Note: This page describes an obsolete version of GPSBabel that may substantially differ from the current or development version.

DeLorme XMat HH Street Atlas USA .WPT (PPC) (xmapwpt)

This format can...

  • read and write waypoints

This format is derived from the xcsv format, so it has all of the same options as that format.

DeLorme XMapHandHeld Street Atlas USA is another of the billion CSV variants. This is the format used by XmapHH SA USA on (at least) PocketPC O/S.

This XMap is not the same as the simpler XMap format, which is used with Topo USA 4.0 and XMapHH for Palm.

DeLorme XMap Handheld .WPT for PocketPC is a bit of a kludge. This chapter covers XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA edition.

XMap on the PocketPC stores its waypoints in individual .wpt files. For example, waypoints generated by XMap on the PocketPC are stored by default in the "My Documents" folder using the sequential names "XMap1.wpt", "XMap2.wpt", ad nauseam. Needless to say, this is not very efficient.

As writing multiple waypoint files is outside of the scope of GPSBabel, GPSBabel chooses to write one big file, one waypoint per line. Extracting lines from this file is left as an exercise for the end user. A simple Perl script to handle this conversion is included at the end of this chapter.

It should also be noted that reading multiple files is indeed possible, but if you have more than a few points, it can be a task. For example:

gpsbabel -i xmapwpt -f Xmap1.wpt -f Xmap2.wpt -o mapsend -F mapsend.wpt

will read the two Xmap .wpt files and write one mapsend file. This is fine for a small handful of points, but could be quite cumbersome for folks like me who have 100+ waypoints loaded into XMap. For *nix folks, something as simple as:

cat *.wpt > /tmp/foo.wpt gpsbabel -i xmapwpt -f foo.wpt -o mapsend -F mapsend.wpt

will do the trick just fine.


if (! $FILENAME) {
    print "Usage: " . 
    print " (i.e. points.wpt /tmp/points GPSB)\n";
    print " (created GPSB0001-GPSBXXXX " .
	" in /tmp/points/ from points.wpt)\n";

open (INFILE, $INPUTFILE) || die "Cannot open $INPUTFILE for read!\n";

while (<INFILE>) {
    $filename = sprintf("%s/Gpsb%04d.wpt", $TARGETDIR, $lc);

    open (OUTFILE, ">$filename") || 
	die "Cannot open $filename for write!\n";

    print OUTFILE $_;



Contributed to GPSBabel by Alex Mottram.