GPSBabel 1.4.4 released!

Hello, Babel-Heads.

On this Labor Day, the GPSBabel team has been laboring (we think we're funny even if nobody else does) to bring you a new version with a number of fixes and enhancements that we wanted to share. Here's a sampling:

  • Add MotoActiv format. Thank you, Dan Brown.
  • Kris Beevers contributes Lowrance USR v4 support.
  • Allow EXIF to represent altitude below MSL.
  • Allow reading known invalid (sigh) data in NMEA, such as that written by Canon Camera/GPS devices, probably including:
    • Canon GPS shoes
      • GP-E1
      • GP-E2
    • Powershot models with GPS capabilities
      • S100
      • SX260
      • HS D20
  • Enhance Garmin Fit support for latest firmware.
  • Skytraq fixes.
  • Steve Eckert adds line styling to the National Geographic TPO3 reader.
  • Erik Krause improves German translations.
  • OS X Mountain Lion fixes.

For a more detailed list, see the changes in GPSBabel. For a mind-numbingly detailed list, see our source code.

GPSBabel 1.4.4 is a minor change in plan from our plan at the end of GPSBabel 1.4.3. We've collected enough fixes and enhancements to be worthwhile to release. Progress on the new infrastructure has been slow. As the project lead is about to take several weeks off for medical leave, the time seemed right.



Robert Lipe,
Chief Babel-Head


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