Related Tools

GPSBabel isn't the perfect tool for all jobs and doesn't try to pretend that it is. Here's a collection of related tools.

A number of tools are Powered by GPSBabel to use our powerful GPS communications facilities, filtering, and format conversions. GPSBabel Logo


  • Geocaching Swiss Army Knife is a Windows program that specializes in manipulating geocache data. GSAK is a very full-featured program. It uses GPSBabel for USB/serial and most export formats.
  • MacCaching is a native, full featured, Geocache manager for OS X. Caches are organized into "Cachelists" much like mp3s and "playlists." Paperless caching with an iPod is also supported. It uses GPSBabel for all GPS interfacing and file import/exports.

Desktop and Mapping Tools


  • Geotag Open source tagger uses GPSBabel for GPS communications.
  • GpicSync Open source tagger uses GPSBabel.
  • HoudaGeo Commercial geotagging for Mac uses GPSBabel.

Online Tools

  • GPSVisualizer has a great online web interface to GPSBabel.
  • GPSgames uses GPSBabel behind the web interface to provide waypoint downloads in multiple formats.
  • GPSLog Labs let's you map and graph your running, riding, hiking and much more. It uses GPSBabel to support almost any GPS logging device and and to automatically classify and process your activity.

Here are other tools that perform tasks similar to what we do:
  • EasyMPS is a tool that is similar in goal, but has a more focused scope. It is a Windows program that converts and merges loc, gpx, and Garmin Mapsource files.
    The author of this program has helped GPSBabel development by sharing his knowledge of Mapsource. Thanx, Ian!
  • GeoConv is a Windows coordinate conversion program that converts between different coordinate file formats, coordinate types, and datums.