Drag and Drop for Windows

Alex Mottram contributes this tidbit:

This may be elementary for some, but I just figured this out for someone in the Groundspeak forums and figured it may be worthy of mention here:

To create a very simple drag-n-drop system for GPSBabel/windows (this example takes GPX and makes a Streets & Trips CSV file):

  1. Create a BATCH file called GPXTOCSV.BAT in the same directory as GPSBABEL.EXE.  In that batch file, put

    @echo off
    gpsbabel.exe -i gpx -f %1 -o s_and_t -F %1.csv

    If you're using NT or XP, you can use:
    @echo off
    gpsbabel.exe -i gpx -f %1 -o s_and_t -F "%~dpn1".csv
    to avoid the destination from being named "blah.gpx.csv"
  2. Alternately, you can create a batch file that will process multiple files: @echo off
    for %%A in (%*) DO (
    gpsbabel.exe -i gpx -f %%A -o s_and_t -F "^%%~dpnA".csv
  3. Create a shortcut on your desktop to GPXTOCSV.BAT

  4. Drag-n-Drop GPX files onto the desktop icon you just created.
  5. If you've used the multiple-file version above, you can multi-select with ctrl-click and drag any number of GPX files onto that icon.

Output will be gpx_filename.gpx.csv in the same directory as the GPX file.

Not the most elegant solution, but definitely a simple one for those scared of command lines.  Heck, you only have do this ONCE and it's faster than pointing and clicking at any GUI I've ever seen.  :)