Privacy Policy


GPSBabel is a free software project, primarily based in the United States, managed by very few volunteers. The project has existed since 2002.

There is no business-model around GPSBabel. The only revenue in the project is through donations and from ads on the website. It is not a registered non-profit.

For conformance to GDPR, we make distinctions between:

  • GPSBabel software running on your computer.
  • GPSBabel website.

IP Logs

For all GPSBabel services, IPs can be found in connection logs.

Logs are deleted after 3 months and are never correlated with any other user information.


GPSBabel software does not use any user account. Anonymized records are kept on aggregate feature use to guide our development efforts.

GPSBabel update mechanism

On startup, and no more often than every 24 hours, we will check if a new version is available. To do this, a request is made to the GPSBabel servers. This request will contain the current operating system name and version, CPU type, and GPSBabel version. This can be disabled in preferences.

The information kept contains no names, locations, or email address of the user.

GPSBabel inherently deals with location information. We do not collect such information. We may ask you for sample data to reproduce a problem to help you. That information is not shared in any surprising way, but if you share it with us, please be aware that location data like GPSTrack logs or "home" waypoints may be exposed. It is your responsibility to "cleanse" anything you share with us that you consider private.

GPSBabel website

The website that distributes GPSBabel and information required to support it, a.k.a., does not create or use any user accounts.

There are no registration forms or similar mechanisms.

Therefore, no personal information is stored at any moment about the user by us. currently uses Google Analytics for statistics about the visits on the website. It also uses Google AdSense for ads. Please refer to google for their relevant policy. may use cookies to store personal data on your computer, just like rest of the web.

Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy as we deem necessary or appropriate because of legal compliance requirements or changes in our business practices.