GPSBabel 1.3.4 released

In the nearly five months since the release of GPSBabel 1.3.3, the developers and other workers have been busily working on fixes and enhancements.

This is a milestone release of GPSBabel as it comes on the fifth anniversary of the initial posting of GPSBabel to Sourceforge. During that time, GPSBabel has grown from about a half dozen to over a hundred formats, has gained attention in the media, been used by a number of successful programs, and has been downloaded nearly a half million times - not counting copies that are included with other programs. Clearly, it's grown way beyond what I expected and it doesn't really show any signs of slowing down.

While there's a mind-numbing list of fixes available (and an even more comprehensive list of changes in the source tree since we ARE an open source project...) here's a list of highlights.

New formats.

New features.

  • Multiple URL support in GDB and GPX.
  • Enhancements to KML output for Google Earth.
  • Support for Wintec/G-ray/WBT 201.
  • Mac GUI support for Wintec models.
  • Microsecond resolution in many formats.
  • Enhance NMEA reader to handle Sony GPS and GISTeq.
  • Many enhancements to Unicsv format.
  • Hungarian translation of Windows GUI.

Major fixes.

  • Reworked GDB suport.
  • Improvements to Raymarine.
  • TourExchangeFormat overhauled.
  • Enhancements to Google Map reader.
  • Rebuilt OS/X version with newer libusb to correct Garmin USB problem on 10.4.10.

We've also added the ability for you to help support the project via Google Checkout in addition to Paypal.

Please do exercise this version and report your luck - good or bad - to the gpsbabel-misc mailing list.

GPSBabel 1.3.4 is available for download now.

Thank you!