GPSBabel 1.5.2 launched Jan 3, 2015.!

Hello, Babel-Heads.

In the months since GPSBabel 1.5.1 we've collected over a hundred changes and wanted to get those changes into your hand. Freshly added:

We have fixes:

  • Many fixes for malformed input.
  • Improve reading KML without altitudes.
  • Improved sub-second handling in unicsv.
  • Better handling of GPX 1.1 metadata.
  • GUI allows waypoint reads for MTK logger. MTK reads no longer write a temp file in the application directory.

For a more detailed list, see the changes in GPSBabel. For a mind-numbingly detailed list, see our source code.

Supporting the project

We get a constant stream of requests to support new hardware, adding support for new OSes, and such. It costs a lot of time and money to buy GPS receivers, programs, and computers for development. You can help fund the next generation (hey, someone funded what's there now...) by supporting the project with your time or your donation. If you have a way you'd like to see the money spent (i.e. improving Mac support, new GPS models, etc.) please mention that in your submission. We appreciate all the help we can get

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Robert Lipe,
Chief Babel-Head