Note: This page describes the development version of GPSBabel. It may substantially differ from the latest released GPSBabel.

Appendix A. Supported Datums

Some formats in GPSBabel support multiple datums. For example, the datum option to the garmin_txt format allows you to specify a datum for the output file.

The following is a list of the datums supported by GPSBabel.

AdindanCuba NAD27La ReunionQornoq
AFGCyprusLiberia 1964Quatar National
Ain-El-AbdDjakarta(Batavia)LuzonRome 1940
Alaska-NAD27DOS 1968Mahe 1971S-42(Pulkovo1942)
Alaska-CanadaEaster lsland 1967Marco AstroS.E.Asia_(Indian)
Anna-1-AstroEgyptMasirah Is. NahrwanSAD-69/Brazil
ARC 1950 MeanEuropean 1950MassawaSanta Braz
ARC 1960 MeanEuropean 1950 meanMerchichSanto (DOS)
Asc Island 58European 1979 meanMexico NAD27Sapper Hill 43
Astro B4Finnish NauticalMidway Astro 61Schwarzeck
Astro Beacon EGandajika BaseMindanaoSicily
Astro pos 71/4Geodetic Datum 49MinnaSierra Leone 1960
Astro stn 52GhanaMontjong LoweS. Am. 1969 mean
Australia Geo 1984Greenland NAD27NahrwanSouth Asia
Bahamas NAD27Guam 1963Naparima BWISoutheast Base
Bellevue IGNGunung SegaraNorth America 83Southwest Base
Bermuda 1957Gunung Serindung 1962N. America 1927 meanTananarive Obs 25
Bukit RimpahGUX1 AstroObservatorio 1966Thai/Viet (Indian)
Camp_Area_AstroHerat NorthOld EgyptianTimbalai 1948
Campo_InchauspeHjorsey 1955Old Hawaiian_meanTokyo mean
Canada_Mean(NAD27)Hong Kong 1963Old Hawaiian KauaiTristan Astro 1968
Canal_Zone_(NAD27)Hu-Tzu-ShanOld Hawaiian MauiUnited Arab Emirates
Canton_Island_1966IndianOld Hawaiian OahuViti Levu 1916
CapeIranOmanWake Eniwetok 60
Cape_Canaveral_meanIreland 1965OSGB36WGS 72
Carribean NAD27ISTS 073 Astro 69Pico De Las NievesWGS 84
CarthageJohnston Island 61Pitcairn Astro 67Yacare
Cent America NAD27KandawalaS. Am. 1956 mean(P)Zanderij
Chatham 1971Kerguelen IslandS. Chilean 1963 (P)Sweden
Chua AstroKertau 48Puerto Rico 
Corrego AlegreL.C. 5 AstroPulkovo 1942