m). If no unit is specified, the distance is assumed to be in feet.

all option

Suppress all points close to other points.

This option causes the position filter to remove all points that are within the specified distance of one another, rather than leaving just one of them.

This option may be used to entirely remove clusters of points.

time option

Maximum time in seconds between two points.

Specifies the maximum time in seconds between any two points. If the time difference is larger than what's specified here, the points will not be discarded.

This is useful if you have multiple tracks of the same course and you'd like the filter to consider the tracks the same.