Note: This page describes an obsolete version of GPSBabel that may substantially differ from the current or development version.

Naviguide binary route file (.twl) (naviguide)

This format can...

  • read and write waypoints

This format has the following options: output, reorder .

Naviguide 3.02 is off-road navigation software. Naviguide covers the area of Israel and uses the Israeli old grid as a reference; Naviguide uses Hebrew as its default language.

Naviguide uses unique map file format and binary file format (.twl) as route file. The *.twl file contains a route that is comprised of a list of waypoints. Naviguide does not support a file that contains only waypoints.

GPSBabel supports reading and creating Naviguide route files. Plot files are not supported.

output option

'wp' - Create waypoint file , 'rte' - Create route file.

reorder option

'n' - Keep the existing wp name, 'y' - rename waypoints.