GPSBabel 1.3.6 Beta released

Hello, Babel-Heads!

Version 1.3.5 has been great fun. It's been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release in May. But it's time to bid it farewell and move on to 1.3.6. We're not quite ready for 1.3.6 yet, though, so we need your help shaking it down. Once we get about thousand downloads without any "oh, dear" bugreports, we'll release 1.3.6 and then move on.

This is an evolutionary release that adds support for several new GPS types, adds features, and of course, fixes problems.

While there's a mind-numbing list of fixes available (and an even more comprehensive list of changes in the source tree since we ARE an open source project...) here's a list of highlights.

New Formats.

New Features.

  • Discard feature can now toss points with no or unknown fix.
  • NMEA reader now can read AMOD 3080GL waypoints.
  • Garmin Training Center now does lap splitting, can now read.
  • Added the height filter.
  • AN1->KML conversions now preserve line colors.
  • Doc improvements.
  • Route reversal can reverse tracks, too.
  • Magellan geocache files can now be read.

Major Fixes..

  • Entity encoding problem in Google Earth KML writer for Geocaches.
  • Fix NMEA writer bug that caused everthing to be a GISTeq file.
  • Fix writing waypoint names under 6 characters to old serial Garmins.

[ TODO: Pick up changes past 9/20 for release. Credits. More links.]


It is for you to help support the project via Google Checkout in addition to Paypal.

Please do exercise this version and report your luck - good or bad - to the gpsbabel-misc mailing list.

GPSBabel 1.3.6-beta is available for download now.

Thank you!