Appendix B. Garmin Icons

Following is a list of the valid values for the garmin deficon option. These values are also used internally by the GDB format.

ATVContact, GlassesHunting AreaNumber 0, GreenScales
AirportContact, GoateeIce SkatingNumber 0, RedScenic Area
Amusement ParkContact, Kung-FuInformationNumber 1, BlueSchool
AnchorContact, PandaIntersectionNumber 1, GreenSeafood
Anchor ProhibitedContact, PigIntl freeway hwyNumber 1, RedSeaplane Base
Animal TracksContact, PirateIntl national hwyNumber 2, BlueShipwreck
Asian FoodContact, RangerItalian foodNumber 2, GreenShopping Center
Bait and TackleContact, SmileyLarge Ramp intersectionNumber 2, RedShort Tower
Ball ParkContact, SpikeLarge exit without servicesNumber 3, BlueShower
BankContact, SumoLetter A, BlueNumber 3, GreenSki Resort
BarControlled AreaLetter A, GreenNumber 3, RedSkiing Area
BeachConvenience StoreLetter A, RedNumber 4, BlueSkull and Crossbones
BeaconCoverLetter B, BlueNumber 4, GreenSmall City
BellCoveyLetter B, GreenNumber 4, RedSmall Game
Big GameCrossingLetter B, RedNumber 5, BlueSoft Field
Bike TrailDamLetter C, BlueNumber 5, GreenSquare, Blue
BlindDanger AreaLetter C, GreenNumber 5, RedSquare, Green
Block, BlueDeliLetter C, RedNumber 6, BlueSquare, Red
Block, GreenDepartment StoreLetter D, BlueNumber 6, GreenStadium
Block, RedDiamond, BlueLetter D, GreenNumber 6, RedState Hwy
Blood TrailDiamond, GreenLetter D, RedNumber 7, BlueSteak
Boat RampDiamond, RedLetterbox CacheNumber 7, GreenStreet Intersection
Border Crossing (Port Of Entry)Diver Down Flag 1LeveeNumber 7, RedStump
Bottom ConditionsDiver Down Flag 2LibraryNumber 8, BlueSummit
BowlingDockLightNumber 8, GreenSwimming Area
BridgeDot, WhiteLive TheaterNumber 8, RedTACAN
BuildingDrinking WaterLocalizer Outer MarkerNumber 9, BlueTall Tower
Buoy, WhiteDropoffLocationless (Reverse) CacheNumber 9, GreenTelephone
CampgroundElevation pointLodgeNumber 9, RedTide/Current Prediction Station
CarEvent CacheLodgingOil FieldToll Booth
Car RentalExitMan OverboardOpen 24 HoursTracBack Point
Car RepairExit without servicesMarinaOval, BlueTrail Head
CemeteryFast FoodMedical FacilityOval, GreenTree Stand
ChurchFirst approach fixMicro-CacheOval, RedTreed Quarry
Circle with XFishing AreaMile MarkerParachute AreaTriangle, Blue
Circle, BlueFishing Hot Spot FacilityMilitaryParkTriangle, Green
Circle, GreenFitness CenterMineParking AreaTriangle, Red
Circle, RedFlagMissed approach pointPharmacyTruck
City (Capitol)Flag, BlueMovie TheaterPicnic AreaTruck Stop
City (Large)Flag, GreenMulti-CachePin, BlueTunnel
City (Medium)Flag, RedMulti-CachePin, GreenU Marina
City (Small)Food SourceMuseumPin, RedU stump
City HallForestNavaid, AmberPizzaUS hwy
CivilFurbearerNavaid, BlackPolice StationUltralight Area
Coast GuardGambling/casinoNavaid, BluePost OfficeUnknown Cache
Contact, AfroGas StationNavaid, GreenPost OfficeUpland Game
Contact, AlienGeocacheNavaid, Green/RedPrivate FieldVHF Omni-range
Contact, Ball CapGeocache FoundNavaid, Green/WhitePuzzle CacheVOR-DME
Contact, Big EarsGeographic place name, Man-madeNavaid, OrangeRV ParkVOR/TACAN
Contact, BikerGeographic place name, landNavaid, RedRadio BeaconVirtual cache
Contact, BlondeGeographic place name, waterNavaid, Red/GreenRamp intersectionWater Hydrant
Contact, BugGhost TownNavaid, Red/WhiteRectangle, BlueWater Source
Contact, CatGlider AreaNavaid, VioletRectangle, GreenWaterfowl
Contact, ClownGolf CourseNavaid, WhiteRectangle, RedWaypoint
Contact, DogGround TransportationNavaid, White/GreenReefWebcam Cache
Contact, DreadlocksHeliportNavaid, White/RedResidenceWeed Bed
Contact, Female1HornNon-directional beaconRestaurantWinery
Contact, Female2HotelNullRestricted AreaWrecker
Contact, Female3HouseNumber 0, BlueRestroomZoo