Note: This page describes an obsolete version of GPSBabel that may substantially differ from the current or development version.

IGN Rando track files (ignrando)

This format can...

  • read and write tracks

This format has the following options: index .

This format supports IGN Rando track files. IGN Rando is a program mainly used in France for Topo maps. The files are XML based and are "windows-1252" encoded. Trackpoints do not have time stamps.

index option

Index of track to write (if more than one in source).

Because the format supports only one track, this option may be used on output to select a single track from a collection of tracks read from a more expressive format. If you have, say, a gpx file that contains two tracks, you may use this option to write them one at a time to individual files.

gpsbabel -i gpx -f tracks.gpx -o ignrando,index=1 -F track1.txt -o ignrando,index=2 -F track2.txt