Changes in GPSBabel

Note that this table is often updated since the most recent release or even beta and may contain features not present all versions. Be sure to check dates and release numbers if there is any doubt.

User visible changes in GPSBabel

Date Version Feature
2006-07-02 1.3.0 GPSBabel 1.3.0 has left the building!
2006-07-01 Add 103 Garmin symbols to tables and doc from new protocol spec.
2006-06-29 Generalize the "comX, X over 10" fix for all the Windows code. Let the Magellan track reader NOT merge tracks across files.Magellan track reader names tracks after file read.
2006-06-29 Change category parameter range into '1'..'16'.
2006-06-29 Add gpsbabel.ini doc from Olaf.
2006-06-22 Improve doc for Garmin protocol module. Enumerate supported serial models.
2006-06-19 When converting HTML to space, convert newlines (and successive whitespace) to single space.
2006-06-19 Reduce Magellan read timeout to 5 tries. Treat "-" on UNIX as a file, not a serial port.
2006-06-19 Andy Armstrong contributes support for Wintec WBT-200.
2006-06-06 Add Garmin icons appendix.
2006-06-06 Add a few hundred ISO decays to ASCII. Approved by Olaf.
2006-06-01 loc files actually sometimes are UTF-8. Adjust reader to handle this.
2006-05-26 Fix bug when merging non-image an1 with gpx to make image an1
2006-05-26 Add Topo 6 stuff to an1 format, adjust tests for new information
2006-05-23 fixed error where two escaped backslashes in a row would cause havoc in Google reader
2006-05-19 Add write-only support for Franson Software's GPS Simulator format as 'gpssim'.
2006-05-19 Add container and cache type to PalmDoc.
2006-05-18 Add container and cache type to HTML and TEXT outputs.
2006-05-17 Split TPO into two different formats (tpo2 and tpo3) since they have different capabilities.
2006-05-17 Ron Parker does major doc work.
2006-05-17 add route option to interpolate filter
2006-05-16 Fix track read in tpg on big endian systems.
2006-05-12 More pieces of Garmin category support. Don't crash when no -p file given
2006-05-07 Add new module 'axim_gpb', a track reader for Dell Axim Navigation System (.gpb) files.
2006-05-06 Implement workaround for data toggle problem in Garmin USB for Linux and OS X.
2006-05-05 Robert Coup adds options to Mapsend for V4 tracks.
2006-05-05 Pasha Phares adds support for Delorme Xmap/Street Atlas 2006 Handheld as 'xmap2006'.
2006-05-05 Pasha Phares adds Geoniche usability improvements and fixes for Geoniche v1.40.
2006-05-05 NMEA: coalesce trackpoint sentences by time.Invert "noBLAH" options to be "BLAH" options.
2006-04-30 Improve the reliability of the libusb module.A) eliminate reset - this avoids a race between us and the host OS stack discovering devices.B) Call full device close when doing device discovery to drain stray bulk/intr request packets.
2006-04-30 Change the handling of the first three bytes from D109 (D110) protocol.
2006-04-29 Implement interesting firmware workaround for x05 models to force lapclosure so that stored tracks can be retrieved.Note that this forces the widening of the command array to two bytes -it's always technically _been_ two byts, but we've never had a command# > 127 before. This does have the potential to expose naughtiness ifwe've missed any endian swaps...
2006-04-27 Fill in missing pieces to populate cadence from units like Edge 305.
2006-04-25 Olaf adds Swedish Kartex format ktf2 and kwf2.
2006-04-22 Add support for explorist routes on read and writes.
2006-04-20 Make PalmDoc 64-bit compatible.
2006-04-20 Bring in more missing pieces for C320, LegendX, 2720, 2x6, x05 .
2006-04-20 Added 'gpsbabel -h foo' syntax
2006-04-19 Write URL's used by tracks.
2006-04-19 Largescale overhaul of the JEEPs interface to:* Vastly widen device support* Provide better independence of serial/usb.* Provide better separation of USB protocol and physical layer.* Provice better independence of the various OS layers.
2006-04-18 Don't aggressively toss vowels when we're making waypoint names that aren't really very short anyway.
2006-04-18 Clarify Streets & Trips vs. Autoroute in menus.
2006-04-15 Sketch in a function to recompute "track things" such as speed and heading.
2006-04-14 Geoniche improvements from Pasha Phares.
2006-04-11 flush NMEA output file before pausing; makes named pipes much happier
2006-04-11 Allow pause to work on waypoints (WPL) in NMEA stream.
2006-04-09 The source is now built using autoconf for a `configure' script.
2006-04-08 (, readme.xml): From Ron - Use xsltproc and avoid hardcoded pathnames for,, configure: Add test for sleep.
2006-04-08 Add readme.xml to rpm package. Add configure statement to spec-file generation.
2006-04-07 Add fix, course, and speed options to track filter
2006-04-07 Added 'pause' option to nmea output
2006-04-06 Warn for unknown options passed to modules and filters.
2006-04-05 Use track_add_wpt for all tracks
2006-04-05 Test the result of acos() for possible errors (gcdist).
2006-04-05 Make garmin_fs dependent changes.
2006-04-05 Let Ozi write trackname if we have one available.
2006-04-05 Global ini-file depended changes.
2006-04-05 Fix stmwpp bug: Empty routes in output files.
2006-04-05 Fix calculation of course (diff. between 32- and 64-bit system).
2006-04-05 Bring in support for Garmin special data (garmin_fs).
2006-04-05 Add new format "garmin_txt".Add support for global GPSBabel ini-file.
2006-03-28 Update stack filter to work with tracks and routes too
2006-03-28 test files for interpolate filter
2006-03-27 Lowranceusr: eliminate nonportable time construct.
2006-03-25 Etienne Tasse contributes reader for Aspecto Software WiFiFoFum 2.0 for Pocket PC as 'wfff'.
2006-03-25 add URL option to ShapeFile module
2006-03-24 Use name option for routes as well
2006-03-23 GTM: Icon list is null terminated; don't walk array by size.
2006-03-23 Fix gpsdrivetrack for readin' and writin'
2006-03-23 Allow "other" and "unknown" on GPX read for geocaches.
2006-03-22 Let gdb file format always write all kind of gps data.
2006-03-21 Curt makes tpo tread-only for now.
2006-03-16 Curt Mills restores TPO track handler.
2006-03-16 Claus adds MacGPSBabel.xcodeproj.
2006-03-15 Weasel words that the file options may actually not _be_ below.
2006-03-15 Let MultiGeometry be optional in tracks.
2006-03-15 From Claus Broch. - Updated project file to Xcode - Added Info.plist file - Fixed NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError when reopening windows - Correctly handling resizing of windows - "Filter" button is now correctly reflecting the filter state if the filter window is closed
2006-03-15 Commit sample tpo files from Steve Chamberlin from 9-2005.
2006-03-15 Add Info.plist from Claus Broch.
2006-03-14 Removed three-hour bias from gtm format
2006-03-14 Added 'times' option to saroute, to synthesize tracks
2006-03-09 Tweak icon for suprise cache type on maggeo write.
2006-03-06 Add UTM input to unicsv format options.
2006-02-28 Make progress bars behave better when doing character set transformations.
2006-02-28 In HTML output, allow utf-8 and correctly close h3 tag.
2006-02-27 For Lowrance .usr format, improve handling of unknown alt. Add new ifinder icons.
2006-02-26 Make defn for gusb_init make decl in usbfree target.
2006-02-24 Last field in routes contains "Route URL link". Remove zero-check.
2006-02-22 Optimize arc filter to stop computing distances once a point is close enough
2006-02-19 1.2.8-beta20060219 Recut beta. Apply fix for Garmin/USB on Windows. (This is not the "X series" version...)
2006-02-19 Fix problems with smartnames with really long trailing numbers. Convert trailing words to numbers.
2006-02-09 1.2.8-beta20060209 Add concept of optional fields to output in the xSV formats so that unknown fields may be appended if their value is known. Modify Garmin POI format to take advantage of this to display geocaching info.
2006-02-07 Gustavo Niemeyer contributes support for GPS TrackMaker GTM files.
2006-02-07 Add new option to sort filter to allow sorting by time.
2006-01-29 Improve (debugging) text that announced which xfer protocols are used.Improve several error messages.
2006-01-26 For all Garmin receivers not explictly marked for i18n, force ASCII.More aggressively discard clearly bogus altitude. When writing Garmin routes, include route names. Populate lat and long when writing routes in Garmin.
2006-01-17 Backslashes are escaped in the new 'Google Map' format. Handle it.
2006-01-14 Ensure waypoints are named uniquely when writing Mapsend files.
2006-01-12 Add unicsv format to for xsv where first list describes subsequent data.
2006-01-11 Add support for SeeYou glider pilot software as 'cup'.
2006-01-11 Add support for Cambridge/Winpilot format.
2006-01-11 Add 'modifier' argument to [IO] field in xcsv. Initially define 'absolute" and "no_delim_before".
2006-01-10 Vaporize record delimiters from fields when writing Ozi.
2006-01-10 Added 'maxcmts' argument to Magellan SD writer.
2005-12-22 CET-workarround for gpx files removed. "encoding=UTF-8" for gpx format is standard from now.
2005-12-12 Sketch in Yahoo geocode reader.
2005-12-06 Added "Inno Setup" script for automized package.
2005-12-05 Minor GDB fixes (reference data changed).
2005-12-05 Added write sequence for gdb format.
2005-12-05 Added flags to waypoint and route structure (CET conversions).
2005-12-03 Allow MXF to do it's "characters are both required and disallowed" thing.
2005-12-02 Garmin Logbook files have extension of .xml.
2005-12-02 Add the 148 official colors so the Fugawi users can specify "lemonchiffon", "mintrose", and "peachpuff" instead of the just the names from the box of 16 crayons in the new wptfgcolor and wptbgcolor options.
2005-12-01 Enhance Ozi reader and writer to allow waypoint colors to be preserved across a merge.
2005-12-01 Don't create empty link in KML output.
2005-11-20 Big gui update:- new dialog for format options- added CET features- added possibility to write data to screen- any "look and feel" changes
2005-11-14 Paul Fox and Robert Lipe include tracks and routes in GPX bounds info.
2005-11-10 Attempt to perserve and/or merge GPX file-global tags when we can.
2005-11-09 Maggeo is WRITE only not READ only.
2005-11-09 Add smartname to NMEA WPL output, option to extend waypoint length.
2005-11-09 Add cartoexploreur option to pcx so we don't write track and route names that blow it away.
2005-11-08 Add reads of MacStumbler.
2005-11-07 -^2 output exceeds standard pipe buffer size; now we call CreateNamedPipe with fixed buffersize 0x8000
2005-11-04 Add filter 'nuketypes' to discard all waypoints, tracks, or routes from processing.
2005-11-03 Add option to position filter to build a route out of the points kept.
2005-11-02 Fix timezone in PCX track writer.
2005-11-01 New script to generate a RPM compatible ChangeLog from changes.html
2005-11-01 Add support for Garmin POI database (garmin_poi) for 27xx, ix and C3xx.
2005-10-31 Ozi: Don't do the wierd name splitting thing for multimode input if we're writing to stdout.
2005-10-31 Olaf and Robert improve help output.
2005-10-31 Make 'bool' output the 0/1 in the help instead of the various strings.
2005-10-31 Disable tpo for now.
2005-10-31 Change argument types in help to match reality.
2005-10-29 Begin migration to docbook with Dave Pawson.
2005-10-27 Olaf adds support for CompeGPS data files.
2005-10-26 Mike contributes fixes to NMEA reader.
2005-10-21 Olaf changes format NMN5 to support Map&Guide (mag_pdb) based products and their Palm/OS export.
2005-10-19 Ignore kml, Document, Folder tags to improve read compaitiblity for KMLv2. Also read MultiGeometry/LineStrings as tags.
2005-10-19 Added numerous file extensions for benefit of GUIs.
2005-10-18 Zmarties makes a number of fixes to the NMEA reader.
2005-10-18 Renamed 2 symbols based on feedback from DeLorme forums.
2005-10-17 Try to handle PPS fixes in NMEA.
2005-10-16 First release of GUI-2 (english, french, german). Requires libexpat.dll, gpsbabel.exe and README.
2005-10-15 Fixed segfault with nameless wpts.
2005-10-15 Added 'symbol' option to an1 format.
2005-10-15 Add 'name' option to .shp
2005-10-14 Fix parsing problem due to Google Maps update.
2005-10-11 KML: Use url_link_text to build a linky link when we can.
2005-10-09 Fix comparison jeeps altitude.
2005-10-04 Fix range-check max. value; exit filter, if no more tracks left.
2005-10-04 Commonize selection for waypt and trk/rte processing.
2005-09-30 Add controls option to saroute, use street names for rtept names at turns.
2005-09-29 Fix bug when 4-digit encoded entity ends on a byte offset that's a multiple of 4096-1.
2005-09-26 Let GPS_Init run for USB models - lets get_posn work.
2005-09-26 Don't squawk about A100[02345]'s for Forerunner.
2005-09-20 NMEA: Fix date conversion for timestamps from last century.
2005-09-15 Whitespace is OK in shortname for magellanX (with 20 char names), but not magellan (8).
2005-09-15 Steve Chamberlin contributes National Geographic Topo format.
2005-09-15 Allow Natl Topo to allow override of datums for benefit of users in HI.
2005-09-14 Olaf adds Navigon Mobile Navigator 4 (nmn4).
2005-09-14 Don't prefer 'notes' on a shortname if we have an empty (but non-null) notes. (Test case: input from a tabsep file...)
2005-09-14 Added URL and gc support to an1.
2005-09-13 Refactor is_fatal and lrtrim to be common code.
2005-09-13 GEO: Populate placer name.
2005-09-13 GDB from Olaf: Make sure routes have unique wpt names.
2005-09-13 Add option to geo reader to nuke placer name from waypoint.
2005-09-12 PCX: Allow tracks to work without -t. Provide default track name if none available.
2005-09-12 More space-efficient storage of handles.
2005-09-12 Knock sizeof(geocache_data) down from 52 to 40 on IA32.
2005-09-12 Don't recalculate length of incoming string on GPX read. Good for 3% speedup.
2005-09-12 Allow non-ASCII chars through shortname. (CET protects us.) Optionally allow repeated whitespace. Provide API for changing default name.
2005-09-09 Fixed error in documentation for road= option in an1 format.
2005-09-08 Add names as best we can to routes read from Google Maps.
2005-09-07 Olaf adds reading of CarteSurTable (cst) files.
2005-09-06 Add 'floating' suboption to KML writer for pilots. Improve KML doc.
2005-09-05 Olaf adds read support for MS Autoroute (msroute).
2005-09-05 Leak fixes.
2005-09-03 Olaf adds support for Suunto Trek Manager WaypointPlus (stmwpp) format.
2005-08-31 Vertical bar was a bad choice for an option separator for an1; DeLorme uses them in street names.
2005-08-31 mkshort: obey bounds on empty (!) input.csv: Don't use ampm flag if none given.
2005-08-31 Olaf adds support for Geonet.
2005-08-31 Olaf adds IGNRando support.
2005-08-31 Add maggeo to testsuite, reference.
2005-08-30 Make an1 layer type sticky to enable better merges, document 'type' option, add road-type changes.
2005-08-30 Jeff Kalikstein adds heart rate support for Forerunner 301.
2005-08-30 Honour both style of coordinate conventions when reading PCX.
2005-08-30 Add Garmin 301 style (garmin301) for easy export of HRM data.
2005-08-29 Bring in Olaf's CET character set transformation work.
2005-08-26 1.2.7 GPSBabel 1.2.7 released!
2005-08-23 Don't be hyper about requiring that lines in in CR/NL - the IGC spec apparently says the last line may not.
2005-08-15 Update fugawi styles to include timestamps. From Patrick Ohly.
2005-08-15 KML: Fix alt on write. Make reader read our own waypoints.
2005-08-04 Olaf and Robert fix GDB read/write of URL, symbol visibility, proximity and depth.
2005-08-03 1.2.6 GPSBabel 1.2.6 released!
2005-08-03 Olaf contributes Cetus track reader.
2005-07-29 Olaf adds writing to GDB.
2005-07-29 Olaf adds 'merge' option in trackfilter.
2005-07-28 Rename 'dopfilter' (nee 'fix') to 'discard'.
2005-07-28 Make TomTom sorts stable when coords are equal in one axis.
2005-07-27 Tobias Minich contributes the 'coto' format.
2005-07-27 Possible but unobserved-in-the-wild bug where endpoints could get dropped.
2005-07-27 Levels are for segments, not for points. Use minimum adjacent level for points.
2005-07-27 Fixed more bugs with google route priorities.
2005-07-27 Add test for glogbook.
2005-07-26 Remove extra pass over track and route queues.
2005-07-26 Olaf adds filtering for time ranges in new track filter and the 'move' suboption so that ranges can be time shifted. Makefile: regenerate.
2005-07-26 Fix segfault on write of fix data in NMEA.
2005-07-26 Allow deselection of certain sentences on write.
2005-07-23 Tobias Belgabor contributes filter for selection points based on DOP.
2005-07-20 Etienne and Olaf modify track splitter to work in units of days, minutes, hours, or seconds.
2005-07-19 Tobias adds hdop, vdop, pdop, satellites, fix, speed and course for xcsv. Adds gpsdrivetrack and openoffice formats.
2005-07-19 Andrew adds support for multimode (track/route/waypoint) support for Magellan serial.
2005-06-30 Worked around bug in google XML encoding.
2005-06-29 Olaf Klein contributes BCR support.
2005-06-29 Add ability to read DOP, speed and course from GPX file.
2005-06-28 Sketch in HDOP, PDOP, VDOP, COURSE, and Speed into GPX writer to pave the wayfor Vito work.
2005-06-28 Olaf Klein contributes Mapsource GDB reader.
2005-06-28 Ling Nero updates Lowrance .usr to support tracks and routes.
2005-06-28 Fix potential buffer clobber when outputting fields > 1K in CSV formats. Strip bad chars from output. Our mxf.mxf reference file _had_ bad chars in it, so manaully fixed that.
2005-06-22 Olaf Klein contributes a new filter for merging and splitting tracks.
2005-06-23 Make commaspace equiv to comma on csv read.
2005-06-21 From Andrew Kirmse - Optionally output kml linestrings and/or placemarks for tracks and routes.> - Make line color and width command line arguments.> - Use shortname for waypoints.
2005-06-20 Etienne TASSE adds ability to read Vito Navigator .SMT (vitosmt) tracks.
2005-06-09 Discard GGA data if no fix.
2005-06-13 Add D303 for Forerunner 301 track support. From David Scott. (dave at reco ildotorg)
2005-06-07 Olaf adds Pathaway support, Mapsource v6 icons, fixes Garmin 202 route reading.
2005-06-07 Add 'magellanx' format for Explorist user waypoint (.upt) SD files.
2005-06-02 Don't crash if we don't have a placed/found time or a missing 'notes' field.
2005-05-06 Olaf fixes fp rounding problem that shows up on AMD64/Linux in testo.
2005-05-09 Olaf Klein contributes PathAway palm database reader.
2005-05-09 GPX: Change placed_by to read owner and not plced by Maggeo: Don't zero pad longitude as Geocache Manager doesn't.
2005-05-06 Add Magellan ".gs" format for outputting Geocaches to Explorist over USB.
2005-05-06 Add 'maxcount' argument to radius filter to allow user to limit number of points to be passed downstream. (Specifically to stop Magellan's GeocacheManager from hurting itself.)
2005-05-05 Add GPX parsers for scanning last found from "Found it" logs and finding placer names. Tweak capitalization on cache types for compatibility.
2005-05-05 Add 'last found' and 'placer' to geocaching fields.
2005-05-05 Olaf Klein contributes TourExchangeFormat (tef_xml).
2005-05-03 Fix leak when first name in token is a vowel.
2005-05-01 Add locationless and benchmark for GSAK, too. (This is the version in 5.5.1 B16)
2005-04-29 Add earthcache, cito, letterbox, and locationless to GPX types.
2005-04-28 Ron Parker adds TomTom .ov2 (POI) file support.
2005-04-16 Honour maxcmts for Magellan SD files, too. (For explorist...)
2005-04-11 Fixes for 64 bit systems where 'long' is 64 bits.
2005-04-08 Policy change on -N - it now means "don't change fields based on other fields" instead of "no smart icons". (Specifically, don't add diff/terr to garmin and magellan protocols just because we happen to know them.)
2005-04-06 Fix 'geo' format for names ending in "]".
2005-04-01 Fixes for CoastalExplorer route handling.
2005-03-25 Ron Parker adds Delorme .an1 support.
2005-03-23 1.2.5 Support keyword expansion in 'CONSTANT' for OFIELDS.
2005-03-25 Richard Messeder contributes replacement Windows GUI.
2005-03-23 Andrew Kirmse contributes "real" KML support, fixes Garmin routes.
2005-03-21 Alphabetize help and -^ displays.
2005-03-17 Add 'maxcmts' to Magellan module to limit number of waypoint comments to coddle DirectRoute.
2005-03-15 Add (sketchy) support for kml, the Keyhole Markup Language.
2005-03-12 Jason Rust contributes Lowrance .usr (SD card) support as lowranceusr.
2005-02-22 Fix crash Garmin/USB code if no device present.
2005-02-11 Robert Shaw contributes MacGPSBabel fixes.
2005-02-10 Ron Parker adds google input type.
2005-02-09 Update hiketech capabilities to show that it now writes tracks.
2005-02-09 Streets and Trips output includes geocache types when available; uses tabs as field separators to improve life for our Autoroute (Europe) users.
2005-02-09 Add smarter description handling to Garmin module if suppressing smart icons.
2005-02-04 Garmin custom icon support. Fix typo in custom icon #20. Renumber starting from "Custom 0" instead of "Custom 1" for consistency with Mapsource 6.5.
2005-01-31 Frank Hippmann updates hsa_ndv with various XML conformance fixes.
2005-01-24 Ensure Garmin waypoint names are unique when sent to the unit.
2005-01-23 Jeremy and I contribute Ipod/VCF/Vcard format.
2005-01-23 Add Garmin Logbook (glogbook), HikeTech formats.
2005-01-20 Write sym in trkseg for GPX format if we have it.
2005-01-19 If a trackpoint doesn't have a name on the way in, give it a shortname.
2005-01-18 Preserve route number on magellan output if available.
2005-01-17 Add support for Garmin D110's. Tested by Drew Commins on Garmin Quest.
2005-01-06 Jeremy Atherton and I add Vcard/VCF (a.k.a. "Ipod") support.
2005-01-04 Remove O_NDELAYs from all opens - it torments the Linux/USB ttys for no good reason and it's not like the code really does the right thing with O_NDELAY anyway.
2004-12-23 Comments can now be 46 characters in Magellan 5.x firmware.
2004-12-22 Implement _timeout and _ready for WIN32 to help geriatric garmins that may or may not respond to A001's.
2004-12-22 Add preliminary GPX 1.1 support for reading and writing.
2004-12-17 Support more formats of lat/lon in DeLorme files.
2004-12-04 Add Garmin/USB for Mac OS/X. Unfortunately, requires a fix from Apple not present in 10.3.7.
2004-12-03 Bernhard Spinnler improves track support for GPilotS.
2004-11-30 Fixes for mps mergout when record size isn't multiple of internal buffer size. From Paul Merchant.
2004-11-29 Fixed 'extra dot' problem with file extension for saroute option
2004-11-22 A) We were referenceing shortname after we'd freed it. B) If we were using prefer_shortname and had a description we'd free shortname twice, resulting in a process that would never exit because of heap corruption on FC2. (Other OSes would surely have similarly entertaing failure modes.)
2004-11-16 Suppress zero byte serial writes for benefit of Keyspan USB/Serial adapter.
2004-11-11 Add Magellan FX324 and FX324C support.
2004-11-09 Fix case when source name consists of nothing but spaces.
2004-11-09 Justin Broughton adds Coastal Explorer (coastexp) support.
2004-11-01 1.2.5-beta11012004 Beta.
2004-11-01 Add Hiketech format.
2004-11-01 Add Garmin Logbook (track) format for Foretracker and Forerunner.
2004-11-01 Improve shortname logic. Retiain leading vowels, suppress duplicate whitespace, nuke leading whitespace.
2004-10-31 Linux now support Garmin/USB via libusb.
2004-10-27 Changes in Garmin waypoint send functions to help older units that crash or misbehave if they see waypoints with NULLs in the name.
2004-10-21 Add 'deficon' to garmin modes.
2004-10-18 1.2.4 GPSBabel 1.2.4 released!
2004-10-14 Let altitude be a float for benefit of Garmin D108 and D109 protocols to make more immunune from rounding resulting from integer truncation.
2004-10-01 Add prototype support (in name only) for Garmin custom icons.
2004-09-30 Alex Mottram adds default values handling to xcsv character fields.
2004-09-21 Fix memory corruption on Mapsource output of Geocaching PQ.
2004-09-20 Added prototype of crude shapefile support.
2004-09-16 Mark Bradley contributes a number Mapsource fixes for routes.
2004-09-14 Add more Garmin/USB support for 60C,60CS, 76C, 76CS, VistaC, and SummitC. Not all in yet.
2004-09-14 Improvements for tracks on Forerunner 201 and Quest. 9/21 version reported successful on Forerunner.
2004-09-14 Ron Parker adds stack filter.
2004-09-11 Add preliminary handling of new groundspeak "small" container size.
2004-09-01 Chris Jones adds Brauniger IQbarograph support as baroiq.
2004-08-31 Improve packet dumps when debugging Garmin protocols.
2004-08-31 Ron Parker adds support for Street Atlas USA 2005 routes.
2004-08-30 Chris Jones adds IGC for flight recorders.
2004-08-26 Bernhard Spinnler adds track support + D108 waypoint support to GPilotS.
2004-08-25 John Hay added code to NMEA to verify the checksum and discard the line if it doesn't match discard the line if the position fix wasn't valid. Extract date from gprmc if available.
2004-08-20 Allow Mapsource icons to be specified by number.
2004-08-20 Add track reads of alternate PCX format used by
2004-08-20 Add parsing of GPRMC sentences. From Øyvind Kaurstad (oyvindk).
2004-08-12 Add ZDA timestamp parsing to nmea files.
2004-08-11 Add HSA Endeavour support as hsandv. From Sven Dowideit.
2004-08-09 Ron Parker fixes arc filter. Points that were within range of the start of the arc were being ignored when using the arc filter.
2004-07-24 Implement '-vs' status display for Garmin and Magellan on waypoint download from the unit.
2004-07-24 Don't crash if D103 icon isn't found.
2004-07-24 Magellan: Add nukewpt suboption, increase serial timeouts, allow Bank as alias for ATM.
2004-07-24 1.2.4-beta07242004 Add 'nukewpt' suboption to Magellan protocol module.
2004-07-24 Make both Garmin and and Magellan serial modules on Windows more tolerant of certain serial systems (observed case: MCT USB/serial adapter) that don't correctly implement inter-character timeouts.
2004-07-23 Ron Parker adds 'points' option to arc filter.
2004-07-21 Ron Parker adds HUMAN_READABLE styles to xcsv.
2004-07-06 Alex Mottram adds track and route handling in position filter.
2004-07-06 Ron Parker adds turns_only and turns_important to saroute.
2004-06-24 Handle icons on Garmin 12, II, 38, 45.
2004-06-16 John Temples adds Netstumbler support.
2004-06-12 Immunize against more undocumented Garmin packet types introduced in Vista 3.60.
2004-06-12 Better document Lowrance CSV types.
2004-06-09 Allow -w, -t, -r to be specified in any combination for Garmin serial transfers on the same invocation.
2004-06-08 Ron Parker adds 'logs' option to text/html/palmdoc.
2004-06-08 Add new filter for sorting.
2004-06-06 Ignore new mystery packets introduced in Garmin StreetPilot 2.70 firmware.
2004-05-14 Add geocache type and container type to XCSV, allow them as input.
2004-05-02 1.2.3 GPSBabel 1.2.3 released!
2004-05-02 Fix writes of Delorme GPL tracks.
2004-04-28 More fixes for D103 Garmins losing short waypoint names.
2004-04-21 Work around yet more undocumented Garmin protocol nonsense for 60C's.
2004-04-19 Fixed diff/terr usable in CSV style sheets.
2004-04-16 Mark Bradley fixes more Mapsource weirdness. -t, -r, -w no longer necessarily mutually exclusive.
2004-04-16 Ron Parker fixes saroute for .anr files containing stops and vias. Adds 'encrypt' option to text, html outputs. Adds PalmDoc support.
2004-04-14 Add snwhiteopt suboption to Mapsource module. Read enough of the Navicache XML to generate useful cache pages with the new HTML and TEXT outputs. Add webcam handling.
2004-04-12 Add support for GPilotS "simulated" Garmin. Bounds check the D108 and D109 packets so excessively long waypoint names no longer crash those units.
2004-04-09 Add snlen, snwhite suboptions to Garmin. Map icons by geocache type as with Mapsource. Waypoint comment now contains diff and terr like Magellan.
2004-04-08 Don't send NMEAOFF to older Magellans like 315, ColorTrak, and 320. Correctly endian swap altitude in Mapsource to fix problem on Big Endian hosts like Power. Fix geocache icon mappings for GPX files without <sym> tags.
2004-04-05 Scott Brynen adds HTML and Text formats.
2004-04-05 Rick Richardson enhances Navicache support to include icons, creation time, allow ignoring retired caches.
2004-04-05 Correct ordering so we pass SAX2Count -f -valways -n and fix merges of GPX files.
2004-04-05 Fixed support for Magellan ColorTrack.
2004-03-23 1.2.2 GPSBabel 1.2.2 released!
2004-03-18 Ron Parker adds 'correct' option to duplicate filter.
2004-03-17 Ron Parker decrees that points on a polygon vertex are now inside polygon. Bug fix in polygon detector.
2004-03-12 Improve support for D103 and D104 Garmins.
2004-03-10 Enhance geocache icon mappings for Garmin and Magellan map and serial formats.
2004-03-10 Add PCX track support.
2004-03-10 Tighten allowed characers in Nationall Geographic Topo.
2004-03-08 Ron Parker adds 'all' option to position filter.
2004-03-06 Mapsource output now defaults to version 5.
2004-03-01 All CSV formats now decompse UTF as gracefully to ASCII as they can to reduce gibberish.
2004-02-23 Jim Bensman adds Street Atlas 2004 Plus (saplus) support.
2004-02-17 Alex adds auto mode sensing for OziExplorer.
2004-02-10 Add NMEA reader. Add '-N' option to suppress smart icon generation.
2004-02-06 Zero alt in Mapsend when our altitude is unknown. Corrects problem in Topo 3.0 that doesn't occur on 4.20d or DirectRoute 1.0
2004-02-06 Make several formats (tiger, mapsource, mapsend) more robust when faced with internationalized input.
2004-02-06 Evan adds support for writing Garmin tracks, improves reads.
2004-02-01 Ron Parker, Kjeld Jensen, and Robert Lipe contribute changes to GPX reader and Cetus modules to optimize geocaching experience, including inclusion of cache text and better handling of internationalized character sets.
2004-02-01 Jeremy Atherton contributes OS/X GUI!.
2004-01-18 Mark Bradley. Signficant route/track enhancements for Mapsource.
2004-01-18 1.2.2-beta01212004 A number of us cooperate to add "multimode" support. A single file might contain any combination of waypoints, tracks, or routes. Currently supported on Mapsend, Mapsource, and GPX.
2004-01-16 Fix serial timeouts under Windows.
2004-01-13 Mark Bradley adds depth, proximity to Mapsource.
2004-01-08 Robert Lipe adds "-" as a file alias for all formats for stdin/stdout.
2004-01-05 Alex Mottram adds track and route reading and writing to Ozi.
2004-01-03 Add Garmin route support. (Thanks to JoGPS for equipment loan.)
2003-12-24 New GPX input parser. Much more determinstic behaviour and easier
2003-12-21 Robert Lipe adds ability to read routes from Garmin GPS units.
2003-12-21 Robert Lipe adds gpl format for Delorme track logs.
2003-12-13 Robert Lipe adds filter to reverse tracks and routes.
2003-12-03 1.2.1 GPSBabel 1.2.1 released!
2003-12-03 Ron Parker adds filter to simplify routes.
2003-12-02 Ron Parker adds code to deal with defective pocket query GPX files from
2003-11-24 Rick Richardson adds GeoNiche support.
2003-11-19 1.2.0 GPSBabel 1.2.0 released!
For changes before 1.2.0, see older changes in GPSBabel.