Hyper Optimizing Trips with Microsoft Streets & Trips

This page describes using Microsoft Streets & Trips 2003 and 2004 to plan travel between a large number of waypoints.

You should already know how to import your waypoints.

Right click on the waypoints that will be the start and end of your trip and select "route->add as start/end". import
Select "Get Directions". Verify the basic path is the one you want. If it isn't, direct the route by selecting waypoints and adding them as stops as with the process above. Repeat until you get the basic route you want.

Choose "find nearby places" by selecting "information" button at the top. Decide how far off your route you want to go, and then pick "around: entire route" then choose "search". .

Right click on your pushpin set in the left pane an select "add as stops".

If you're going only a short distance from your chosen road, this is optional, but it's a huge win if there are navigation obstacles. Select the route planner and choose "optimize stops". If you have many waypoints, it can be a lengthy process.
Select "Get Directions" and you now have the optimally ordered route to traverse your list of waypoints.