Note: This page describes an obsolete version of GPSBabel that may substantially differ from the current or development version.

Nokia Landmark Exchange (lmx)

This format can...

  • read and write waypoints

This format has the following options: binary .

This format supports Nokia Landmark Exchange (LMX) files used by several Nokia phones. GPSBabel supports the traditional XML format for reading and writing. The compressed binary format (WBXML) can be written, but most current Nokia phones do not support it (confirmed with N82 and N95).

With this format, landmarks can be imported into the landmark store of the mobile phone. This landmark store is then used to display them on a map with several applications. The most common ones are the pre-installed Ovi Maps (or its predecessor Nokia Maps) and Google Maps Mobile.

binary option

Compact binary representation.

This option specifies if you want to write the compressed binary format (WBXML) instead of the XML format. However, most current Nokia phones do only support the XML format (confirmed with N82 and N95).

This option has no effect when used for input, only reading the traditional XML format is supported.